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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 368

Chapter 368 - Heiyun Deitys Lake

The person Li Xingyun admired the most was Nie Li. Li Xingyun was a man who rarely admired anyone. Even though Nie Li was much younger than him, he’d already accomplished feats that Li Xingyun couldn’t even imagine.

A party consisting of members of the Demon League and Heavenly Path League secretly made their way into the outside world.

These last few days, the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues had fought with Gu Heng’s forces several times. The animosity between the two forces had already escalated to the climax. Both armies had killed until their visions were dyed red, yet Gu Heng still launched wild attacks against them without caring for his losses.

The combined Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues had counterattacked, and caused Gu Heng’s side even more losses compared to their own. However, Gu Heng’s force suddenly received aid from over two hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts. Gu Bei and Li Xingyun’s side immediately avoided his sharp edges.

They couldn’t figure out where did those Heavenly Axis Realm experts had come from.

As a result, they proceeded with more caution, for a time. They couldn’t afford to confront Gu Heng’s forces like that.

In the outside world

Heiyun Deity’s Lake

This was Gu Heng’s most important Deity’s Lake, guarded by a little over six hundred men. Sixteen of them were Heavenly Axis Realm experts. It was a rather decently sized force.

However, Gu Heng’s main forces weren’t present at the moment. Only a portion of his men were needed to guard the Deity’s Lake.

The guards were seated and cultivating on the grassy area near the Deity’s Lake. After all, the Heavenly Energy in this area was extremely rich. Compared to other locations, training here progressed much quicker. No one was willing to waste any time; therefore, only a few people were on patrol.

These men had followed Gu Heng for a long time and never experienced fear. No one ever dared to attack their Deity’s Lake!

Several kilometres away, the Heavenly Path and Demon League members were gathering.

Gu Bei looked behind him and asked, “Are we all here?”

Lu Piao replied, “I made a quick check. We have almost three thousand men. Fifty-six of them are Heavenly Axis Realms!”

Even though they’d only gathered about three thousand men, it was more than enough to take down the Heiyun Deity’s Lake.

“We should be able to start soon!” Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li and lightly smiled.

“Alright!” Nie Li nodded.

“Alright, let’s go!” Gu Bei motioned with his hand as he barked in high spirits. It was only a short time ago that he’d abandoned his own prospects in order to conceal himself. He’d allowed the seniors of his family to believe that he was a useless person. However, his blood never stopped boiling, even for a single day. From this day onwards, he could finally stand forward and compete against Gu Heng.

Nie Li had cured his sister’s illness and given him a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. Gu Bei would do anything to repay his grace. Even if Nie Li asked him to die, he wouldn’t say no!

“Kill them!”

Three thousand people charged towards the Heiyun Deity’s Lake.

There were so many of them that they looked like a black patch in the sky. From afar, they looked like a massive swarm of bees.

Nie Li was among them, wearing his full set of Grade 6 artifacts and wielding the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. A pair of black and white wings flapped behind him as he flew towards the Heiyun Deity’s Lake.

Even though Xiao Yu had an ongoing temper towards Nie Li, he still followed beside Nie Li.

The guards of the Heiyun Deity’s Lake were still cultivating; they hadn’t realised the danger yet.

There were several who were on patrol, but they were mostly chatting amongst themselves. Suddenly, one of them pointed towards the distance and said, “Look! Why are there so many people?”

“Maybe some faction is trying to transfer personnel?” Another guard glanced towards the distance. The situation certainly was rather abnormal, but they still didn’t think that anyone would dare to attack the Heiyun Deity’s Lake. If they came under attack, then Gu Heng would definitely arrive to the rescue within a few hours. So what if the Heiyun Deity’s Lake was taken away for a bit? They could just take it back later.

As the guards chatted, the army approached. The men whistled through the sky.

“They’re from the Demon League!’

“The Heavenly Path League as well!”

By the time they finally realised that something wasn’t right, Nie Li, Gu Bei, and their army had already charged up to the Deity’s Lake.

The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in Nie Li’s hand swung down and bolts of lightning landed.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

It sent several Heavenly Fate Realm experts flying with its explosions.

Several Heavenly Axis Realm expert pounced towards Nie Li, but were blocked by the Heavenly Axis Realm experts from the Demon and Heavenly Path Leagues.

An intense battle broke out around the Deity’s Lake.

There was no contest. Gu Heng’s Heavenly Axis Realms were ganged up on by five, six, or even seven from the other party. They were killed, one by one.

Protected by the army, Nie Li arrived at the lake, stood in the center, and began writing inscription patterns.

Rays of light circled around him as these inscription patterns engraved themselves into the Deity’s Lake, quickly forming a completed inscription pattern array. A Deity Root slowly floated up from the center of the array. With a move of his right hand, Nie Li grabbed the Deity Root and threw it into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li glanced towards the battle that wasn’t far away. Matters were settled rather quickly, and the Heiyun Deity’s Lake’s guards had been cleaned up.

Gu Bei looked at Nie Li and asked, “Done?”

“Yeah.” Nie Li nodded as he lightly smiled.

“Alright! We’ll head for the next one!” Gu Bei said excitedly. He didn’t know where Nie Li was keeping the Deity Roots, but he knew that they were more valuable in Nie Li’s possession. That guy always managed to churn out an endless supply of spiritual stones.

The army of three thousand soon set out for the next location, like a swarm of locusts. The Heiyun Deity’s Lake began crumbling as they left.

Half an hour later.

Gu Heng led ten thousand people to the Heiyun Deity’s Lake. However, they couldn’t find a single trace of it.

Gu Heng nearly vomited blood at the sight of it. He’d controlled the Heiyun Deity’s Lake for several years, and it produced a large quantity of spiritual stones for him every year. But now, the Heiyun Deity’s Lake was gone? He couldn’t understand it. Even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert would have a hard time destroying a Deity’s Lake. Not to mention, what benefits would there be to destroying a Deity’s Lake?

“Nie Li! Gu Bei! I definitely won’t let you guys off!” Gu Bei furiously roared.

He Gui rolled his eyes and said with a deeper meaning, “Boss Gu Heng, I sense that there’s something fishy going on. Since they’ve destroyed the Heiyun Deity’s Lake, they’re probably heading for the next one. We have to chase after them, quickly! The closest one is the Guyu Deity’s Lake. They must be heading there!”

Chai Yue was enraged at the accusations in He Gui’s words. He’d been suspected quite a few times these days, and had nearly fought with He Gui. He Gui was a vile man who’d been badmouthing him in front of Gu Heng, to the point where he’d almost lost Gu Heng’s trust.

There was an incident a while ago, where Gu Heng was mysteriously ambushed. Gu Heng had died while Chai Yue had managed to escape alive. From then on, Chai Yue was no longer trusted. After that, Gu Heng was killed twice more, when Chai Yue wasn’t present at all.

Chai Yue suspected that He Gui was playing tricks. He immediately said, “Boss Gu Heng, they might’ve taken a detour and gone for the Lightning Deity’s Lake instead! If we head for the Guyu Deity’s Lake and miss them, then the Lightning Deity’s Lake could be lost!”

Gu Heng lightly cast a glance at him, considered his words, then said, “Let’s go! We’re heading for the Guyu Deity’s Lake!”

Gu Heng flew off. He Gui glanced at Chai Yue, coldly smiled, and followed Gu Heng.

Chai Yue watched Gu Heng and He Gui’s silhouettes and couldn’t help feeling disheartened. It looked like Gu Heng no longer trusted him anymore.