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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 373

Chapter 373 - Treatment

“Alright! I’ll treat your injuries!” Nie Li said to Xiao Yu.

He furrowed his brows for a brief moment, then said, “If we don’t treat you now, then your wounds definitely won’t be able to heal! It’ll definitely affect your cultivation!”

“Treatment isn’t worth the trouble. Just send me back to the Soul Hall for revival!” Xiao Yu was resolute, though uneasy for some reason.

Nie Li knitted his brows again and replied, “Your wounds might look serious and cover your whole body, but treatment isn’t troublesome at all. I’ll only need one or two hours, at most! This is obviously much easier than letting your cultivation drop a level.”

Xiao Yu looked anxious and shook his head, “Forget it! There’s no need!”

He was covered in wounds. If he didn’t want treatment, doesn’t that mean...?

“You don’t trust my medical techniques? Rest assured! I guarantee that I’ll have you back to your normal, handsome self in less than two hours! Huang Yin and the other girls will still scream when they see you!” Nie Li laughed.

“That’s not what I meant...” Xiao Yu immediately tried to explain. It was hard for him to tell Nie Li the real reason.

“What are you hesitating over? We’re both guys. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” Nie Li grabbed Xiao Yu’s shoulders, examined his friend’s injuries, and prepared to treat his wounds. “Not to mention the fact that I’m the reason why you suffered these injuries. I’m obligated to treat you. Don’t worry about my medical techniques. I’ll make sure your cultivation ends up soaring higher than before!”

“No! There’s really no need!” Xiao Yu lifted his hand with difficulty to stop Nie Li.

A sense of curiosity arose in Nie Li’s heart. What was up with Xiao Yu? Nie Li had told him that his wounds were treatable, so why was he so insistent on death and revival in the Soul Hall? Had his brain been fried by the dragon flames? Xiao Yu had suffered such heavy injures in order to save him. He already felt bad enough about that, but Xiao Yu still insisted on dying. Wasn’t this just making Nie Li feel even more guilty?

“No matter what, I’ll definitely treat you!” Nie Li raised his hand. With a few taps, he sealed Xiao Yu’s meridians, completely paralysing him.

“You really can’t...” Xiao Yu said anxiously.

“Shhhh. Save your strength. I understand!” Nie Li tapped Xiao Yu’s neck and sealed his vocal chords.

Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li with his pitch-black eyes. Nie Li had sealed his meridians; he couldn’t move or speak.

“Wu...wu...wu...” Xiao Yu struggled as hard as he could, and tried to twist his body away. However, it was totally useless. His clear eyes filled with anxiety.

“Rest assured, leave this to me.” Nie Li patted Xiao Yu’s shoulders. He lowered his chin and looked at Xiao Yu’s skin. The corner of his mouth rose into a smile. Xiao Yu only had flesh wounds from the dragon flames; his soul realm hadn’t been damaged. Treatment was still possible.

The one who unleashed this dragon flame must be a Heavenly Axis Realm expert, at least. Xiao Yu should’ve been killed by the attack, but because of the space-time array in his ring, he’d managed to escape a portion of the flames. Therefore, he only suffered heavy injuries instead of losing his life.

Usually, a Heavenly Fate Realm expert wouldn’t be able to recover from such heavy dragon flame wounds dealt by a Heavenly Axis Realm expert. A Heavenly Fate Realm expert shouldn’t be strong enough to help his friend heal such wounds either. However, Nie Li wasn’t the same as others.

Nie Li’s methods were more than enough to heal Xiao Yu’s wounds.

“Wu...wu...wu......” Xiao Yu incessantly gargled as Nie Li continued to examine his body. His face was flushed red as he tried his best to speak. However, nothing came out of his mouth.

Nie Li patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder, “It’s just a flesh wound, nothing much. It’ll be fixed in a jiffy. I’ll help you take off your shirt!”


Nie Li quickly tore open Xiao Yu’s clothing, strip by strip, until his entire shoulder was showing. Nie Li brought out a bottle of ointment, dipped a finger in, and smeared it on his shoulder.

Nie Li injected his Heavenly Energy as he smeared the medicine. Slowly, Xiao Yu’s shoulder returned to its rosy and fair complexion. The level of exquisiteness and fragileness wasn’t any less than it’d been before. Even a woman would be jealous of that skin.

“How’s that? Believe in me now?” Nie Li said with satisfaction. His Heavenly Energy had entered Xiao Yu’s body and healed his internal injuries as well.

“Wu...wu...wu......” Xiao Yu continued struggling with an anxious expression.

“I understand!” Nie Li patted Xiao Yu’s shoulder again with a confident smile. He dipped his hand back into the ointment pot and continued treating the wounds Xiao Yu’s face and neck. His skin gradually returned to its former state.

Nie Li had to admit that Xiao Yu was very beautiful. No wonder Huang Yin and the other girls were so enamoured with him. Even Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little jealous.

“I’m done with your upper body. Next, it’s below!” Nie Li picked up Xiao Yu, laid him down on his stomach, and tore away the cloth on his back. Xiao Yu seems to have suffered injuries before this as well as he had many bandage wrapped across his chest. Nie Li tore away the bandages until Xiao Yu’s entire back was revealed, filled with burnt wounds.

“Wu...wu...wu......” Xiao Yu kept twisting his body and his face was red all the way down to his neck. Anxiety filled his eyes, but he couldn’t speak at all.

Nie Li applied the medicinal salve to Xiao Yu’s back and slowly rubbed it into his skin.

The wounds quickly disappeared at a visible speed. A brief moment later, Xiao Yu’s entire back returned to its former, smooth appearance, a gorgeous jade sculpture that even left Nie Li dumbfounded. It could only be described as smooth and fair.

Nie Li couldn’t help sighing. If Xiao Yu was a woman, then he’d mesmerise so many men!

Nie Li immediately expelled those unrealistic thoughts from his mind and focused on treating Xiao Yu. The wounds on his back were quickly healed.


Nie Li tore away Xiao Yu’s trousers, revealed his slender thighs, and began treating. He slowly applied the salve to every part of Xiao Yu’s wounds and meticulously massaged the medicine in as he injected Heavenly Energy. A brief moment later, all the wounds on Xiao Yu’s legs were healed. Those slender legs were perfect, without the slightest flaw. Nie Li simply didn’t know how to describe them.

It looked like Xiao Yu had lived like a prince since he was little; his maintenance was simply too perfect!

“En.” A trace of weird sound came from Xiao Yu’s throat.

Nie Li massaged his hands over every surface of Xiao Yu’s legs, and a peculiar warmth flowed from Nie Li’s palms into Xiao Yu’s body. Although Xiao Yu couldn’t move, he clearly felt the sensation throughout his entire body.