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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 376

Chapter 376 - Wu Yazi

Nie Li couldn’t help being amused at Xiao Yu’s sulky attitude. He never expected the situation to turn out like this. He’d always thought of Xiao Yu as a man, who knew that she had hidden the truth so well.

It was probably related to the inscription patterns on her chest.

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu and asked, “How are your wounds?”

The scenes from earlier flashed across Xiao Yu’s mind. She turned away with with her face boiling.

“I’m fine,” Xiao Yu answered quietly.

“That’s good!” Nie Li nodded, “Since your wounds are already healed, then let’s go back!”

“Alright,” Xiao Yu replied.

Just as Nie Li stood up and prepared to leave, several powerful auras swooped in their direction.

“Careful!” Nie Li immediately pulled Xiao Yu by the hand and hid in the nearby forest. Then, he dipped his right hand in a little demon blood and quickly wrote down a few inscription patterns. As he wrote them, he pointed at Xiao Yu’s chest.

“Lecher!” Xiao Yu’s face was ashen. Nie Li had already taken advantage of her earlier. Now, he wanted to do it again?

With a grave expression, Nie Li grabbed Xiao Yu’s wrist with his left hand, covered her mouth with his right, and softly growled in her ear, “Be quiet, unless you want to die!”

Nie Li was hugging her from behind, and she couldn’t break free, no matter how much she struggled. Shame crossed her face. She could only stay in that position, with Nie Li hugging her from behind as that peculiar feeling made her cheeks boil.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu peered out from behind a tree while holding their breaths. They knew that they were not in a position to confront the owners of those powerful auras. As for whether Nie Li’s inscription patterns could successfully conceal them from the other party, Nie Li was still unsure.

They spent so much effort just to survive up until now. It’d be a waste to be killed right then and there.

Thanks to Xiao Yu’s struggling, Nie Li was distinctly aware of her perky, smooth, and soft rear that was currently pressed against his leg. He suddenly remembered events from back in the Nether Realm, when they explored the Death God’s tomb.

Back then, Nie Li had thought that Xiao Yu was a male; therefore, he hadn’t had much of a reaction. But right now, Nie Li couldn’t help secretly cursing himself.

In all honestly, Xiao Yu was still heart-stoppingly gorgeous, even though she was dressed in men’s clothes.

Nie Li had to restrain himself as he stared into the distance.

Some distance away from their hiding spot, two people landed on a patch of grass.

These two experts were of some other race: one had a body covered in fur, while the other had scarlet-red ears. Both were clearly experts of some demon clan.

“There were obviously two auras here just a short while ago. Where could they’ve escaped to?”

“Those two auras shouldn’t have any connections with that kid. That guy’s aura wasn’t so weak!”

The two demon clan experts conversed with each other.

They seemed to be pursuing someone.

“That kid killed so many of our men! If I don’t kill him myself, I’ll never be able to extinguish the hatred in my heart!” one of the demon clan experts said as he grounded his teeth and scanned his surroundings.

They’d clearly sensed two weak auras just now, so they’d chased after them. But why couldn’t they sense them anymore? It should be impossible for such weak auras to escape their senses!

The two demon clan experts briefly searched their surroundings.

Only now did Xiao Yu understand what was going on. So Nie Li had sensed those two demon clan experts, while she hadn’t. That’s why he’d acted like that. Although her current posture with Nie Li was very ambiguous, Xiao Yu held her breath and didn’t dare to move.

Nie Li realised that one of the experts had signs of approaching in their direction, and his heart rate sped up a little. According to his perceptions, those two should be Heavenly Axis Realm experts, at the very least. If they got within ten meters or so, they’d be able to break the concealment inscriptions and discover Nie Li and Xiao Yu.

If that happened, it’d be an impossible fight with Nie Li and Xiao Yu’s strength. Those two Heavenly Axis Realm experts could easily kill them!

The demon clan expert drew closer to Nie Li and Xiao Yu, but he suddenly stopped and stared into the distance.

“Over there!” An expression of joy crossed that demon clan expert’s eyes.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!*

The two figures flew away at frightening speeds.

Once the two demon clan experts left, Nie Li let out a breath of relief.

“Let me go already!” Xiao Yu struggled and complained in a soft voice. The experiences today ran through her mind again. She wanted to find a hole to crawl into and never come back out.

Nie Li released Xiao Yu and said, “The situation was urgent. I really didn’t have an alternative!”

Xiao Yu glanced at him with a depressed attitude. Of course she knew that Nie Li hadn’t done it one purpose; however, there was no way she could just not mind it.

“Those two demon clan experts are gone, but this place still isn’t safe. We should leave quickly!” Nie Li said. He turned around to leave, and received a scare when he found himself face-to-face with someone else.

Nie Li observed the other party. It was a child. Aside from a pair of sharp and furry ears, all his other features were human-like. He appeared thirteen or fourteen years-old and carried himself elegantly.

But even if he looked like he was thirteen or fourteen, it was highly possible that he was an ancient monster who’d lived for thousands of years!

The child blinked and examined Nie Li and Xiao Yu with clear eyes.

Nie Li didn’t know what the other party was intending to do, so he put on a blank face and stretched his senses out on full alert. He couldn’t tell exactly how strong his opponent was, but he knew that this guy was stronger than those two demon clan experts from earlier!

This guy had approached within a few meters, and Nie Li hadn’t noticed at all. If he wanted to kill them, it’d be no effort at all!

“Which divine sect are you two from? The Divine Feathers Sect? Or the Skyblaze Sect?” He looked at Nie Li and Xiao Yu and narrowed his eyes with a smile.

Nie Li looked at him and asked, “Who are you?”

He still couldn’t understand the other party’s intentions.

“My name is Wu Yazi. I’m already over eighty years-old. That means that you two should address me as “grandfather”. I asked you a question. Not only did you not answer, but you turned around and asked me a question instead?” Wu Yazi said, puffing his chest as he announced his age.

Nie Li smiled inwardly at Wu Yazi’s words. This guy was only a little over eighty years old; as far as the demon clans were concerned, he was still just a brat. However, most demon clan experts his age wouldn’t have gained their spiritual wisdoms yet; meanwhile, this Wu Yazi possessed quite a high one. At least Wu Yazi’s tone didn’t contain any malice. Either way, if Wu Yazi had wanted to kill them, they’d already be dead.

“You demon clan people aren’t the same as us, humans. An eighty year-old demon is still just a kid!” Nie Li shrugged.

Wu Yazi was clearly rather annoyed by that, as his expression turned rather stern. “Aren’t you two just kids too? Aren’t you worried that I’ll kill you? After all, you two are just Heavenly Fate Realm experts!”