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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 38

Chapter 38 - Remnant Pages

Not knowing why, the aura coming out of the stone coffin made Nie Li feel familiar to it.

Ripples of energy were coming out at all directions. It must be some expert’s un-dissipated soul force.

Soul force is a kind of eternal energy. Even after thousands of years, it can still be attached to a particular object preserving it.

This stone coffin was made from pieces of stone board and was combined together. It didn’t have any trace of being opened before. Maybe even the experts from the Ancient Orchid City could not open it.

Nie Li felt the soul realm within his body was surging. The roaring sounds of a dragon that was in the depths of his soul realm became clearer and clearer. He took a step towards the coffin. Seeing the mysterious incarnation on the stone coffin, an idea flashed across his mind. Nie Li placed his right hand on the stone coffin lid.

Suddenly, a pillar of light shot into the sky. The light began to flow on top of the stone coffin.


That powerful pillar of light bombarded Nie Li’s body.

"Urghh!" Nie Li felt as though the bones all over his body are coming apart. Even Nie Li, who had a tenacious will power, could not endure this terrible pain.

The light was like tens of millions of needles that fiercely pierced into Nie Li’s body.

His soul realm felt as though it was about to burst.

From a good distance away, Ye Ziyun would occasionally look over to Nie Li’s direction. Upon seeing Nie Li’s painful roar, she began to panic.

‘What happened? What’s wrong with Nie Li?’ Ye Ziyun thought, hastily running towards Nie Li. However, just when she reached about five to six meters away from Nie Li, *peng* a powerful, repelling force rebounded her out.

She could not get close to that stone coffin!

But how is Nie Li able to enter?

Ye Ziyun was shot by a few white lights and ended up with several injuries on her body, covered in blood. However, she did not bother about the pain on her body. She retrieved a Silver ranked long sword from her interspatial ring and swung it towards the restriction around the stone coffin.


Ye Ziyun was, once again, repelled. This force isn’t what she can deal with, just the dispersed white light caused her to have injuries all over her body. How serious would it be for Nie Li who was standing in the middle of that white light? After being repelled two times in a row by the restriction force, Ye Ziyun’s soul realm jolted. Her internal organs also suffered serious injuries. Her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier.

‘Nie Li, nothing must happen to you,’ A last thought flashed across Ye Ziyun’s mind, then fainted.

At this moment, within the white light, Nie Li’s body was emitted with steam. The severe pain caused his whole body to be covered full of sweat. When the sweat came in contact with the white light, it was instantly evaporated, becoming steam.

"Thirsty!" exclaimed Nie Li, feeling as though all the water within his body was going to be evaporated.

He struggled desperately. He knows that if he were to slightly relax his conscious, he will be destroyed by the white light.

Boom boom boom!

Nie Li’s soul realm jolted and splitted nonstop. However, it was also healing and repairing nonstop at the same time.

His soul force formed into a vortex like a huge whale, and was swallowing the white light nonstop.

Nie Li, left with his last bit of conscious, tightly guarded his soul realm. At this moment, even he had deep doubts. Just what, exactly, is the thing in his soul realm?

’Heck if I care, since it can absorb those white lights, then absorb!’

Nie Li used his last bit of energy to operate his soul realm and frantically absorbed all the white light within.

Boom boom boom!

The white light continuously entered Nie Li’s soul realm, however, the white light did not cause any ripples in the soul realm and disappeared.

Nie Li felt that, although the white light disappeared without a trace in his soul realm, it still expanded Nie Li’s soul realm a little.

The violent soul force caused his muscles to become more solid, the impurities within his skin was also excreted with sweat. Nie Li’s physical body felt as though it had undergone some remodeling.


Nie Li violently roared. Although, the difference between his current cultivation and his cultivation from his previous life is still too big, the feeling of having the power enhanced is still quite good.

After opening his eyes, the scenes in front of him gradually became clear.

Nie Li immediately took out bottles of water from his interspartial ring and began drinking them. The skin which was dried up due to the lack of water immediately, mysteriously became moist again. At this moment, Nie Li was even more handsome compared to before.

Looking towards the front, the stone coffin in front of him disassembled nonstop and the coffin lid slowly opened.

Nie Li thought that what he would see is a decomposed corpse, because this coffin doesn’t seem to have been opened before, however, what caused Nie Li to feel surprised was that the inside of the coffin was actually empty.

‘How is this possible?’

Nie Li thought he was seeing it wrongly, however the insides of this stone coffin was indeed empty. It did not have any corpse inside, nor did it have any trace of a corpse being stored inside. The bottom of the coffin was smooth, without any debris.

If the corpse had been fully decomposed, it should, at least, leave behind some bones.

At the bottom of the stone coffin sat two things.

One is a piece of remnant page, and a gemstone pendant.

Nie li doesn’t know what material this remnant page was made of. It was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and was even a bit transparent. It had dense and difficult text written on it.

If the others saw this piece of remnant page, they definitely would not know what was it used for. However, when Nie Li saw this remnant page, he felt as though he was struck by lightning. His expression turned sluggish. In his previous life, he was way too familiar with this thing.

This was a remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

How could he forget? It was because of this Temporal Demon Spirit Book that he became so powerful. And he even stayed within the space of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for hundreds of years and obtained that vast amount of knowledge of his. It is also this book that was drenched in fresh blood during his battle with the Sage Emperor and was reborn back.

The mysterious thing within his soul realm is also probably related to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

However, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in the past was incomplete.

There was eight pages within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that were ripped out. Nie Li had not seen how the Temporal Demon Spirit Book looked like when it was complete.

Because of the words in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book being too cryptic, Nie Li never understood it. Whenever he tried to memorize the words on it, after a few hours, he would find out that he no longer had any impression of the words in his brain.

In his previous life, Nie Li tried to look for the other eight remnant pages. However, in the end, he did not find any clue about them. He never imagined that, after his rebirth, he actually found a remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book here.

Unfortunately, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book is not in his possession. He has to be like his previous life. Travel towards the endless desert and into the desert palace. Only then can he get that Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Nie Li wondered, ‘Would the Temporal Demon Spirit Book undergo any changes after having one more page?’

Nie Li placed the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book closely against his chest. His soul realm seems to have sensed the Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page, and began to surge. It was the same as in his previous life, the remnant page is the same as the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. It has the effect of nourishing the soul realm.

Nie Li’s gaze fell onto the gemstone pendant. His face showed a hint of astonishment.

"It’s actually a piece of abstruse gemstone! This is a rare thing!" Nie Li exclaimed excitedly. Even Legend rank Ye Mo probably has not seen an abstruse gemstone before. Abstruse gemstone is actually an ancient treasure!

However, even though the abstruse gemstone may be extremely rare, it’s too ordinary compared to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

"This abstruse gemstone should be good gift for Ye Ziyun!" Nie Li thought, smiling away. With the deep feelings he had of Ye Ziyun, even if he were to give the remnant page to Ye Ziyun, he would not hesitate. However, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book is useless to Ye Ziyun. But this abstruse gemstone pendant is very helpful for practice. With this abstruse gemstone necklace, Ye Ziyun’s cultivating speed would be enhanced by at least 3 times.

As for regarding why the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book would appear here left Nie Li some doubt. Since the stone coffin is empty, this also means that Emperor Kong Ming isn’t here. But where would he go to?

This matter still has plenty of mysteries.

Nie Li kept the two things. When he turned around, he found out that Ye Ziyun was lying down on the ground.

"What’s wrong with Ziyun?" Nie Li asked himself. With surprise in his heart, he immediately leaped towards Ye Ziyun.

Landing beside Ye Ziyun, Nie Li found multiple burn wounds on her body. Her chest, arms, and thighs had a few deep wounds. Nie Li hastily placed his hand over Ye Ziyun’s wrist and sent his soul force into Ye Ziyun’s body. Only after he find out that Ye Ziyun is fine, he sighed in relief.

Seeing the heavily injured and fainted Ye Ziyun, Nie Li could not help feeling touched. It must have been when she heard his shout and wanted to save him. However, she was unable to get close to the stone coffin, and probably tried to forcefully enter but was injured by the restriction force.

These burn marks should be left behind by that white light.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s current looks, Nie Li felt full of pity for her in his heart. He hooked that abstruse gemstone pendant onto Ye Ziyun’s neck. A deep blue light emitted out from the abstruse gemstone, shimmering on Ye Ziyun’s wounds, making the burned wounds a little better.

"Excessive bleeding! I need to treat the few big wounds immediately!" Nie Li went silent. Seeing Ye Ziyun’s elegant cheeks, after thinking for awhile, he can’t bother too much. At most, Ye Ziyun would only misunderstand him. It was better than leaving the wounds untreated.

Nie Li squatted down, and slowly began to undo Ye Ziyun’s clothes. Ye Ziyun’s shoulders and arms were revealed in front of Nie Li. Ye Ziyun’s chest was tied with a purple ribbon, giving her a sense of elegance.

Comparing Ye Ziyun’s twin peaks with his past, they were not that rich, however, it had a kind of lovely look to it.

After removing Ye Ziyun’s clothes, Nie Li moved his gaze and focused himself to the wounds on Ye Ziyun’s body. He retrieved a bottle of ointment that was used to treat wounds from his interspatial ring and slowly smeared it on the wounds.

After smearing the ointment, the wounds gradually stopped bleeding.