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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - Abstruse Gemstone

Ye Ziyun seems to be in pain as she slightly frowned.

Her beautiful face, features, and scattered hair over her shoulders, all emitted her elegance.

Even if she is frowning, there is still an indescribable feel to it.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun is only wearing her laced ribbon over her chest. Even her dress has lots of damage to it, revealing her snow white thighs, adding on to the temptation.

After rebirth, Nie Li is able to ignore other’s temptation. However, Ye Ziyun’s beauty made even him breath heavily. Every time when he sees Ye Ziyun, he would recall back to the moments when he was together with her in the previous life. Although the time that they were together was short, it was pinned with deep feelings, is the most precious moment in his life.

Only Nie Li knows how charming Ye Ziyun will become in a few years. Like a blooming lotus, both beautiful and elegant, and a fairy descended from heavens, noble and sacred.

At that time, the amount of people that was in love with Ye Ziyun was simply countless. Countless men were willing to go crazy for her, Shen Yue included. Shen Yue tried to bring her out of the Glory City which was in imminent danger numerous times, however he was rejected by Ye Ziyun and had no choice but to give up. In the end, Ye Ziyun chose the ordinary Nie Li, and that was the most glorious thing in Nie Li’s life!

After treating her wounds, although he is a little unwilling, Nie Li covered Ye Ziyun with a piece of his clothing, as her clothes can no longer be worn.

He has the patience to wait for Ye Ziyun to accept him, growing up with him like how it was in the past.

Nie Li, cross-legged, sat beside Ye Ziyun. Feeling the mysterious power on the remnant page of Temporal Demon Spirit Book, his soul force within his soul realm began to stir up.

If a chance comes, he must definitely go to the desert palace to retrieve the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

After absorbing the white light, Nie Li felt that his soul force has increased by quite a bit. At this moment, Nie Li’s soul force is already above 150. Nie Li could clearly feel that the energy within the far light contains more power then these. However, those are still hidden deep within his soul realm, not knowing when can he make the powerful energy to his own.

Nie Li slowly went into the meditating state. The soul force was like a substance flowing around Nie Li.

Just when Nie Li became immersed within his training, Ye Ziyun woke up.

Touching her own body, she realised that she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Immediately, her face paled.

’Nie Li this bastard, he’s too much!’

Feeling that she is still wearing her skirt, only then she is slightly relieved. However, she is still full of shame and resent in her heart. Since young, her body hasn’t been seen by a boy before, and Nie Li actually removed her clothes when she is unconscious!

Her expression is complicated because she knows that Nie Li removed her clothes to treat her injuries. However, Ye Ziyun still could not accept it. Nie Li must be doing it on purpose, she also did not know what he had done to her when she was unconscious!

After all, she still doesn’t understand Nie Li that much. Therefore, her heart was still wary towards him.

Nie Li who is sitting beside Ye Ziyun slowly opened his eyes, lightly smiled, "You’ve awakened?"

Seeing Nie Li’s gaze, Ye Ziyun suddenly realised that she still has not put on any clothes. Tightly holding onto Nie Li’s clothes, she anxiously said, "Turn around! I need to wear my clothes!"

Nie Li turned his head around, smiling, "Not like I haven’t see it before."

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun’s face blushed red. She even had the thoughts of putting down her lady image to bash Nie Li up. She felt ashamed and resentful in her heart, because Nie Li said it so casually. Earlier on when Nie Li mentioned the butterfly mark on her body, she had already suspected that Nie Li had peeked on her as she bathed!

Hastily, Ye Ziyun put on her clothes, and said in a low voice, "Done."

Nie Li turned around and his eyes brightened. Ye Ziyun currently wore a purple dress, intensifying her beautiful youth. Well, Ye Ziyun looked good in everything.

Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li and felt depressed. Nie Li’s shamelessness made her feel helpless.

"Nie Li, do you like me?" Ye Ziyun, lowering her head, thought for awhile then raised her head and asked Nie Li.

"Yes!" Nie Li lightly smiled, frankly admitting.

Although she already knew it in her heart, but after hearing it from Nie Li, Ye Ziyun’s heart slightly fluttered. Taking a deep breath, sternly she said to Nie Li, "Nie Li, we are still young. Who knows what will happen in the future, maybe in a few more years, you will like someone else. We should put our studies first. Only with hard practice can we go further on the road of cultivation. You should first train to Gold rank. And if by then, you still like me, I’ll agree to be your girlfriend."

Ye Ziyun blushed red, her heartbeat inexplicably accelerated.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s shy looks and listening to her words, Nie Li found it somewhat funny. Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun with ridicule, is she fooling kids? He blinked his eyes, pretending to be excited and said, "Really?! That’s great! Training is too easy. If I were to put in the effort, I can reach Gold rank next year! At that time, you can’t go back on your words!" After saying, Nie Li secretly laughed inside.

"Next year?" Ye Ziyun was dumbfounded. Next year was too fast, and Nie Li can reach Gold rank next year? She immediately went anxious. "What I meant is, we need to think about this slowly!"

Nie Li’s expression suddenly changed and said, "Is Miss Ziyun going back on her words?" Nie Li shrugged, having an indifference expression and said, "I know, the words that you major families say are all nothing. Forget it, it doesn’t matter."

She saw that within Nie Li’s disappointed look carried a hint of contempt. Ye Ziyun bit her lips, then clenched her teeth and said, "A promise will always be kept! If you can reach Gold rank, then that’s the promise that will be in effect."

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s serious expression, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth slightly upturned. He knows that Ye Ziyun never goes back her words. However, setting her up like this, is it a little too much? But heck if he cares. Based on his understanding towards Ye Ziyun. One day, he will win the heart of this beautiful girl.

’Will I really becoming Nie Li’s girlfriend? What does a girlfriend need to do?’ Ye Ziyun was a little distracted. Although she still had a good impression towards Nie Li, that’s only the good impression between friends. However, if they were to become a couple... Ye Ziyun’s thoughts suddenly whirled up.

Ye Ziyun only has her heart for cultivation, and the appearance of Nie Li completely broke the calmness of her heart.

"What is this?" Ye Ziyun looked at the blue gemstone hanging on her neck. The colour of the gemstone was bright. The inside seemed to have a nebula moving. She can feel the immense power within the gemstone.

"Abstruse gemstone. This is a gift from me to you. Wearing it can increase your training speed three fold and can also nourish your soul force at the same time. Even while walking, it’s training your soul force," Nie Li lightly smiled. With his help, even if she doesn’t work hard, reaching Gold rank is nothing. Reaching even higher isn’t impossible.

"I cannot accept such a precious thing!" Ye Ziyun hastily said, about to remove the gemstone from her neck.

Nie Li grabbed her hands and said, "I already have something better. You can take this."

She quickly shook his hands off, her cheeks felt slightly hot, and became silent for a moment before she said, "Then I’ll keep it for you. You can take it whenever you want it."

"Okay!" Nie Li smiled, then stood up. "Lets go find an exit first!"

Just when Ye Ziyun was about to stand up, she saw Nie Li smiling as he stretch his hand out to her. She hesitated for a moment but still placed that jade hand of hers onto Nie Li’s palm.

Nie Li slightly used his strength and pulled her up. His heart is very happy, because this beautiful girl in front of him already did not reject him as much.

Everything inside the hall has been collected. Together with Ye Ziyun, the both of them began searching for an exit within the deep passage. The construct here was like a maze.

After two consecutive days, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were still in the underground maze wondering as they searched for the exit.

However, over the time, using his strong sense of direction, Nie Li began to draw a map of this maze.

Currently, within Ancient Orchid City’s stone fort.

Chen Linjian, Huyan Lanruo and the others were gathered in the stone fort.

"Twenty nine people!" Chen Linjian said, a little depressed. Their trip here is to explore, however, they haven’t gotten anything and they had already lost eight people. If the people lost was anyone else, he’d still be okay. However, they could not find Ye Ziyun anywhere, and this caused him to feel depressed.

Ye Ziyun is the daughter of the City Lord, granddaughter of Legend rank Ye Mo. If anything happens, he won’t be able to take the blame.

Huyan Lanruo looked towards the dense forest a good distance away, wanting to look for Nie Li’s shadow appearing.

"Forget it. That short lived guy has probably already died," Chu Yuan walked to the side of Huyan Lanruo, saying in a disdain tone.

"Shut up!" Huyan Lanruo angrily rebuked. She felt that someone as capable as Nie Li wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

"This is already a fact! His corpse has probably been eaten by the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape!" Chu Yuan laughed. Thinking of his soul force that was swallowed by Nie Li, his heart felt and indescribable joy that Nie Li was dead. Nie Li caused years of practice to go to waste.

"Scram!" Huyan Lanruo angrily rebuked. "If you still do not scram, don’t blame me for being impolite!"

Chu Yuan opened his mouth wanting to say something, but after seeing Huyan Lanruo’s expression. He lightly smiled, shrugged and walked to a side.

Chen Linjian frowned. He shouldn’t have place Ye Ziyun together with Nie Li. If she was protected by several Silver rank experts, Ye Ziyun would not have gone missing.

"Two people remain here to wait for them. The others will follow me to the military ground!" Chen Linjian shouted. He’s a decisive man and clearly understands that there is no use waiting here. They should first head for the military ground, and search for Ye Ziyun and Nie Li, after that. Hopefully, Ye Ziyun is safe.

"I’ll remain here to wait for them!" Huyan Lanruo thought for a moment then said, her eyes full of sadness. if she could not wait until Nie Li comes, she will not go to any other place.