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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 390

Chapter 390 - Silver Fate Soul

Nie Li poured his Heavenly Energy into the inscription pattern array and established a connection with the Green Poison Pearl. He noted that the treasure itself seemed to possess its own sort of spiritual nature.

With a flick of his right hand, Nie Li shot the Green Poison Pearl at a Heavenly Star Realm Blackwater Venom Spider.


The Green Poison Pearl pierced through the spider’s body. The spider itself immediately turned green, staggered a few steps, then weakly collapsed on the ground.

With a single thought, Nie Li returned the Green Poison Pearl from the Blackwater Venom Spider back to his palm, where it floated calmly.

Since Nie Li had just used the Green Poison Pearl, he no longer dared to touch it with his bare skin. The pearl’s poison was too great; even Nie Li wouldn’t be able resist it.

Wu Yazi’s heart trembled at the sight of the Blackwater Venom Spider lying on the floor in a green heap. The pearl that Nie Li wielded was a fearsome treasure indeed. Wu Yazi himself was afraid to touch the Blackwater Venom Spiders, but Nie Li’s Green Poison Pearl could even poison them to death!

Later, when they exited the Void Illusionary Array, Wu Yazi would definitely have to be wary of that pearl in Nie Li’s hand.

In addition to working with the Green Poison Pearl, Nie Li was also studying the Evil Warding Jade Strip. He poured in a bit of his Heavenly Energy and established connection to it slowly.

The Evil Warding Jade Strip could be used to suppress a demon’s bloodline; it just so happens that it’d come in handy against Wu Yazi!

However, he could only use either the Evil Warding Jade Strip or the demon blood one at a time.

After establishing the connection to the Evil Warding Jade Strip, Nie Li could sense the thirty-six thousand inscription patterns that were concealed within and being able to control them.

Each inscription pattern had its own purpose; he’d take his time to study them later.

A mysterious energy also back flowed from the Evil Warding Jade Strip and slowly permeated Nie Li’s body. He sensed the energy of inscription patterns envelope his fate soul and protect it.

The energy from the various other treasures caused his soul realm to surge even more violently than before.


Another fate soul ignited, this one silver.

The eighth fate soul!

Since performing the Demon Blood Sacrifice, his rank had jumped by a total of three levels. Even though some of that was due to the Evil Warding Jade Strip, there was no doubt that most of it was thanks to the Primordial Bloodline.

Nie Li already possessed many powerful treasures that an ordinary Heavenly Fate Realm would never be able to get his hands on. All he needed to do was slightly draw on their powers. Any one of those treasures had enough power to support Nie Li in breaking through his current realm.

The colour of the eighth fate soul slightly surprised him.

Nie Li knew that the combination of the various treasures had increased the growth of his soul realm to an insane level.

He could become much stronger!

Nie Li strengthened his cultivation and continued activating the Evil Warding Jade Strip.

Mysterious inscription patterns flowed into Nie Li’s soul realm, one after another.

His power began charging towards 9-fate.

Mysterious inscription patterns spiraled towards the Shadow Devil, Fanged Panda, and the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, and bound them tightly.

The three demon spirits struggled.

What was going on?

Nie Li was startled. The Shadow Devil, Fanged Panda and Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon were all demon spirits. The Evil Warding Jade Strip had the ability to suppress demon beasts, so didn’t that mean it could suppress demon spirits too?

As Nie Li realised that, his brows furrowed tightly. He studied the inscription pattern chains.

If all three of his demon spirits were sealed away, wouldn’t that be bad for him?

Nie Li weighed the pros and cons. The Evil Warding Jade Strip could suppress demon spirits. On the other hand, the blood from the Demon Blood Sacrifice could strengthen their power. In that case...

Nie Li poured the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice into the three demon spirits.

The three demon spirits received the Demon Blood Sacrifice and began struggling harder against their bondages.

The power of the Primordial Bloodline was amazing!

The three demon spirits had received the Demon Blood Sacrifice, and their power began to surge.

8-fate, 9-fate...

Upon reaching the pinnacle of 9-fate, the three demon spirits destabilised as they struggled harder to free themselves from Nie Li’s soul realm. At the same time, Nie Li’s soul realm continued expanding as it pull back the three demon spirits.

However, it couldn’t prevent the demon spirits from struggling; the Primordial Bloodline was simply too powerful!

The demon spirits continued to grow stronger, until they were equivalent to 1-stage Heavenly Star Realm in strength. Even the vine looked like it would give way at any moment.

Suddenly, the Evil Warding Jade Strip emitted a dazzling light and a torrent of inscription patterns poured towards the three demon spirits and tied them back in place, as if nothing had ever happened.

If the strength of the demon spirits exceeded Nie Li’s capacity, then they’d break free from his soul realm. However, the Evil Warding Jade Strip had helped him bind them back in place.

The two forces had achieved a working balance.

The three demon spirits continued to grow stronger, only to stop after they’d reached the 3-stage Heavenly Star Realm.

Nie Li had many methods that he could use to strengthen his demon spirits. However, he hadn’t used any of them yet, because his own strength wasn’t enough to restrain them if they went out of control. If that happened, the consequences would be extremely severe. But now that he had the Evil Warding Jade Strip, he no longer had to worry about that.

Nie Li stopped at the 3-stage Heavenly Star Realm to consolidate his cultivation. Even though it wasn’t his limit.

Wu Yazi was trying his best to fend off the Blackwater Venom Spiders, when he was suddenly confused by the release of aura from Nie Li. Nie Li’s cultivation had risen by three levels in such a short time! He was now an 8-fate!

Even the greatest genius from the demon clans would have to sigh and admit inferiority to that.

Wu Yazi had no idea how Nie Li could’ve done it.

Even he felt pressured by Nie Li’s rapid rank-ups.

Xiao Yu had also glanced at Nie Li with astonishment in her eyes. Nie Li’s cultivation was rising so fast that she had a hard time just keeping track of it. It caused her some anxiety.

“Look ahead!” Wu Yazi exclaimed as he point off into the distance.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu both turned towards that direction and couldn’t pull their eyes away from the band of light that reflected towards them.

It was just a single ray of light, but Wu Yazi was so moved that tears streamed down his cheeks. They’d been travelling along this Blackwater Venom Spider-infested tunnel for so long that his hand was cramping!

Nie Li and Xiao Yu had been leisurely walking behind him. There’s no way they’d understand his feelings!

They’d finally reached the exit!

Nie Li began talking to himself as he did a few calculations. After the secret path would be the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s main hall! It should take at least half an hour for the other experts to break through the second barrier. After that, it’d take them at least another two hours to calculate the position of the life gate. And that was at their fastest speed.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said to his companions, “Don’t worry. We’ve still got plenty of time.”