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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 392

Chapter 392 - Encounter with the Demon Lord, Again

Nie Li sat under the Spiritual Void Wall with the verses of the chant projected on his retinas.

It was the [God Tongue] cultivation technique!

This cultivation technique was created by a supreme expert. Reaching the limit, you’d be able to gain Deity ranked power.

The [God Tongue] cultivation technique was on par with the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique.

Could the owner of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace be the legendary Ancestral Master Daozang, the same one who’d created the [God Tongue] cultivation technique?

The Ancestral Master Daozang was an extremely formidable figure.

He was also one of the most mysterious figures lost to history. No one knew anything about his life, only that he’d fought and held his own against the full-strength Sage Emperor. He hadn’t won, but he’d manage to fully escape. Afterwards, he sealed away the Sage Emperor’s demonic bone, and vanished without a trace.

Nie Li wondered whether this Void Illusionary Divine Palace was actually the tomb of the Ancestral Master Daozang.

The [God Tongue] technique is even harder to cultivate than the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, as it requires the practitioner to have a sincere heart. Even though Nie Li had experienced two lifetimes’ worth of cultivation, he was still human. It was extremely difficult for him to cultivate the [God Tongue] to its full extent.

Nie Li quietly sat before the Spiritual Void Wall and stared at the various inscription patterns.

As Nie Li and his group quietly comprehended the wall, a pale-faced youth appeared.

Nie Li’s pupils shrank and a chilling bloodlust flashed through his eyes.

It’s the Demon Lord!

He never expected to encounter him in a place like this.

The Demon Lord clearly hadn’t entered through the life gate. So how did he get in?

The Demon Lord swept an eye over his surroundings and ignored the cultivators as he approached the Spiritual Void Wall. Nie Li was still disguised as a demon clan expert, so the Demon Lord didn’t recognise him as he seated himself amongst the crowd.

The Demon Lord sat only a dozen meters away from Nie Li. Surges of a mysterious aura curled around the Demon Lord.

Based on that aura, Nie Li could tell that the Demon Lord had reached 8-fate; however, there was something else inside that aura, something mysterious and powerful that caused a chill in Nie Li’s heart.

Thanks to the vine inside Nie Li’s body, his cultivation wasn’t that fast. If it hadn’t been for the Demon Blood Sacrifice, he’d still be at 5-fate. However, the Demon Lord possessed the Supreme Physique; therefore, his cultivation had soared by leaps and bounds.

Nie Li remembered how Ye Zong had died at the hands of the Demon Lord, and his heart was filled with cold bloodlust. If it wasn’t for him not being able to kill anyone here, he would’ve already taken action. Even though there was something cold and mysterious inside the Demon Lord’s body, Nie Li did not fear him.

The problem was that if he killed the Demon Lord now, the best he could do was lower the Demon Lord’s cultivation by one stage.

The Demon Lord paid no attention to anything as he sat cross-legged and stared at the crystal jade wall with a deep expression.

Xiao Yu had met the Demon Lord once, back in the Tiny World. She recognised him, and knew that there was bad blood between him and Nie Li. She couldn’t help glancing at Nie Li with concern. She sensed that the Demon Lord was a dangerous opponent.

The Demon Lord looked around him in disdain, then said, “I never expected there to be so many people gathered around here. But you guys are stuck at such a low level; it just means that you’re not fated for the Ancestral Master Daozang’s secret treasure!”

The Demon Lord stood up, and approached the crystal jade wall.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the Demon Lord.

“Someone’s trying to break the crystal jade wall!”

“Hahaha! He’s so full of himself. It’s impossible to break the crystal jade wall!”

“He’ll probably go crying home about his failure!”

Countless people had tried to break the inscription patterns before. All of them had ended in failure.

So, of course, they didn’t think that the Demon Lord could accomplish it.

Nie Li watched the Demon Lord, and noted that his opponent felt a little different than before. However, he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was off.

The Demon Lord stopped before the crystal jade wall and placed his palm on its surface. Traces of mysterious light started to spread through the air.

The crystal jade wall immediately glowed with a harsh light that made everyone shield their eyes.

“What’s going on?” Zhen Yuan said in astonishment.

Even Wu Yazi was astonished. What was that guy going?

Nie Li’s heart slightly shook as he immediately stood up and shouted in a deep tone, “Quick, stop him!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, two demon clan experts who were closest to the Demon Lord had a flash of understanding. They stood up and pounced towards the Demon Lord.

However, the Demon Lord’s body rapidly turned illusory and vanished into the crystal jade wall. He’d disappeared, like a drop of water that had fallen into a lake.

The two demon clan experts missed their target and dumbfoundedly stared at the crystal jade wall.

“What happened?”

“He disappeared?”

“He entered the crystal jade wall!”

At the sight of this, all of the experts were inwardly vexed. They’d been comprehending this crystal jade wall for so long, but none of them had ever been able to enter. But someone who’d appeared just a few minutes ago had actually managed to solve the inscription patterns in one go.

Nie Li tightly clenched his fists. Even he didn’t know how the Demon Lord had managed to open and enter the crystal jade wall.

According to his calculations, the other experts who were gathered outside the Divine Illusionary Palace should’ve already broken the barrier and rushed in!

Could the Demon Lord have entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace before Nie Li had shattered the Thousand Illusionary Array?

It looked like Nie Li had greatly underestimated the Demon Lord.

The crowd had watched the Demon Lord disappear, but the only thing they could do was return to comprehending the crystal jade wall with indignation.

Nie Li fixed his eyes on the crystal jade wall and rapidly tried to figure out the inscription patterns on it. It only took him a brief moment before he found the solution.

Nie Li transmitted his voice to Xiao Yu. “Stay here, next to the jade wall and focus on comprehending it! Don’t leave before I get back. The outside is just too dangerous!”

“En.” Xiao Yu acknowledged. She was puzzled. Could Nie Li have solved the puzzle?

Nie Li approached the crystal jade wall.

“Someone’s trying to break the inscription pattern array! Again!”

“The only ones who can break the inscription pattern array are geniuses that appear once in ten thousand. You’d be lucky to find one of them in a hundred thousand years. How’d we get two in a row?!”

Everyone scrutinised Nie Li, with the ones seated the closest eyeing him like tigers eyeing their prey. Earlier, the Demon Lord had opened the door too fast, so they didn’t have time to stop him. But if Nie Li managed to open the crystal jade wall, they definitely wouldn’t let him through.

Nie Li lifted his hand and knocked on the crystal jade wall.

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

The sounds echoed off the crystal jade wall.

The experts next to him laughed involuntarily. Nie Li was acting like such an amateur! No matter how you explained it, it didn’t look like Nie Li knew how to break the crystal jade wall.