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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 394

Chapter 394 - Ancestral Master Daozang

Void Illusionary Divine Palace, Main Hall

A long scarlet carpet led directly between the towering pillars and into the main hall.

Even inside, everyone’s auras seemed to be frozen and their soul realms remained useless.

Nie Li looked out in front of him. At the end of the main hall sat a cross-legged statue of a white-bearded elder, five or six meters in height. Even though it was only a statue, its craftsmanship was vivid and lifelike, as if it was a real person.

The statue was imposing and majestic, influencing others to have thoughts of worshipping him.

This was the Ancestral Master Daozang, spoken of in legends!

The Demon Lord stood only a dozen meters away from Ancestor Master Daozang’s statue as he quietly gazed up at it.

A murderous intent flashed through Nie Li’s eyes as he watched the Demon Lord. However, this wasn’t the right place for battle.

It’s very likely that Ancestral Master Daozang had hidden his true inheritance inside this main hall. Nie Li couldn’t let the Demon Lord get it, no matter what!

The Demon Lord sensed Nie Li’s presence and turned around to face him. The two briefly met eyes, then the Demon Lord turned back to face the statue, not minding Nie Li.

The Demon Lord’s aura used to be as sharp as a blade, but now it was more reserved. However, Nie Li sensed that the Demon Lord had become even more dangerous.

Nie Li didn’t know what kinds of opportunities the Demon Lord had received since entering the Draconic Ruins Realm. He was on high alert.

Suddenly, an endless sea of energy descended from above. Nie Li felt as though he could be drowned by this aura anytime.

Nie Li felt like he was going to be crushed by this energy, so he moblised the vine and the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting to confront it.


A vast and distant voice sounded from the end of the main hall. It sounded surprised.

The voice spoke with a clear, booming tone. “I’ve waited for tens of millions of years. All the ones who’ve come before you were members of the demon clan. But now, I’ve finally received two young members of the human clan, both with good talent. Are the two of willing to succeed my legacy and serve mankind?”

The sound of this voice seemed to cleanse all wicked thoughts from their hearts.

“Human?” The Demon Lord glanced at Nie Li, who obviously looked like a demon to him.

Nie Li had used the Demon Blood Sacrifice to disguise himself as a demon, but this supreme power had seen through his disguise with a single glance.

The Demon Lord nodded and responded with indifference. “I’ll serve mankind.”

Wouldn’t it be bad if the Demon Lord obtained Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy? Nie Li raised his head, stared into the empty air, and said, “I’m willing to serve mankind! However...” he pointed towards the Demon Lord and said, “I don’t believe that he can serve mankind. I implore the Ancestral Master to see clearly!”

The Demon Lord frowned as he looked at Nie Li, and a chilling ray flashed across his eyes. He clearly didn’t know how he’d offended Nie Li.

Ancestral Master Daozang’s voice was long and inuous, but penetrated their hearts. “Matters in the mortal world are closely tailed by karma. The two of you entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace together, which means that fate has brought the two of you to me. The evil and good of the universe cannot be seen through. Why do we need to spent our efforts in futility?”

Nie Li furrowed his brows for a moment. Ancestral Master Daozang should definitely be able to see through the Demon Lord’s Spiritual Constellation Technique and realise that the Demon Lord had achieved his power through massacre. Yet Ancestral Master Daozang still wanted to accept such a despicable person as a disciple?

The Ancestral Master unhurriedly explained, “If you become my disciple, you will have the Daozang Secret Command, which allows you to command anyone of the Daozang lineage. However, a certain person will always be after your life, regardless of what you’ve done. That person can easily destroy the six major divine sects. If you’re afraid, you may back out now.”

“I’m willing.” the Demon Lord calmly replied without the slightest hesitation.

Nie Li, however, furrowed his brows. Since his reincarnation, he’d amassed quite an arsenal, from the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique to the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. With that, he could work his way to the pinnacle, until he was strong enough to confront the Sage Emperor. Right now, the Sage Emperor probably hadn’t even noticed him!

However, if Nie Li decided to join the Daozang lineage, then there was a high risk of being exposed. With his current position, challenging the Sage Emperor meant seeking death!

Even Ancestral Master Daozang, at his pinnacle, couldn’t to defeat the Sage Emperor!

Nie Li made his decision, cupped his hands, and said, “Please forgive me, Ancestral Master Daozang. I cannot become your disciple!”

“Oh?” Ancestral Master Daozang didn’t sound surprised. “Very well, then. The one to inherit my legacy will be him alone!”

Nie Li was crestfallen. If he couldn’t stop the Demon Lord from acquiring Ancestral Master Daozang’s strength, then it’d be even harder to deal with the Demon Lord in the future. After all, Nie Li definitely wouldn’t stoop to borrowing the Sage Emperor’s hand to deal with the Demon Lord. The members of the Daozang lineage were innocent; furthermore, they’d be a core strength in his fight against the Sage Emperor.

Nie Li was inwardly quite irritated by the situation. It seemed that there were things he couldn’t control, even though he’d come back to life.

Nie Li recalled how Ye Zong had died at the hands of the Demon Lord, and his heart was filled with rage. There would be a day of reckoning.

Ancestral Master Daozang spoke in a distant voice, as if he was calling from another dimension. “”Although you are unable to inherit my legacy, you are still fated to me. I sense the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, as well as the Profound Chant of Kong Ming.

It couldn’t have been easy to achieve so much in so little time. I do not know where you came from, but I can guess where you’re going. But regardless of how high your cultivation is, I doubt you can match the Sage Emperor. In these tens of thousands of years, countless numbers have tried to shatter the Sage Emperor’s seal on space and time, but none have succeeded.

You can kill the Sage Emperor a million times over, but he will always reconstruct his body and come back stronger. That is, unless you break his seal on time and space. On the other hand, you can only die once inside this space-time. However, if you can find the other reincarnations, then your chances may be different at ten percent.”

Nie Li was shocked. He never expected Ancestral Master Daozang to see through him so clearly.

“Reincarnations? Who are these reincarnations?” Nie Li pursued.

“Since the beginning of time and space, there are six people who have the power to confront the Sage Emperor. I am one of them. We six coexisted in harmony as we comprehend the Heavenly Dao. However, none of us ever expected the Sage Emperor to have such wild ambitions as to lay down a Heavenly Dao Inscription Array of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths to seal time and space.

We fought him, but if it hadn’t been for the Goddess Jin Yan, the rest of us would’ve been destroyed. She used her body to create the Ancestral God Land and seal one of the Sage Emperor’s demonic bones. As of now, the rest of us are using our divine intent to cycle through reincarnation. If you can find the others, then perhaps you can break the Sage Emperor’s seal on time and space. But whether or not you can achieve that depends on your luck and your fate!”

Nie Li’s mind drifted at the new information that Ancestral Master Daozang had imparted upon him. It wasn’t until today that he’d found a whisper of the Sage Emperor’s true nature.