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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 395

Chapter 395 - Reincarnation

Ancestral Master Daozang’s voice drifted. “I am only a remnant of intent left behind inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Like the others, I also have a reincarnation. However, I do not know where my reincarnation is, at this moment.”

How would it be easy to find the reincarnations of six people?

If Nie Li couldn’t break the Sage Emperor’s seal on time and space, then he wouldn’t be able to kill the Sage Emperor. Nie Li felt even more pressured.

After all, the Sage Emperor had controlled this space-time for tens of millions of years already. No matter how Nie Li tried to plan things out, destroying the Sage Emperor’s law was still a momentous task. However, his chances would increase if he could find those six reincarnations.

After all, those six were supreme experts from ancient times. Even though they were reincarnations, they’d still possess frightening bloodlines.

Nie Li asked, “Is there no other way to challenge the Sage Emperor?”

Ancestral Master Daozang pondered a little, then replied, “There are other methods. If you could find a supreme treasure...”

“Supreme treasure? What supreme treasure?” Nie Li’s heart skipped a beat.

Ancestral Master Daozang reminisced. “Back in the primordial times, when the six of us fought the Sage Emperor, we’d only recently stepped into the Deity rank. However, an absolute expert suddenly descended to this realm. He’d escaped from a huge battle and was grievously injured, on the verge of death. He brought a mysterious book with him, which contained boundless energy and could control time and space.”

Nie Li’s heart shook at Ancestral Master’s words. A book that could control time and space? Was Ancestral Master Daozang talking about the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

“What happened next?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

The Demon Lord also listened attentively, in silence.

“That absolute expert tried to steal our soul essences to treat his wounds. Naturally, we counterattacked. The seven of us fought as one and finally defeated him. However, before he died, he tore the mysterious book to shreds. Some of the pages streaked across the sky and disappeared from our reaches. Only eight remained in our hands, which we divided amongst ourselves.” Ancestral Master Daozang calmly explained.

A book that could streak across the sky. Nie Li was certain that Ancestral Master Daozang was speaking of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

However, Nie Li didn’t know where the book was, either.

“What became of the remaining eight pages?”

“Three of them are the hands of the Sage Emperor. One is here, inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. As for the remaining four, I do not know. However, the Sage Emperor’s ability to seal space-time must be thanks to the pages in his hands. He must have comprehended the power of space-time from them.”

Nie Li’s heart shook. He had two of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s pages.

Nie Li pondered briefly, then said, “Ancestral Master Daozang, would you be willing to bestow your page to me?”

The Demon Lord also spoke up. “Lord Master, would you pass it to me?”

Now that the Demon Lord was Ancestral Master Daozang’s disciple, he definitely couldn’t let such a treasure fall into someone else’s hands.

Ancestral Master Daozang said to the Demon Lord, “You’ve already inherited my legacy. Besides, the remaining page is an extremely dangerous item. Even if you had it, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend its power of space-time. It could also implicate with karma easily.”

The Demon Lord fell silent. He understood that the words of supreme experts like Ancestral Master Daozang held enormous weight and they would not go back on the words that they have said. Therefore, the Demon Lord could only give up.

Ancestral Master Daozang’s intent then turned to Nie Li. “I can give you the page, if you provide sufficient evidence to persuade me. However, the page will only attract trouble for you without giving you benefits. Are you certain you want it?”

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I already have two of the other pages...”

The intent seemed to be dazed. He clearly hadn’t expected Nie Li to already have two of the other pages.

“In that case, I might as well give you the third. But you must be cautious. Do not let yourself be caught by the Sage Emperor!” As long as Nie Li held the remnant pages, he would be pursued. There would be no difference whether he had two or three.

The Demon Lord looked at Nie Li in astonishment.

A single piece of paper slowly drifted down and landed before Nie Li.

Nie Li reached out, grabbed it, and stored it away.

The Demon Lord didn’t get the remnant page, but he didn’t mind it too much. As Nie Li received the page, the Demon Lord received a cultivation technique. The details slowly seeped into his mind as Nie Li stored away the piece of paper. It was an extremely powerful technique that surpassed his imagination. If he could successfully cultivate it, he’d definitely be able to surpass the Martial Ancestor Realm within a short amount of time.

“Many thanks, Master!”

The Demon Lord cupped his hands towards the void.

Nie Li clenched his fists until veins popped from his arms. The Demon Lord had inherited Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. He’d be much harder to deal with in the future.

The Demon Lord sat down and his figure gradually faded away.

Nie Li knew that the Demon Lord had entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s secret location to cultivate.

He remained silent. He wasn’t happy with how things had played out, but there was nothing he could do. The Demon Lord had obtained Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. It’d be much harder to avenge Ye Zong, but he definitely wouldn’t give up!

Ancestral Master Daozang’s intent returned to Nie Li and lightly asked, “Are you curious as to why I accepted him as a disciple?”

“Yes.” Nie Li nodded. Ancestral Master Daozang is someone that possessed vast knowledge. Why would he choose to pass his legacy to the Demon Lord? The Demon Lord never hesitated to achieve power by fair means or foul, and even used the Spiritual Constellation Technique and sacrificed countless lives.

“In the vast Dao of heaven and earth, life and death are nothing more than a brief experience.” Ancestral Master Daozang sighed. “Even a pinnacle expert cannot escape death.”

Nie Li’s brows twitched. “Then from Ancestral Master’s point of view, were those people fated as sacrifices to the Spiritual Constellation Technique?” He definitely wouldn’t agree to that view: that the lives of other people are no more than grass.

“That is correct. Life and death are old news. But there’s no need for us to argue over this!” Ancestral Master Daozang seemed to shake his head and he continued, “I know that you have grand motives. But If you wish to defeat the Sage Emperor, then you must seek my disciple’s help, for he is one of the six reincarnations you are seeking!”

Nie Li’s eyes widened. He never expected the Demon Lord to be one of the six.

Then... Nie Li had to cooperate with the Demon Lord if he wanted to defeat the Sage Emperor?

A chilling ray of light flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. “I definitely won’t work with him! Cooperating with the Demon Lord is impossible!”

Ancestral Master Daozang sighed. “Your grudge is only personal. The matter of the Sage Emperor concerns all lives between heaven and earth. Can you not put aside your differences for their sake?”

“Absolutely not!” Nie Li replied. “The Demon Lord and the Sage Emperor are the same! They’re both scum who walk over lives like grass!”