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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 396

Chapter 396 - Ganges Crystals

Ancestral Master Daozang sighed and spoke no more.

It was impossible for him to persuade Nie Li. And what Nie Li said did make sense as well.

The problem was, the current situation of the universe couldn’t be explained in two or three sentences.

Nie Li stared into the void and firmly announced, “I can break the seal on time and space even without his help!”

Nie Li didn’t care whether the Demon Lord had inherited Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. He’d still kill the Demon Lord and avenge Ye Zong!

Since the Demon Lord was one of the reincarnations, the plan to search for the six reincarnations was no longer possible. Only the Temporal Demon Spirit Book could aid him now. However, Nie Li didn’t know where the book was anymore.

Nie Li sighed inwardly. Fortunately, he still had two hundred years to go, so he could take his time to search for it.

Ancestral Master Daozang announced, “I’ve chosen the one to succeed my legacy and passed the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book to you. My mission is complete, and soon my intent will dissipate. You have chosen a dangerous path that I have no control over, so do your best.

One last thing. There are many treasures hidden here; take them if you wish. But remember that at least tens of millions of people have died here. Even though I control the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, I did not build it. Consider carefully!” As the voice spoke, it drifted away, and finally disappeared.

Nie Li realised that Ancestral Master Daozang had faded away. He fell silent as he tried to digest all the information he’d just received. He knew that the Sage Emperor was powerful, that couldn’t deter him.

He wondered about the treasures still concealed in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

Nie Li decided that he’d search out those treasures first. Suddenly, a burst of laughter resounded off the walls.

“AHAHAHAHA! That Ancestral Master Daozang has finally kicked the bucket! From now on, I’m in charge!” the voice announced.

Nie Li’s brows frowned. Who’s that?

Everyone throughout the Void Illusionary Divine Palace could hear that thunderous voice. They raised their heads towards the empty air with puzzled expressions. No one knew what was going on.

The Holy Son of the Divine Flame furrowed his brows for a moment as he stared into space. His underlings had already determined the location of the life gate, and they were currently on their way to it. However, that voice made him hesitate. Could there be a supreme expert concealed in the Void Illusionary Divine Palace?

Yan Yang and his group had just reached the outside of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Aside from his Skyblaze Sect, the others had also arrived, including the Divine Feathers and Heavenly Note Sects.

They still didn’t know how to break the massive array inside the main hall.

The voice laughed again. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Over the past ten million years, I gradually formed my own consciousness. I never showed myself because of that old fart, Ancestral Master Daozang. But now, I’ve gained my freedom. From now on, everyone inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace has to obey me!”

To think that this Void Illusionary Divine Palace had actually formed its own powerful intent!

The Void Illusion Palace shrieked with mocking laughter as it continued, “I’ve sealed all the exits. There are a total of twenty-three thousand six hundred and seventy-two people trapped in here! Now, let’s play a game. You have two choices. First, die and go home. Second, I’ve hidden a lot of Ganges Crystals inside the palace. The six people with the most Ganges Crystals will be allowed to distribute the treasures amongst themselves and leave the palace alive! You have three hours. The game starts... now!”

The Holy Son Li Huo’s expression turned stone-cold. He still wasn’t sure of what’d just happened.

Even Yan Yang was puzzled.

Nie Li remained silent, as he sensed that something was off. However, the exits had been sealed. If he wanted to obtain the treasures, then he’d have to fight for the Ganges Crystals. Otherwise, he’d have to die to go home.

Outer hall

Everyone was confused about the Ganges Crystals. Where were they supposed to be? Then suddenly, tens of thousands of Ganges Crystals rained down from the sky.

“Those are Ganges Crystals!”

A figure flew forward and pounced on the Ganges Crystals. “I am Venerable Godthunder of the Pentastrike Demon Sect. Those who oppose me will be killed!”

“We can’t let him have the Ganges Crystals!”

The other experts of the divine sects charged towards the rain of crystals.

Venerable Godthunder waved his right hand and aimed a bolt of divine lightning at the expert who was chasing him. “I already told you not to fight me for it!”

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Several Heavenly Star Realm experts didn’t manage to dodge in time. They were instantly blown to pieces by the lightning.

“He’s a Dao of the Dragon Realm expert!”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Dao of Dragon Realm experts rarely appeared in the outside world. The steps of cultivation are like this. Starting at the Heavenly Fate Realm, your fate souls begin gathering inside your body. Once you reach 9-fate, you can die a total of nine times. Therefore, dying wasn’t a big deal. However, once you reached the Dao of Dragon Realm, your nine fates would become one. It be bad if you died again after that.

People usually cherish their lives, especially Dao of Dragon Realm experts. Most of them wouldn’t be willing to risk their lives in the outside world, unless they had some secret technique up their sleeve.

But even if they did have a special technique to protect their life, they’d still have to be cautious.

Venerable Godthunder’s expression was dead serious. “Hmph, hmph! Those who try to steal my Ganges Crystals will be killed!”

The moment his words landed on their ears, several Heavenly Axis Realm experts snatched up some other Ganges Crystals.

Even if Venerable Godthunder was strong, he wouldn’t be able to stop so many people. Godthunder also quickly started snatch at the Ganges Crystals.

The others were afraid of Venerable Godthunder’s strength, but they also pursued the Ganges Crystals like madmen.

There were tens of thousands of Ganges Crystals. A few battles cropped up, involving five or six thousand people, but only two or three thousand actually died.

As the scramble dragged on, the Void Illusionary Divine Palace made sure to ‘mysteriously’ drop massive quantities of Ganges Crystals in places where the crowds were largest. The fights intensified.

One subordinate turned to the Holy Son Li Huo and asked, “Holy Son, what should we do? The people in the outer halls are already fighting for the Ganges Crystals. Should we join them?” However, they’d already gone through great efforts to find the life gate!

The Holy Son Li Huo went silent, then solemnly ordered, “Forget about them. Let them fight amongst themselves. Everyone, follow me into the main hall!”

The Holy Son then turned around and led his men along the path.

As that was happening, Yan Yang and his Skyblaze Sect members were in the middle of a battle. They’d snatched thousands of Ganges Crystals, but had also suffered many losses. Hundreds of deaths occurred in just a brief moment.

Everyone was in a frenzy for the Ganges Crystals.