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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 399

Chapter 399 - Balance

A freezing chill flashed through the Holy Son Li Huo’s eyes as he stared at the Holy Son Yan Yang. “I don’t want to cause any trouble today. Yan Yang, I’ll let you take your men and leave. Otherwise, you and your men will leave your corpses right here!”

Yan Yang’s brows twitched as his fighting spirit rose. “Holy Son Li Huo, I may not be as strong, but disciples of the Skyblaze Sect will never fear! If you choose peace, then we’ll let it be. But if you want war, then the disciples of the Skyblaze Sect will gladly accompany you!”

The Holy Son Li Huo coldly snorted. “Hmph! Let’s see just how capable your Skyblaze Sect is!”

A majestic aura surged towards Yan Yang.

Yan Yang growled and his body rapidly transformed into a massive Gold Horned Dragon Beast. His entire body was covered in golden scales that reflected a chilling might.

Rage flashed through the Holy Son Li Huo’s eyes. “How dare you summon a demon spirit!”

Humans were naturally weaker than demons. To make up for it, then humans had devised a despicable method; they hunted down demon spirits and imprisoned them within their bodies.

Humans and demons have been irreconcilable enemies since time immemorable. Over the years, their wars intensified, as each race wished to thoroughly annihilate the other.

Blazing flames ignited over the Holy Son Li Huo, and his entire body became adorned with scarlet tongues of flame. His eyebrows twitched and a formless energy abruptly emanated from him.

The two Holy Sons suddenly took action at the exact same moment, and their figures turned into two streaks of light.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Rays of light scattered into the sky. It was as if the sky itself was being torn apart.

Wu Yazi sighed to himself. ‘Those two are truly worthy of the titles ‘Holy Son’ of the Skyblaze and Demon Sects. They dance like rays of light and fight with the might of thunder!’ He knew that he was far inferior to them.

The other experts also threw themselves into the fray. However, none of them dared to approach the spot where the two Holy Sons were clashing. A single shock wave from that fight could instantly kill them.

The situation intensified.

Nie Li furrowed his brows. He and Yan Yang have met once. However, it’d still be too difficult for the Holy Son Yan Yang to defeat Li Huo. On the other hand, the Holy Son Li Huo wasn’t going to find it easy to kill Yan Yang, either. They were pinned down by one another, but the battle itself was far too intense. Nie Li was going to have an even harder time opening the inscription patterns array.

Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi couldn’t help turning to Nie Li. “What should we do next?”

“What else can we do? We wait, of course!” Nie Li said as he closed his eyes and recuperated. He began to refine his cultivation, pushing towards the Heavenly Star Realm.

Seeing Nie Li’s actions, Wu Yazi bitterly smiled. Even in this sort of situation, Nie Li could peacefully cultivate. But not Wu Yazi; he had to be the bodyguard!

As the Holy Sons Yan Yang and Li Huo fought, another group made their way into the chamber, lead by Venerable Godthunder of the Pentastrike Demonic Sect.

Venerable Godthunder swept an eye over the room and said, “Oh? Who would’ve thought that two Holy Sons, one of the Skyblaze and Demon God’s Sects, would be here? How lively!” His tone was rather patronizing, as he was proud of his age; he was ranked above both Yan Yang and Li Huo in terms of seniority.

Yan Yang and Li Huo continued their fight.

The Holy Son Li Huo took advantage of a slight pause in his fight and shouted towards Venerable Godthunder. “Venerable Godthunder, our Demon God’s and Pentastrike Demonic Sects are one under the banner of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. If you aid me in defeating the Skyblaze Sect, then these Ganges Crystals will be yours. What do you say?”

Venerable Godthunder sneered. “The Holy Son Li Huo is trying to make a deal with me? I was under the impression that the great Li Huo was a lone wolf who never asked for anyone’s help?”

Yan Yang was slightly anxious at Venerable Godthunder’s presence and faltered. Li Huo took advantage of the opening and sent him flying with a palm strike to the chest.

Yan Yang stomped his foot as his energy and blood surged violently. Li Huo was simply too powerful for him to take down. Not to mention Venerable Godthunder.

Venerable Godthunder appeared indifferent. “I don’t want to get involved in matters between the Skyblaze and Demon God’s Sects. I’m only here for the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s treasures. I already have sixty thousand Ganges Crystals in my possession. If I obtain another portion, I will be in the top six. You two can do whatever you want.”

The Holy Son Li Huo coldy snorted. He knew exactly what kind of person Venerable Godthunder was: famed for being despicable and vile. Venerable Godthunder claimed that he wasn’t going to interfere, but Li Huo knew that he was only a fisherman waiting for the right moment. He’d wait until Li Huo and Yan Yang had incapacitated each other, then swoop in and steal the profits. Li Huo glanced at Yan Yang. Even though he’d managed to injure Yan Yang, he didn’t follow up.

The Holy son Li Huo gravely told him, “It’s too early for you to try and fight me. I’ll let you off this time!”

Yan Yang looked at Holy Son Li Huo, then at Venerable Godthunder. He knew that if he made any moves right now, he’d be signing his death warrant. He took his Skyblaze Sect men and flew off to observe the situation from a distance.

Venerable Godthunder furrowed his brows for a brief moment. He never expected the Holy Son Li Huo to do such a thing. No wonder everyone said that the Holy Son Li Huo wasn’t easy to deal with and they are indeed true. Venerable Godthunder lightly smiled and said, “The only ones qualified to split the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s treasures are the three of us. Why don’t we cooperate to take the remaining Ganges Crystals?”

The corner of Yan Yang’s mouth twitched. There was no way that he’d cooperate with the Demon God’s or Pentastrike Sects!

The Holy Son Li Huo slowly approached the end of the chamber. “If you guys are interested the Ganges Crystals, then feel free to help yourselves. I have no interest in them!”

Venerable Godthunder furrowed his brows. What was Li Huo planning to do?

Nie Li’s eyes widened at the Holy Son Li Huo’s actions. Could he have seen through the profound intent of the inscription pattern array?

The Holy Son Li Huo seemed to have sensed something as he glanced back in Nie Li’s direction. Those demonic green eyes seemed as though they could suck your soul out. Nie Li immediately looked away calmly. He couldn’t afford to let Li Huo find out about the Demon Blood Sacrifice; otherwise, things could get extremely dangerous!

Li Huo also looked away and back towards the statues. He seemed to have figured something out.

Venerable Godthunder originally planned to fight over the Ganges Crystals; however, he lost interest when he noticed that the Holy Son Li Huo and Yan Yang weren’t interested. He suddenly sensed that something was off, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

Yan Yang stared at the Holy Son Li Huo with blank eyes. He seemed to have vaguely understood something. If Venerable Godthunder wanted the Ganges Crystals, he could help himself to them.

The entire hall reached an uneasy balance. No one moved.