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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 402

Chapter 402 - Skyspirit Stone Array

Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder also led their men through the secret path. Neither of them wanted to fall behind.

They absolutely could not allow the Holy Son Li Huo to take all the treasures!

Corpses littered the ground and the path reeked of blood.

The Holy Son Li Huo turned to Nie Li as they flew on. “You’re from the Divine-Blooded Raccoon Clan?”

“Yes,” Nie Li nodded. He was reluctant to speak. If he made a mistake and the Holy Son Li Huo found out the truth, then things could get troublesome.

“Who would’ve thought that the Divine-Blooded Raccoon Clan had such a genius, so proficient in inscription patterns? Pledge your loyalty and become my attendant. What do you say?” the Holy Son Li Huo said. There were scores of Demon God’s Sect members who wanted to become his attendant. Therefore, he’s curious of what would Nie Li think about him having high opinions of Nie Li.

“Many thanks to the Holy Son’s kind favor. However, I’m used to being free. I’m afraid I cannot become your attendant!” Nie Li replied. Of course it was impossible to accept the offer. If Nie Li followed Li Huo back to the Demon God’s Sect, then he’d probably be exposed.

The Holy Son Li Huo furrowed his brows for a brief moment in an unhappy manner. However, his expression returned to normal a moment later.

“Since you’re unwilling, then forget it!” Holy Son Li Huo’s tone returned to indifference.

Nie Li smiled. He’d expected such a reaction, but he wasn’t bothered by it, since he knew that the Holy Son Li Huo still needed his help.

As long as Nie Li could break the inscription pattern arrays, the Holy Son wouldn’t carelessly offend him with his intelligence. After all, who knew? Maybe there’d come a day when the Holy Son Li Huo would need him again.

They traversed through the long passage and emerged into a vast space.

This was a space without walls or boundaries, only vast emptiness. Large pieces of stone were suspended in midair, numerous and dense, as if sealing the space itself. The stones were floating around the space, leaving jet-traces of light in their paths.

Nie Li’s heart shivered. It was the Skyspirit Stone Array!

“Look over there!” someone yelled.

All eyes turned to the distance, past the massive stones, where they saw a treasury of riches scattered in the empty space.

If they could pass through the stone array, they could obtain the treasures.

Their eyes feasted on the sights, until their visions swam.

Who knew how many ancient treasures were back there?

The Holy Son Li Huo looked at Nie Li and asked, “What kind of array is this?”

Nie Li replied, “This array looks rather familiar. It’s definitely filled with countless profounds. I’ll need at least two or three months to break it!”

The Holy Son Li Huo fell silent. He couldn’t even try to comprehend the densely packed stones that spun before his eyes. If Nie Li had flat-out told them that he couldn’t break it, then that would’ve been that. Maybe Li Huo would’ve even taken Nie Li with him in an attempt to forcefully break through. However, Nie Li had told them that he could break it in two or three months. So what should they do?

Should they wait here or try to break the array?

Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder frowned. Two or three months? That definitely wasn’t a short amount of time!

The Holy Son Li Huo remained silent for a moment before looking at Nie Li, “You’ll stay here and focus on breaking the array. We’ll send in some people to give it a try!”

“Okay!” Nie Li nodded.

“Same thing as before. Each of us will send in ten people!” Holy Son Li Huo proposed.

“Sounds good!” Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder both nodded.

Thirty Heavenly Axis Realm experts quickly assembled and flew towards the stone array.

Floating stones danced in every direction. The moment they stepped into the array, began wandering about as if they had lost their sense of direction. They were trapped and couldn’t leave. Some of the experts were madly brandishing their fists towards the rocks.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The sounds of the impacts echoed, but those stones didn’t give an inch.

“Those trash!” Venerable Godthunder couldn’t help cursing.

Nie Li cut in, “I disagree, Venerable Godthunder. It’s not because they’re incompetent, but because the array has a way of confusing people. Just like the Thousand Illusionary Array. Escaping it depends on luck. If you send a few hundred people, you’d be lucky if one or two managed to make it through.”

“Then, what? Do we just sit around and wait all day?” Venerable Godthunder impatiently complained. Waiting for two or three months? And they weren’t even guaranteed to succeed!

Wu Yazi piped up, “This array only traps people instead of killing them. We can send in more people. Who knows? Maybe one or two might make it through!”

Everyone went silent.

That sounded like a possibility!

The Holy Son Li Huo glanced at Wu Yazi, then back to Nie Li. He pointed to Nie Li and said, “He stays here. Wu Yazi, you and your friend will be the first to go in!”

Wu Yazi bitterly smiled. He was only trying to be helpful, but he’d dug his own grave instead. He couldn’t help glancing at Nie Li, who had no reaction. He nodded his head and helplessly replied, “Alright. We’ll go in first!”

Wu Yazi leapt up and flew into the stone array. Xiao Yu glanced at Nie Li and heard him say, “Don’t worry, there’s no danger within this array!”

“En.” Xiao Yu nodded and flew in after Wu Yazi.

Both Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu had entered the array. The Holy Son Li Huo also seemed more at ease. He waved his hand and all his subordinates flew in as well.

Yan Yang and Venerable Godthunder pondered, then sent their men into the array after them.

The moment those experts entered the stone array, they began turning in all directions, trapped.

Nie Li smiled as he sent a meaningful glance to the trio. “I wonder who’s subordinate will be the first to walk out of the stone array? The answer lies in the hands of fate!”

The Holy Son Li Huo remained silent. Yan Yang closely examined Nie Li. Venerable Godthunder appeared more impatient.

Finally, Venerable Godthunder said in disbelief, “Are you guy really going to wait here for two or three months? I don’t have that sort of time. I don’t think this lousy array can trap me! I could probably break this array within two or three months! You can wait here if you want, but I’m going to make my move!”

Venerable Godthunder turned into a streak of light and shot into the stone array.

Only the Holy Sons Li Huo and Yan Yang remained. Li Huo sat on the ground, closed his eyes, and began cultivating.

Yan Yang also appeared very patient as he prepared to slowly wait it out.

At the sight of this, an almost unnoticeable smile appeared on Nie Li’s face. Now, only these two were left, not to mention that one of them was Yan Yang. Things would be much easier to handle this way!