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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 403

Chapter 403 - Trapped

The stone array revolved in a mysterious way that left its victims trapped and helpless.

Nie Li saw that the Holy Son Li Huo was seated and cultivating, so he turned his back to Li Huo and sat down as well. The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched as he concentrated his voice into a strand and transmitted it to Yan Yang. “Senior Brother Yan Yang, I never expected us to meet again so soon.”

Yan Yang tightened his brows at the unexpected voice. Suddenly, he understood. He’d been suspecting Nie Li’s identity for a while, but now he was certain. Nie Li had disguised himself as a demon! Yan Yang never expected Nie Li’s disguise to be so perfect that even he, himself, couldn’t see through it.

Yan Yang’s mouth didn’t move at all as he concentrated his voice and transmitted it back to Nie Li’s ears.

Yan Yang was frank with his words. “You’re transmitting your voice because you need my help, isn’t that right? Speak. What should I do? I owe you a favor from before, and you want it returned right now. Is that right?”

Nie Li showed a small smile. “Senior Brother Yan Yang sees far, indeed!”

Yan Yang was a smart guy, so of course he could guess what Nie Li was thinking.

Yan Yang couldn’t help asking, “Can you really break this stone array?”

“No. This array can’t be broken unless you have twenty Martial Ancestor Realm experts. However, I can still pass through it. If I obtain any treasures, I’ll split them with Senior Brother Yan Yang. What do you say?” Nie Li suggested.

“I owe you a favor from before. Consider this my debt repaid. If you split the treasures with me, wouldn’t I owe you another favor? Forget about the treasures. Speak. How should I help?” Yan Yang straightforwardly replied. Who would’ve thought that Nie Li really knew how to pass through the stone array?

From breaking the inscription pattern array from before to passing through the stone array, Nie Li’s vast knowledge astonished Yan Yang. His curiosity couldn’t help being piqued. Even if Nie Li had started reading books back while he was in the womb, he still would not be able to be so knowledgeable!

Nie Li transmitted his voice to Yan Yang. “Help me delay the Holy Son Li Huo! I’ll find a chance to pass through the stone array!”

“No problem. I won’t be able to kill that demon Li Huo, but I can definitely hold him up!” Yan Yang smiled. Even though he couldn’t obtain any of the Void Illusionary Palace’s treasures, he’d success as long as the Holy Son Li Huo couldn’t get any either.

Nie Li said, “After we’ve settled this, let’s meet outside, at the northeastern most corner of the palace. I’ll need Senior Brother Yan Yang’s help to leave the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!”

“No problem!” Yan Yang agreed.

Once he heard Yan Yang’s certain answer, Nie Li stood up and walked towards the stone array.

The Holy Son Li Huo sensed his movements, opened his eyes, and solemnly asked, “Where are you going?”

Nie Li flashed a smile and said, “I want to examine the stone array up close!”

He continued to move across the air.

Something flickered in the Holy Son Li Huo’s eyes and traces of energy surrounded Nie Li. Nie Li was only a Heavenly Fate Realm, after all. There was no chance that he’d run away. Li Huo could exercise his control over anything within a thousand meters! The moment Nie Li started to run, he could immediately stop him.

Nie Li slowly approached the stone array, until he was only a few hundred meters away from it.

The Holy Son Li Huo abruptly stood up and said, “Stop right there! Return!”

A restrictive energy rolled towards Nie Li.

The energy was almost upon Nie Li, ready to bind him, when—

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Several explosions sounded.

The Holy Son Li Huo had been blocked. Nie Li darted forward like an arrow that’d been released from its bowstring.

The Holy Son Li Huo furrowed his brows for a brief moment, before shifting his eyes to Yan Yang. It was Yan Yang the one who’d helped Nie Li. He couldn’t understand why would Yan Yang want to help him. Could those two have formed some sort of pact?

The Holy Son Li Huo leapt up to chase after Nie Li; however, Yan Yang also soared forward and waved his palm towards the Holy Son Li Huo.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

A fierce battle broke out between Li Huo and Yan Yang. Although Li Huo was much stronger, it was still impossible for him to break through Yan Yang’s guard in such a short amount of time.

Nie Li took that opportunity and entered the stone array with a *Woosh!*.

Li Huo watched Nie Li move into the stone array with a cold expression. He turned to Yan Yang and asked, “Why are you helping him?”

Yan Yang laughed, “Do I need a reason? My Skyblaze Sect has always been archenemies with you Demon God’s Sect. So of course I’d go against whatever you do!”

The Holy Son Li Huo furrowed his brows. As if he’d believe that! Yan Yang and Nie Li definitely had some sort of agreement!

However, Nie Li was a Heavenly Fate Realm demon. What could he possibly have promised Yan Yang?

Of course, Yan Yang wouldn’t tell him that. Nie Li had already entered the stone array. There was nothing he could do, unless he wanted to follow Nie Li inside. But even if he did that, he had no way to break the array!

Yan Yang said, “Since things have turned out this way, my task is complete. My subordinates are trapped in the stone array and can’t escape, so I’ll take my leave. Farewell. Don’t bother seeing me out!”

He stood up, brushed the dust off his clothes, turned around, and skimmed towards the entrance.

The Holy Son Li Huo watched Yan Yang go with a dark and puzzled expression. Yan Yang definitely had some sort of agreement with Nie Li. That meant that if he kept a close eye on Yan Yang, he might be able to catch Nie Li. However, Yan Yang had turned around and left. What kind of scheme was this? Maybe it was to lure Li Huo away and give Nie Li a chance to escape!

Something flickered in Li Huo’s eyes again. He shifted his gaze to the stone array, then back to Yan Yang’s retreating figure. He leapt up and flew towards the stone array.

The Holy Son Li Huo was an extremely conceited person. He’d already performed his own calculations on the stone array and knew he couldn’t break it. He didn’t believe that Nie Li could break it while he couldn’t!

Yan Yang saw Li Huo fly into the stone array and was stunned for a brief moment. He originally planned to lure Li Huo outside; he never expected Li Huo to dive into the stone array. But now he understood. With Li Huo’s confidence in himself, this wasn’t wholly unexpected. On the contrary, it actually saved Yan Yang quite a bit of trouble.

Yan Yang smiled, returned to his original spot, and sat down to cultivate. Everything after this depended on Nie Li.

Nie Li followed his knowledge as he flew through the Skyspirit Stone Array. His black and white wings were beating and propelled him into a streak of light.

Xiao Yu and Wu Yazi were still trapped inside the stone array. The massive stones revolved around them, blocking their lines of sight. They didn’t even know where they were, just like back in the Thousand Illusionary Array.

Wu Yazi couldn’t help cursing, “Dammit! We’re trapped!”

Passing through the array seemed impossible. They didn’t know how to get back, either. Would they be trapped here forever?

Suddenly, Xiao Yu shrieked right next to him. But by the time Wu Yazi turned his head around, Xiao Yu was already gone!

Was Xiao Yu killed?

A chill passed through Wu Yazi’s heart as he went on alert. He couldn’t help feeling gloomy again. If Xiao Yu was dead, where was his corpse? That meant that everything inside Xiao Yu’s ring was now irrelevant to him!