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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 405

Chapter 405 - Hierarch Blacknether

*Rumble!* *Rumble!*

Nie Li whisked everything within several thousand meters of the Void Illusionary Palace’s core into his Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

The task exhausted Nie Li so much that he found himself gasping for air.

He’d wasted a lot of Heavenly Energy in moving such huge objects into the painting.

Nie Li circled the area a few times and found nothing new, so he turned and headed back.

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li and said, “I’ve collected more than three hundred gold spiritual stone essences, five hundred over Grade 6 artifacts, and over thirty Grade 7 artifacts!”

Nie Li glanced into the empty void with discomfort. Things were a little too quiet.

Why wasn’t the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s intent saying anything?

The palace’s true treasures shouldn’t be limited to the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl!

Who knows? The Void Illusionary Divine Palace might have other treasures hidden away!

However, Nie Li didn’t even know how to start searching this massive void.

Nie Li glanced at Xiao Yu and said, “Follow me!”

The two figures turned into streaks of light and flew away.

Then, all of a sudden, a massively powerful intent blanketed the Void Illusionary Divine Palace from the outside. Every single expert inside the palace could feel the frightening pressure.

They couldn’t help raising their heads and staring into empty space.

The frightening power seemed as if it wanted to tear them apart.

*Pfft!* *Pfft!* *Pfft!*

The weaker experts immediately vomited fresh blood under the fearful pressure. The ones who were worst off even died.

Everyone was frightened and trembling in fear.

This was the presence of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert!

A dark and heavy growl sounded from nowhere.

“This is to everyone inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. I am Hierarch Blacknether of the Demon God’s Sect. No one is allowed to leave without my permission. The palace is already under my Demon God Sect’s control. You may leave by handing over all of your treasures. Otherwise, you’ll die here!”

Hierarch Blacknether’s voice boomed like thunder into the Void Illusionary Palace.

Everyone inside the palace exchanged looks. Even the members of the Demon God Sect couldn’t help looking downcast.

Hierarch Blacknether was the most unreasonable Martial Ancestor Realm expert of the Demon God’s Sect. Since he’d already decided to take action, there was absolutely no way that anyone would be able to sneak out any treasures. That is, unless Hierarch Blacknether couldn’t be bothered with the treasures that they possessed. However, for something like a piece of gold spiritual stone essence, there was no way that they’d have a share of it.

The moment Hierarch Blacknether arrived, the experts of various sects gave up on searching for treasures and started thinking about escape routes.

Several experts tried to fly out of the palace. But before they could reach a few hundred meters, their bodies exploded into scraps of flesh. Upon seeing that, those who were still planning to escape began retreating. The sight made their scalps prickle.

The entire palace was under Hierarch Blacknether’s control!

Hierarch Blacknether swept an eye over the experts and coldly snorted, “How reckless.”

His intent swept throughout the entire palace; however, there was one area that even his intent couldn’t penetrate. He coldly snorted and sent a palm energy towards that area.


The palm energy exploded.

Hierarch Blacknether frowned. His palm energy had been blocked by a barrier and he couldn’t break through it.

The treasures of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace must be on the other side of that barrier. However, the supreme existence that created this palace obviously possessed supreme power; breaking that barrier wouldn’t be an easy task.

Hierarch Blacknether’s eyes suddenly widened. Black rays of light shot out from his eyes and swept over the barrier.

Hierarch Blacknether’s palm energy reached through space and grabbed the barrier. “Hmph! You want to obstruct me with such a shoddy barrier?”

Inside the barrier

Nie Li and Xiao Yu were still searching for treasures, but everything within their vicinity was empty space, nothing to be found. Despite the huge commotion that was happening outside, none of those sounds reached them.

If Nie Li knew that Hierarch Blacknether was there, he wouldn’t be acting as carefree as he was now. Instead, he’d be thinking of how to escape.

Suddenly, a scarlet ray of light streaked across, only a few thousand meters away from where they stood.

Nie Li raised an eyebrow and the trace of a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Trying to run? No way!” Nie Li charged forward.

Xiao Yu immediately followed Nie Li, helping him pursue that scarlet light.

Nie Li chased the scarlet light, which hurtled onward like a comet, dragging a long tail of flames in its wake.

Nie Li flapped his black and white wings, his speed abruptly shot up until he was speeding like a flash of lightning. With a wave of his right hand, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting appeared. An endless space opened and zeroed in on the scarlet light.

The scarlet light struggled as it tried to free itself.

Nie Li knitted his brows together. “Trying to run? Not so easy!”

His Heavenly Energy flowed nonstop and the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting pulled harder at the light. That endless sea of powerful energy wound towards the scarlet light and tightly bound it.

The scarlet light fell motionless. With another flash of light, it vanished into the painting.

Nie Li had successfully taken the scarlet light into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting!

However, Nie Li still furrowed his brows. “Why was that so easy?”

He sensed that the scarlet light was far from being exhausted. It felt like it’d actually entered the painting of its own accord.

“Is something wrong?” Xiao Yu stood by his side, looking at him. Why did Nie Li look so disturbed after catching that scarlet light?

Nie Li smiled bitterly. “I’ve been tricked!”

He sent his intent into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. The painting’s interior was entirely different now, with floating Deity’s Lakes, the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s massive stone pillar arrays, and a model of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace that was several thousand meters in perimeter, floating in the air.

That scarlet light was nowhere to be found. Nie Li swept his intent over the entire area constantly, but he couldn’t find a trace of that light.

Something was definitely off!

Nie Li bitterly smiled to himself, but it was too late for regrets. He immediately transmitted his voice to Goddess Yu Yan.

“Sister Yu Yan, please be careful. An unknown entity has entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and even I can’t determine its location!”

Yu Yan was currently cultivating at one of the Deity’s Lakes. She nodded when she heard Nie Li’s warning and said, “Understood. I’ll keep that in mind!”

She didn’t know exactly what Nie Li was talking about, but she stayed on alert.

Now that there was an unknown object inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li was no longer interested in searching for treasures. He had to find that scarlet light and remove it from his painting!