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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 406

Chapter 406 - Black Flames

Shortly after the scarlet light entered Nie Li’s Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

It was an enormous sound, on par with a landslide or an earthquake.

The entire space had signs of collapsing and a majestic energy permeated the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

Nie Li’s brows twitched at that powerful energy. It was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert!

Since the Thousand Illusionary Array was gone, of course they’d attract a Martial Ancestor Realm expert!

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu and said, “Get inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting!”

Xiao Yu hesitated. Could Nie Li’s space actually hold living creatures? She’d never heard him mention it before! She had a vague idea that the painting was extremely powerful; however, she was unaware of its full uses.

Nie Li flicked his right hand and the painting sucked Xiao Yu inside.

Nie Li couldn’t help thinking to himself, ‘I have to come up with a plan. Otherwise, I’ll lose the Demon Blood Sacrifice!‘

He didn’t know if there were any other treasures inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, but he no longer had time to search.

Nie Li weighed his options, then re-entered the stone array to leave. The array itself was on the verge of collapsing. Once that happened, then the Holy Son Li Huo, Venerable Godthunder, and all the other experts would be able to escape. That’d spell massive trouble.

Nie Li quickly flew towards the entrance and met up with Yan Yang.

Yan Yang stood up and asked Nie Li, “I sense that the palace is collapsing. What’s going on?”

Nie Li replied, “A Martial Ancestor Realm expert is trying to break the palace’s barrier. We have to leave, now! I sense some demon clan aura in that Martial Ancestor Realm expert. They’re definitely a member of the Demon God’s Sect!”

Yan Yang couldn’t help being surprised by Nie Li’s explanation. How could Nie Li tell that the other party was an expert of the Demon God’s Sect?

Nie Li had too many secrets. You really couldn’t help being curious about him.

Nie Li cupped his hands towards Yan Yang. “I must return to the Divine Feathers Sect alive. I beg for Senior Brother Yan Yang’s assistance!”

Yan Yang nodded. “I will do my utmost!”

The two raced for the exit.

A moment later, the stone array collapsed behind them. Everyone who’d been trapped inside were now free.

Wu Yazi looked towards the exit and smiled bitterly. He’d been plotting against Nie Li and Xiao Yu, but he was the one who’d been played instead. Only now did he realize that Xiao Yu must have been rescued by Nie Li.

He had no idea where they were. He thought for a bit, then flew towards the exit. If he blocked the exit, then he could intercept them!

The Holy Son Li Huo looked up into empty space with an expression of joy. His master was finally here!

Now that his master was here, no one would be able to bring out any treasures from the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!

The Holy Son Li Huo pondered for a moment, then took a group of men and flew towards the exit.

Only Venerable Godthunder furrowed his brows. He weighed his options a brief moment, then flew towards the other end of the space. He refused to give up and was still intent on searching of the palace’s concealed treasures!

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

At last, the barrier collapsed and a powerful energy stretched forward into the void, searching for treasures concealed within the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

With Hierarch Blacknether’s strength, searching the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was an easy task. After a moment, he discovered a clump of black flames hidden deep inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

“What is this?” Hierarch Blacknether studied it with knitted brows. Even with his knowledge and experience, he couldn’t tell what it was. He thought for a bit, perhaps that was the treasure concealed in the palace and sent his intent to explore the dark flames.

The moment his intent touched the dark flames, Hierarch Blacknether shrieked miserably,

“Who dares to plot against me?!”

The black flames ignited his intent and set it ablaze. His left eye blazed with dark flames. It was as if the flames wanted to burn until there was nothing left of him. Hierarch Blacknether immediately made the decision to cut his losses; he cut off his intent.


Hierarch Blacknether’s intent split into two. The the lower end rapidly disappeared under the black flames.

Hierarch Blacknether gasped for breath by the lungful with fury in his heart. Even though he’d firmly cut off his intent to avoid being burned to death by the black flames, he’d still suffered rather heavy damage.

From the Dao of Dragon onwards, the nine lives reunite into one. One death was the end. Upon reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, the physical body rots away and their spirit uniting. This also means that a Martial Ancestor Realm expert’s soul and body are one and the same. If their soul burns, they cease to exist.

But, by breaking through the Martial Ancestor Realm and reaching the realm only known of in legends, they can become a god!

Half of Hierarch Blacknether burned away, causing a huge drop to his cultivation. He was enraged.

Recovery would take at least thirty years of bitter cultivating!

Thirty years of cultivation just went up in smoke. How could he not be upset by that?

He’d searched the entire Void Illusionary Divine Palace and hadn’t found a single treasure. Could someone have already taken them all?

Hierarch Blacknether fixed his gaze on the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Everyone inside was trapped under his finger; he definitely wasn’t going to let them leave with those treasures!

Hierarch Blacknether’s voice boomed through the palace. “Those who wish to leave alive must leave behind their interspatial rings. Otherwise, it’ll be death without mercy!”

Aside from the members of the Demon God’s Sect, there were also members from the eight divine sects who were trapped inside the palace. In addition, there were quite a few who were on the level of Holy Son or Holy Maiden. Even though Hierarch Blacknether was powerful and held a high position inside the Demon God’s Sect, he still couldn’t go to such extremes.

Killing everyone inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace would offend too many people!

He could kill the ordinary ones as much as he wanted, but he couldn’t kill the Holy Sons and Maidens. Even though the Demon God Sect was strong enough to rival several of the divine sects, but if Marital Ancestor Realm experts of various sects were to band together. At best, the Demon God’s Sect would be able to provide him some shelter; but in the end, he’d still have to deal with all the trouble by himself.

Moreover, he’d just lost thirty years of cultivation to those black flames. He was at his weakest right now!

An army of experts guarded the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s perimeter like a pack of wolves and tigers. They viciously stared down those who dared to exit the palace.

One expert from the Divine Feathers Sect toss his interspatial ring to someone from the Demon God’s Sect. “Here’s my interspatial ring!”

A trace of wrath flashed through his eyes before he turned and walked away.

“Wait!” Several Demon God’s Sect members blocked his path.

The Divine Feathers Sect expert angrily demanded, “I’ve already given you everything. What do you want?”

A few Demon God’s Sect members grabbed him and tore off his clothes. Two artifacts fell out. “You dared to secretly stash some treasures! You must be tired of living!”

“Kill him!”


A sword fell and fresh blood sprayed. The Divine Feathers Sect expert had been killed.