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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 409

Chapter 409 - Hiding

A few minutes later, Hierarch Blacknether’s intent swept over the vast earth. He quickly found Yan Yang, who was in the process of flying away.

A powerful aura locked onto Yan Yang.

“Why has Hierarch Blacknether decided to catch up?” Yan Yang cupped his hands. Things were going exactly as Nie Li had predicted. Nie Li had also asked him to delay Hierarch Blacknether for as long as possible.

Hierarch Blacknether coldly snorted at him, “Yan Yang, did you take any treasures with you from the palace? If you hand them over right now, I won’t kill you. But if you insist on being stubborn, you should know the outcome!”

Yan Yang gave a slight bow at Hierarch Blacknether’s words. “I don’t quite understand, Hierarch Blacknether. I’ve already given you everything. I have nothing else with me!”

Hierarch Blacknether growled in anger, “Yan Yang, you dared to deceive me, don’t blame me for not showing your master respect!”

“I wouldn’t dare to deceive Hierarch Blacknether. Please tell me what have I done wrong?” Yan Yang said with his hands cupped.

Yan Yang’s expression was calm, as if he’d planned all of this in advance. Hierarch Blacknether was a little confused. Did Yan Yang really not have any treasures? Then he remembered. There was someone next to Yan Yang, when they passed him earlier. That person was only a Heavenly Fate Realm, so he hadn’t paid him any attention. But that Heavenly Fate Realm had suddenly disappeared! This was extremely suspicious!

Hierarch Blacknether knitted his brows and solemnly demanded, “Yan Yang, where’s that person who was with you earlier?”

“The person who was with me? Are you talking about that Heavenly Fate Realm servant?” Yan Yang paused for a moment and continued, “Oh, so you were talking about him? That brat was being impudent, so I killed him!”


As if Hierarch Blacknether would take his words for it!

There was definitely something fishy about that Heavenly Fate Realm. Maybe Yan Yang had already given the treasures to him!

“Hmph! I doubt that a Heavenly Fate Realm can escape my reach anyways!” Hierarch Blacknether fanned his intent through the area, scanning for traces of Nie Li.

By right, with Hierarch Blacknether’s strength and adding on to the fact that he came in contact with Nie Li’s aura earlier on, he should be able to search for Nie Li very quickly! However, he couldn’t find Nie Li’s trace in the surrounding area!

He couldn’t find him!

Rage filled Hierarch Blacknether’s head. He waved his right hand and a majestic aura wrapped itself around Yan Yang. Then, Hierarch Blacknether flew off, dragging Yan Yang with him.

After several hours of searching, Hierarch Blacknether still couldn’t find a trace of Nie Li. Regardless of how fast a Heavenly Fate Realm could travel, there was no way one could escape Hierarch Blacknether’s reach!

Yan Yang feigned innocence and said, “Hierarch Blacknether, I already told you, but you refused to believe me. I’ve already killed him!”

“You’re dancing with death!” Hierarch Blacknether’s face was a frightening shade of black as he pulled Yan Yang through the air.

He was going to vent all his anger onto Yan Yang. Since Yan Yang refused to reveal Nie Li’s location, then there was no point in keeping him alive!

The moment Hierarch Blacknether was about to grab Yan Yang, his energy was repelled with a sudden *Bang!*.

A resonant voice sounded throughout the skies. “Blacknether, I wonder how has my disciple offended you, so much that you want to lay your hands on him?”

Hierarch Blacknether’s heart chilled. That old fart had come! He’d suffered a setback from the palace just a little while ago; with his current strength, he wouldn’t have any odds of winning and he might even be killed! He definitely couldn’t afford to play it hard!

However, Hierarch Blacknether definitely wasn’t going to show any weakness in case he was seen through. “Old fart, your disciple has deceived me. Killing him is only a light punishment!”

The voice sounded again from the horizon. “Hierarch Blacknether, let my disciple go now that I’m here. Otherwise. neither of us would benefit from a battle!”

“Hmph! Consider his luck good today. I’ll let him go, for now!” In truth, Hierarch Blacknether had already searched Yan Yang from top to bottom. He’d done such a thorough job that he’d even used his Heavenly Energy to inspect Yan Yang’s physique. However, he hadn’t found a thing. If there were any treasures, Yan Yang had probably already sent them away!

Since that old fart was here, he’d have to pay a huge price if he wanted to kill Yan Yang.

Hierarch Blacknether turned around and flew off.

“Master!” Yan Yang faced the sky and cupped his hands.

The voice sounded. “Blacknether seems a little off today. He gave up too easily. Well, forget it. Since you’re safe, let’s just go back!”

“Yes!” Yan Yang nodded and flew off

Void Illusionary Divine Palace

The Holy Son Li Huo looked at his returning master and bowed, “Master, how was it? Did you manage to capture Yan Yang?”

Hierarch Blacknether replied, “Yan Yang didn’t have any treasures on him!”

His head was only filled with rage as he thought of this trip to the palace. He hadn’t obtained any treasures and he’d even suffered a setback, since so much of his intent had been burned away by those black flames.

“No treasures?” Holy Son Li Huo slightly frowned. “Then, did Master see anyone with Yan Yang?”

Hierarch Blacknether was even more certain at those words. There was definitely something fishy with that Heavenly Fate Realm who was by Yan Yang’s side!

“I’ve already memorised his aura. Even if he managed to escape this time, I’ll definitely capture him next time!” Hierarch Blacknether coldly snorted as his gaze turned deep. Since that kid was next to Yan Yang, he must be from the Skyblaze Sect. He’d definitely send someone to the Skyblaze Sect to investigate the matter! “On top of that, we should find a chance to kill Yan Yang at least once. That person has the treasures right now, and who knows when he might hand them over to Yan Yang!”

“Yes!” Holy Son Li Huo replied.

Wu Yazi was searched until he was empty, and he’d even been interrogated once. In the end, he returned home in a sorry state. He was extremely dejected. He’d followed and helped Nie Li and Xiao Yu for so long, but he’d gained nothing in the end.

Roughly a few dozen meters away from the palace, there was a scroll buried more than thirty meters underground.

It was the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Hierarch Blacknether had search for a trace of Nie Li’s aura, but what he didn’t know was that Nie Li had already hidden himself inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Thanks to the painting’s ability to mask energies, it appeared no different from any ordinary scroll.

Nie Li was worried that Hierarch Blacknether might still be nearby, so he’d spent his time cultivating inside the painting.

Nie Li sat cross-legged in the sky as he borrowed the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice to continuously condense his cultivation.

Earlier, he had received several rank-ups in a row, just by activating a small portion of that energy. But to prevent Wu Yazi from killing him, Nie Li didn’t dare to let his cultivation advance too fiercely. But now that he was inside the painting, so he would naturally be impatient to unleash the entire force of the Demon Blood Sacrifice!

This was Primordial Demon Blood!

Thanks to this trip to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, Nie Li felt his urgent lack of strength.

But now, he’d soon step into the Heavenly Star Realm!