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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 416

Chapter 416 - Sky Origin Divine Clan

Nie Li looked at Gu Bei and Lu Piao. “I want to take you guys somewhere. But you have to keep it a secret. Not a single word!”

“A place? What place?” Gu Bei said after a brief moment of confusion.

Lu Piao laughed, “Rest assured. We definitely won’t tell. Don’t you trust us?”

With a flick of his right hand, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting materialised in Nie Li’s hand. A blanketing power shrouded Gu Bei and Lu Piao. The two of them immediately turned into rays of light that entered the painting.

The two of them were absolutely stunned when they entered the painting. They couldn’t imagine a more magnificent sight.

Deity’s Lakes floated in the air, densely packed like a huge array. There seemed to be other constructs as well.

The density of Heavenly Energy in here was dozens or maybe even hundreds of times greater than that of the outside word!

Boundless Heavenly Energy filled the entirety of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Gu Bei suddenly understood. “So all the Deity’s Roots that Nie Li got are in here. They’ve reformed into Deity’s Lakes!”

“So this is the inside of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting? It’s huge, just like a small world!” Lu Piao exclaimed. He’d known that the painting was in Nie Li’s hands, but he hadn’t thought that it was such a formidable treasure.

Nie Li returned to his own courtyard, hid the painting in a good spot, and entered it with a thought.

Within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Gu Bei flew over. “Nie Li, so you’ve come?”

Lu Piao couldn’t help asking, “Nie Li, how many spiritual stones can these Deity’s Lakes produce in a day?”

“At least a few hundred thousand. Maybe even millions. I’m not quite sure of the exact number, either.” Nie Li thought for a moment. “The Heavenly Energy in here is denser that it is outside. So it should definitely produce much more. And lots of it!”

Both Lu Piao and Gu Bei were shocked at that. A few hundred thousand, or maybe even millions in a single day?

That was astounding.

In a single day, the painting could produce enough stones to rival an elder’s treasury after several years! And after a year, Nie Li’s wealth would probably be unrivalled within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Lu Piao excitedly said, “So this is what’s going on. In that case, we’ll get more Deity’s Lakes next time, so you can have more high-quality ones.”

Gu Bei couldn’t help asking, “Nie Li, since you have so many spiritual stones, have you thought about recruiting experts from the Sky Origin Divine Clan?”

Nie Li’s heart shook as he thought it over. That was a pretty good suggestion.

“What’s the Sky Origin Divine Clan?” Lu Piao couldn’t help asking.

Gu Bei explained. “The Sky Origin Divine Clan lives in the Endless Wilderness. Because their bloodline was too powerful, the people of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land sealed them inside the Endless Wilderness. If they want to leave, they have to enter a master-servant contract with someone!”

“The Sky Origin Divine Clan members need a large quantity of spiritual stones every day to sustain themselves. But resources in the Endless Wilderness are very limited. That’s why so many Sky Origin Divine Clan experts seek out contractors at the edge of the Endless Wilderness in order to survive. But they always ask for really high prices. Each of them requires fifty to sixty thousand spiritual stones. And their experts are at least of the Dao of Dragon Realm!”

Lu Piao’s eyes lit up. Then… as long as they had enough wealth, they could hire large numbers of powerful Dao of Dragon experts?

“When we settle the tasks at hand, I’ll make a trip to the town at the edge of the Endless Wilderness!” Nie Li said. If they had some Dao of Dragon Realm experts on their side, they’d be able to greatly strengthen the Demon League.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao both couldn’t help asking, “What should we do now?”

They still didn’t know why Nie Li had brought them inside the painting.

“I’ll set up the Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array that’ll incite your demon spirits so that you can rank up together. But you guys have to listen to me!” said Nie Li.

“Alright!” Gu Bei and Lu Piao agreed.

Nie Li brought out the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and lightly drew a line on his wrist so that blood flowed down into a bowl. Nie Li passed two bowls of fresh blood over to Gu Bei and Lu Piao as he said, “Drink it. I have the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice. From that, I possess the power the power of the Primordial Bloodline!”

Gu Bei and Lu Piao held up their bowls and drained them. They felt the heat flowing down their throats.

The power concealed in the blood nearly made them explode.

Nie Li began laying out the Sky Dragon Nine-Blazing Secret Technique Array. Millions of spiritual stones floated into the sky, forming a strange array. The spiritual stones exploded one after another as waves of Heavenly Energy flowed over Nie Li, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao’s bodies.

Boundless energies surged.

Dragon-shaped illusions spiraled into the sky, shrouding the three of them.

The intent hiding inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was astonished. Even though it’d had tens of thousands of years to gather knowledge and experience, it couldn’t recognize Nie Li’s array. But it understood that the array was extremely powerful.

Such an array was extremely dangerous. A single mistake would make the three of them explode.

But Nie Li still dared to use it. It showed just how precisely Nie Li could control this array!

In the span of a single year, Nie Li had gone from an ordinary person to the Heavenly Star Realm. He’d probably reach the Heavenly Axis Realm soon, too. If anyone else knew how fast Nie Li’s cultivating speed was, their eyeballs would probably fall out from how much they’d widened their eyes.

Even in the entire Dao of Dragon Realm, over tens of thousands of years, there didn’t exist a talent who could compare to Nie Li.

Nie Li sensed that the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil within his body were agitated and their strengths were frantically surging. Nie Li’s cultivation was only at the Heavenly Star Realm, but the strength of those three demon spirits have reached 6-stage Heavenly Axis Realm.

Especially the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon as it’s a dragon-blooded demon spirit with a God level growth rate. Although it’s strength was only at 6-stage Heavenly Axis Realm, if it were to fight, it’s probably not any inferior to a 9-stage Heavenly Axis Realm.

At this moment, within Li Xingyun’s yard

“Report, Young Masters Gu Bei and Lu Piao are nowhere to be found. We don’t have any news on those two!” A servant rushed in and reported.

Li Xingyun’s brows were knitted for a brief moment. He had just returned and said, after a brief thought, “Li Hu, you remain and immediately inform them the moment they return!”

“Yes!” Li Hu nodded as a hint of worry was revealed within his brows. At such an important time, Gu Bei and Lu Piao weren’t there. Therefore, he couldn’t help getting worried for Li Xingyun.