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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 418

Chapter 418 - Secretly Cultivating

In order to win more Deity’s Lakes, the Heavenly Path League and Li Yufeng’s forces had met over several large-scale battles. Both sides had suffered considerable losses. Even though Gu Bei and Lu Piao were missing, they’d already given the necessary orders. If the Heavenly Path League ever met any trouble, the experts of the Demon League were to assist them; regardless of whether or not their leaders were present.

However, the participation of Demon League had only escalated the battle. The three forces had sunk into the chaos.

Li Xingyun had no idea where Li Yufeng had gotten so many experts from. In the beginning, there were only a few hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts. But when the battle escalated, several hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts had appeared. Even some Dao of Dragon Realm experts.

Li Xingyun immediately sensed that something was off, so he ordered the Heavenly Path and Demon League members to stay within the borders of the sect.

There was no way Li Yufeng could’ve gathered so many men. Not based on his own abilities!

Something was definitely suspicious!

Li Yufeng and his subordinates stood at the entrance of the Skysoul Institute, yelling, “So the trash of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues got killed to the point that they no longer dared to step out? Bunch of cowards!”

“Is that all you’ve got? Do you dare to battle?”

The challenges from Li Yufeng’s subordinates carried into the Skysoul Institute.

The students of the Skysoul Institute were talking about it amongst themselves.

“Hey, did you hear? The Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues have been engaging the Wind League[1. Li Yufeng’s “feng” also means wind]! I heard that the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues were beaten so badly that they’re too scared to raise their heads!”

“The Demon League is a new force. They have a lot of manpower, but they still can’t compare to the Wind League’s old history. But the Heavenly Path League should be pretty strong, so why have they ended up in this situation?”

“I’m not too sure about that. It looks like the Wind League has hidden quite an amount of their strength!”

“The two best descendents of the Ashen Flames Family. One is Li Xingyun and the other is Li Yufeng. Not! It seems that Li Yufeng is much better!”

“Li Yufeng is the first-in-line successor. After so many years, how could Li Xingyun possibly measure up?”

All the students inside the Skysoul Institute were discussing privately.

“Boss Xingyun, we’ll rush in and go all out!” Hearing the curses from Li Yufeng’s underlings, the brothers under Li Xingyun all had red faces from their pent-up anger. The wanted to charge into a fight with Li Yufeng’s men.

“Going out is the same as rushing to our deaths. Everyone, heed my orders. None of you are allowed to take a step out of the Skysoul Institute!” Li Xingyun said solemnly.

Even though the members of the Demon and Heavenly Path leagues weren’t resigned to it, they heeded Li Xingyun’s words and sat back down. They stayed within the Skysoul Institute as rage filled their hearts.

The members of the Wind League saw that and grew more arrogant. They hurled insults incessantly.

Li Xingyun furrowed his brows for a brief moment. Then, he took his men and left the scene.

The students of the Skysoul Institute watched as Li Xingyun took his group and headed out.

“They’ve been insulted to this point. Li Xingyun must really be a coward to just grin and bear it!”

“I thought Li Xingyun was actually someone big. It turns out he’s just putting up a brave front!”

“You know you can’t win! Yet you still want to go in and die in vain?”

“I actually thought about joining the Demon League. Never thought they’d be a bunch of cowards!”

The members of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues turned red from the students’ berations. But they could only hold back their breaths and follow Li Xingyun.

Li Yufeng stood at the entrance of the Skysoul Institute. His expression turned solemn when Li Xingyun’s silhouette appeared. If Li Xingyun had been one of those rash-types, then he’d have nothing to worry about. But Li Yufeng knew better than that. They’d had several clashes before, and each time, Li Xingyun had managed to minimise the damage by himself.

And you had to keep in mind that Li Yufeng had quite a bit of help behind him!

The Wind League’s strength wasn’t enough to match the Heavenly Path League. Not to mention that they had the Demon League with them now!

Li Yufeng was even more unhappy with the fact that he also had to borrow the strength of others. The person who he’d seen as a peer turned out to possess such a huge force and had lent him so many experts to deal with the Heavenly Path League and Demon League. It looked like that person’s goal was to become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect.

Even though they both possessed God-level growth rate Demon Spirits, the difference between their strengths was actually huge. That fact irritated Li Yufeng and he blamed everything on Li Xingyun. If it hadn’t been for Li Xingyun, then all the younger members of the Ashen Flames Family would be on his side, and he wouldn’t have fallen into such a hard-pressed situation. He wouldn’t have needed to borrow help from someone else just to take care of such trivial matters! Who knows? He might’ve even been able to fight for the Sect Master’s position!

Over the next few days, the news spread that the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues had been beaten. However, none of the major sect figures cared to stand out and deal with the situation. They permitted the younger generations to fight each other; it was something that the Divine Feathers Sect had always supported.

Inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Nie Li continued devouring the Heavenly Energy and he felt his soul realm swell to the brim.

He vaguely sensed the vine in his soul realm grow a little more and connected with the ninth Fate Star in his dantian. Time-space energy surged. Nie Li seemed to have entered another strange state.

For the next three days, Nie Li’s cultivation was stagnant; however, his mental stage underwent drastic changes. His aura seemed to have merged with that of the heavens and earth.

Then, suddenly, the image of an endless starry sky appeared, revealing itself at the very top of the vine. A surging aura poured from the sky, astonishing Nie Li.

This aura...just what is this?

Could the vine conceal yet another shocking secret? Nie Li pulled his intent away as he thought about it with furrowed brows. Eventually, he gave up on thinking and decided to slowly probe the vine at a later date.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao were accepting nourishment from the Demon Blood Sacrifice and the Sky Dragon Nine-Blaze Secret Technique Array. Their cultivations also soared quickly and both stepped into the Heavenly Star Realm. Lu Piao benefitted especially; since he was connected to Nie Li through their soul realms, his cultivation soared faster and he’d already formed his sixth Fate Star.

“Haha! I’ve already formed my sixth Fate Star! Nie Li, this array of yours is really powerful!” Lu Piao said in excitement.

Gu Bei looked at Li Piao with a little resentment. The two of them had possessed the same cultivation when they entered the painting. But a few days later, Gu Bei had only managed his third Fate Star. He was behind Lu Piao by three whole stages. How could he not be a little upset by that?

Nie Li noticed Gu Bei’s expression and smiled. “Gu Bei, don’t worry about it. Lu Piao is connected to me by our soul realms. That’s why he rose so quickly. As for you, external cultivation should be secondary; you should focus more on cultivating your sword intent. As long as your sword intent has reached the pinnacle, you can step across the boundary of cultivation!”

Gu Bei nodded, “Alright.”

He was second to none in the Dao of Sword Intent. This was of great confidence to him!

Nie Li thought for a moment, then said, “We’ve been inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting for few days now. Let’s return!”