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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 - Age does not reflect ones knowledge

Hearing Shen Fei’s words, Ye Hong’s eyebrow slightly twitched while anger flashed across his eyes. Shen Fei is a little too overbearing! This thing is a bit too much!

If Shen Fei want’s to lay a hand on Xiao Ning’er, Ye Hong will definitely stop him!

Ye Hong snorted and left.

Shen Fei looked at Ye Hong’s back. A dim smile was shown on his mouth.

’Don’t think that my Sacred Family will fear your Snow Wind Family. Don’t think that having a Legend rank Demon Spiritist is very great. There will be a day where my Sacred Family replaces your Snow Wind Family!’ he silently chided.

On the streets

"Nie Li!!" A sharp and clear voice called out.

Nie Li saw Xiao Ning’er, currently wearing an elegant and simple dress, when he looked towards the direction where the sound originated from.

"Hey! Ning’er, haven’t seen you for days and it seems that you have gotten more beautiful!" Nie Li lightly smiled. However, Nie Li got slightly awkward when he thought of the Huyan Lanruo’s matter.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s eyes flashed a hint of joy and her face was slightly red. She took out a interspatial ring, handed it over to Nie Li and said, "That Purple Haze Grass that you gave me to sell have all been sold, this is the money."

After listening to what Xiao Ning’er said, Lu Piao and Du Ze looked at each other, puzzled. They wondered what sort of magic potion Nie Li gave to Xiao Ning’er. Seeing how Xiao Ning’er simply obeyed whatever Nie Li said.

This also made Lu Piao and Du Ze speechless. Is this still the Goddess Ning’er that they know? Goddess Ning’er is cold to others, making it impossible to get close to her. However, it’s completely opposite with Nie Li.

"Thanks!" Nie Li unceremoniously accepted the interspatial ring. They didn’t have the need to be polite with each other.

"Goddess Ning’er, you fought with Huyan Lanruo?" Lu Piao blinked as he gossiply looked at Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er raised her head and looked at Nie Li. She was slightly embarrassed and asked, "It’s nothing much. I only argued with her a couple of times. Nie Li, you really like that woman?"

"No way. That woman is too annoying. Don’t bother with her next time," Nie Li waved his hand in denial.

“Oh.." Xiao Ning’er lightly replied. However, in her heart, she was relieved. Someone as seductive as Huyan Lanruo, made her feel threatened.

"The training these last few days made us all drenched in sweat. Our bodies are starting to stink. We’re preparing to go to the showers. Do you want to join us?" Lu Piao laughingly teased.

"I’m... I’m not going!" stuttered Xiao Ning’er, staring hard at Lu Piao.

"You can be together with Nie Li. We won’t bother you guys," Lu Piao laughed.

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s face instantly blushed red.

"Lu Piao doesn’t have anything constructive to say, so don’t bother with him!" Nie Li slapped Lu Piao’s back head and said to Xiao Ning’er.

"En," Xiao Ning’er nodded. That shy look of hers had an unspeakable charm in it.

"Nie Li, you’re not having any brotherhood code! You actually said that I don’t have any constructive things to say. Hoes over bros! I’m also not fighting with you over her!"

Seeing how Nie Li and Lu Piao argued, Xiao Ning’er felt a little envy. It has been a long time since she had any friend like that around her. Her mind flashed to a figure, it’s Ye Ziyun. When she’s young, both her and Ye Ziyun were very good friends. It’s a pity that the distance between them grew as they grew up.

Furthermore, the one that Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun!

Xiao Ning’er secretly thought to herself, that she definitely won’t lose to Ye Ziyun!

A good distant away, a group of around ten people slowly walked over. The leading man was roughly around thirty years old, his figure was big. The slightly yellowed hair covered more than half of his face, his eyes were as sharp as a falcon.

The man swept his gaze across Nie Li, his eyes flashed a hint of astonishment but immediately returned to calm. He talked to some people as he walked towards Nie Li’s direction.

Nie Li’s eyebrow slightly twitched. The strange look from the man was captured by him.

Nie Li secretly thought to himself, ‘Have I seen that man before?’

When the man passed him, Nie Li suddenly caught a hint of an aura. This group of people are the same as those Dark Guild people from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins.

Nie Li’s expression remained calm as he walked passed them. He did not show any sort of reaction. If he were to show a hint of reaction and were caught by that man, then they will definitely silence him.

After a good distance away, the man turned around and took a glance at Nie Li.

"Boss, this brat probably did not recognize us," an underling beside him said.

"Yeah," the man replied with a slight nod. This man is Yun Hua Deacon. Because of his special identity, he has to be extremely careful within Glory City.

"Do we need to eliminate him?" another underling asked.

"No need!" said Yun Hua Deacon as he shook his head. If they were to kill someone within Glory City, it will be troublesome if the City Lord Mansion starts to investigate.

After walking down two streets, making sure those people could no longer be seen in sight, Nie Li sighed with relief.

" Ning’er, who are those people?" Nie Li lightly smiled and asked.

"Those people from earlier?" Xiao Ning’er thought for awhile, then chuckled. "Those people are from the Star Restaurant, and the Star Restaurant is one of the Sacred Family’s business."

Xiao Ning’er doesn’t know why Nie Li would ask this kind of question.

Glory City is really dangerous all around. It seems that he needs to reveal some of his ability, and gain some life insurance.

"We’ll first head to the Alchemist Association," Nie Li said after thinking for awhile. It seems that the situation with Glory City appeared to be more complicated than he originally thought. He doesn’t know how many people from the Dark Guild are lurking around, therefore he has to be extremely careful. Nie Li carefully recalled the people that fought for Glory City to the last stand in his previous life. Those who heroically died in the last fight, should be the ones that he can trust.

Nie Li has to obtain as many resources as soon as possible.

In Glory City the Alchemist Association’s position has slightly declined. However, it’s still a monster-like existence. It is only slightly lower than the three major families.

Within Nie Li’s brain, there is all sorts of knowledge regarding alchemy. If they are used properly, they might be able to strengthen the Alchemist Association. Only when the Alchemist Association is strengthened, Glory City will be strengthened. This can also be considered Nie Li’s contribution towards Glory City.

The Alchemist Association is a vast construct. The courtyard pavilion alone took up a huge amount of space. The hall in front had lots of alchemists wearing different coloured robes walking in and out.

Although the Alchemist Association has slightly declined, one can see how glorious the Alchemist Association used to be based on the magnificent construct.

Alchemists are differentiated into Apprentice, Master, and Grandmaster. Every rank is then further split into Primary, Intermediate, and Senior levels. Apprentices would wear grey robe, Masters would wear white robe and Grandmasters would wear silver robes. Most of the alchemists that walked in and out were apprentice ranks. As for the master rank, they are rarely seen. Only one or two of them are normally seen.

Because of the decline of the Alchemist Association, geniuses are reluctant to spend their time in alchemy. They would focus more on cultivation instead, hence, the amount of alchemists and younger generation upstarts is getting less and less.

After entering the Alchemist Association, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao, and bunch all looked around. They still do not understand why Nie Li would come here.

Nie Li carefully recalled that within the Alchemist Association, there is a six-man elder group that has the most power of speech. They are all a bunch of old men with the lowest of them being an Intermediate Alchemy Master, followed by two Senior Alchemy Masters. As for the Grandmaster level, as of now, the Alchemist Association doesn’t have any. Aside from this six-man elder group, there is the director that manages the various matters of the Alchemist Association.

In the final battle of Glory City in his previous life, the Alchemist Association contributed a lot. In the end, everyone heroically died in battle. At the very least, Nie Li can confirm that they are not with the Sacred Family.

"Nice to have you here, what can I do for you?" A lady wearing a grey robe walked over and asked. She’s the receptionist of the Alchemist Association Hall.

"I’m here to take the Alchemist Exam," Nie Li stated as he looked at the tall lady, and lightly smiled. "May I know how I can address you?"

Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch looked at Nie Li in shock. They originally thought that Nie Li is here to look for someone. They never, in their imaginations, imagined that Nie Li would be here to take the Alchemist Exam. Could it be that Nie Li is also good at alchemy?

After being together with Nie Li for so long, with all kind of monster-like events happening around Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch no longer found it surprising.

This lady is looked at Nie Li with a little surprised. The amount of youngsters coming to the Alchemist Association to become an alchemist is already very rare. Since there’s a newcomer, naturally the Alchemist Association welcomes them.

"You can call me Xiao Lan. You’re here for the Apprentice test, right? Have you been preparing well? Alchemist apprentices must be familiar with over ten books of alchemy foundations," Xiao Lan said, lightly smiled. Those books have more than hundreds of thousands of words about the alchemy foundation, and that alone made countless people flinch. However, that can’t be helped. In order to become an alchemist, if they do not even know the foundation and principles of alchemy, that could cause deaths.

"Miss Xiao Lan, can I take the Alchemy Master exam?" Nie Li asked, looking towards Xiao Lan.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Lan was stunned for a moment and said, "Although it’s possible, but do you know how much practice is needed in order to become an Alchemy Master? Aside from those books about foundations, there are also over hundreds of books about various herbs that you need to be familiar with."

Xiao Lan swept her eyes across Nie Li, and thought to herself that Nie Li is bullshitting. Even if Nie Li began reading those books ever since he’s been in the womb, he wouldn’t be able to finish those, not to mention being familiar with them. An ordinary Primary Alchemy Master has more than a decade of experience as an Apprentice, hence Nie Li probably had not even come in contact with an alchemy furnace before. Even if he passed the first round, the second round is about refining elixirs. He wouldn’t even be able to pass it.

Nie Li is being a little unrealistic. He has not been spending his time to learn properly and is wishing to go to the sky with one step.

Nie Li blinked, looked at Xiao Lan and said, "Age does not reflect one’s knowledge, correct? Miss Xiao Lan, just bring me to the Primary Alchemy Master exams."