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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 421

Chapter 421 - Sky Origin Divine Clan

Roughly half an hour later, Long Yuyin and the two women landed in a small forest.

“The smell of the Soul Pursuing Fragrance ends here!” Long Yuyin slightly frowned her brows and looked into the surroundings. Nie Li’s figure was nowhere to be seen!

One of the women couldn’t refrain from making a comment. “Could it be that the young master discovered the Soul Pursuing Fragrance?”

Long Yuyin remained silent for a brief moment. With Nie Li’s keen senses, he probably discovered the Soul Pursuing Fragrance early on. Long Tianming stomped her feet in frustration, “No matter what, we definitely have to find him!”

Long Yuyin leaped and left the area. The two women exchanged a glance and quickly followed her.

A brief moment later, several people arrived in that same area. The one leading was Li Yufeng and there were two masked experts with unknown of identities, as well as three Heavenly Axis Realm experts with him.

“Long Yuyin and those two wenches went in this direction?” Li Yufeng slightly frowned.

One of the Heavenly Axis Realm experts immediately nodded his head. “I’ve seen them stopping in this area for a brief moment, before they headed towards that direction!”

Li Yufeng gave the indicated direction a glance and looked at the two masked experts and asked, “They have gone towards that direction, I wonder what you two are going to do?”

One of the masked men cupped his hands and said, “Young Master Li Yufeng doesn’t have to worry about that. Leave their matters to us, we’ll go back and report. We’ll meet again!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Two masked experts turned into streaks of light as they flew away.

Those two masked experts were actually Dao of Dragon Realm existences!

After watching the two masked experts disappear from their line of sight. All the Heavenly Axis Realm experts then recovered from their daydreaming.

One of the Heavenly Axis Realm experts couldn’t help asking, “Young master, where are those two from?”

Li Yufeng coldly swept a glance at the underling beside him and said solemnly, “Is that something you’re supposed to ask?”

That Heavenly Axis Realm expert quickly kneeled down and responded in horror, “Please forgive me, young master! I’ve spoken too much!”

“Get up. In the future, don’t ask what you’re not supposed to ask!” Li Yufeng gave him a deep glance.

The Ashen Flames Family and Dragonseal Family were considered to be of the same level. They were both first-in-line successors to their families, but the strongest underling under Li Yufeng’s command was only at the Heavenly Axis Realm. Generally, Dao of Dragon Realm experts would be able to obtain an elder position within their families.

Experts such as those, even a successor of the family would generally find it hard to touch those experts.

However, Long Tianming actually had two Dao of Dragon Realm experts as his underlings!

Furthermore, when they came in contact, that was when Li Yufeng realised that Long Tianming still had more hidden strength!

Li Yufeng couldn’t help feeling a little vexed in his heart. Although he had borrowed the strength of Long Tianming during this period of time, he didn’t want to become Long Tianming’s puppet. With his prideful character, he naturally wouldn’t be willing to ask for help. However, to his realisation, the current strength that he wielded wasn’t of the same level as Long Tianming!

He wasn’t willing to lower his head, however, he had no other choice. If only one could see how depressed Li Yufeng was in his heart.

Although he didn’t know what Long Tianming was planning to do to Long Yuyin, Li Yufeng’s eyes flashed with a ray of brilliant light and gave a glance at the bunch of Heavenly Axis Realm experts beside him. “Let’s go!”

“Yes!” Those Heavenly Axis Realm responded.

The group of experts flew off.

At the edge of the Endless Wilderness

Looking at the distant Endless Wilderness, it was a land of loess[1. Loess is loosely compacted yellowish-gray deposit of windblown sediment of which extensive deposits occur, e.g., in eastern China and the American Midwest] that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was a piece of barren land without the growth of any plantation.

When a gale blew, loesses flew all over the sky.

Over the thousands of years, the Sky Origin Divine Clan had always been trapped in this loess world, struggling to survive the Endless Wilderness.

There was a time when the ancestor of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, a pinnacle figure of the clan, that could compete against the Sage Emperor. However, in the end, that ancestor of the Sky Origin Divine Clan was suppressed by the Sage Emperor into the Endless Wilderness. All the descendents of the Sky Origin Divine Clan were regarded as threats thereafter and were eternally sealed in this land.

Whenever someone from the Sky Origin Divine Clan wanted to step out of the Endless Wilderness, they were required to lower their prideful heads and become the slave of someone else!

This is the eternal humiliation that the Sage Emperor had casted onto the Sky Origin Divine Clan!

To many of the experts of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, this was unacceptable. Many members of the Sky Origin Divine Clan would rather die than step out of the Endless Wilderness. However, there were also some clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan that were forced to leave that land. However, when they left the Endless Wilderness, they were enslaved and lived a life that’s worst than death.

The Sky Origin Divine Clan had declined from a major clan with a few billion in population, to only few million in population left, struggling whilst at death’s door in the Endless Wilderness. Every year, there would constantly be people leaving. They either ended up dead or left the Endless Wilderness in humiliation.

However, the formidability of the Sky Origin Divine Clan wasn’t doubted. Even the weakest among them were Dao of Dragon Realm experts!

A small town at the edge of the Endless Wilderness was bursting with noise. Merchants from various places had stopped over in this area.

There wasn’t any kind of resources in the Endless Wilderness. After some clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan became slaves and obtained large amount of spiritual stones, they then use those spiritual stones to purchase provisions and provide for their clansman.

Using this method, the Sky Origin Divine Clan finally managed to maintain their population over the last few hundred years.

However, there would be hundreds of Sky Origin Divine Clan experts leaving this Endless Wilderness every year to become the slave of others.

A 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm Sky Origin Divine Clan’s expert would cost at least thirty thousand spiritual stones. As for 2-stage, they would be doubled the price and 3-stage would be even more costly. Therefore, only those exceptionally wealthy nobles would have a Sky Origin Divine Clan’s expert as a slave.

The Master-Slave Contract of the Sky Origin Divine Clan was laid down by the Sage Emperor. The Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts were not capable of breaking them. Therefore, once they become the slave of someone, they had to be absolutely obedient. Even if the master requested him to die, he wouldn’t even frown his brows for a brief moment.

It’s just because of this that the Sky Origin Divine Clan’s slaves were especially favored.

Nie Li’s walking on the street of the small town. Aside from those merchants donned in luxurious clothing, there were many skinny Sky Origin Clansmen.

Although a Sky Origin Divine Clan’s expert would cost at least thirty thousand spiritual stones. The provisions shipped from various location were also sold at a high price. Therefore, the Sky Origin Divine Clan’s clansmen could only barely make an exchange for some provisions to be adequately provided.

As Nie Li walked around, he looked at the surroundings. There should be some merchants that deal with Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts!

As long as he could find some of those merchants, he would be able to half his work.

Nie Li was wearing a cloak as he walked. As he was walking, there was a sudden commotion coming from far away and streams of people were gathering towards that direction.

“I wonder what’s going on?” Nie Li frowned his brows for a brief moment and pondered. Thereafter, he quickened his steps and followed the stream of people.