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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 423

Chapter 423 - Business

Those next to President Lin ferociously glared at Nie Li.

They looked ready to take action.

They are all all 3-stage Dao of Dragon Realm experts, at the very least.

If they weren’t capable, how would they dare to fool around in a place like this? Even though Nie Li had those Sky Origin Divine Clan youths that he’d just hired, they still weren’t enough to match President Lin’s party. The Dragonbreath Chamber’s influence ran deep in this area.

Whereas Nie Li was just a Heavenly Star Realm expert.

The two sides were caught in stagnant hostility.

“This brat is doomed. He dared to steal under the Dragonbreath Chamber’s nose. He’s asking for death!”

“Doesn’t he know that the Dragonbreath Chamber is absolute in this area? It’s said that they have several hundred Dao of Dragon Realm Experts. Unless some Martial Ancestor Realm comes out to plead leniency on his behalf, there’s no way he can escape death!”

“In this world, ignorant people always get miserable deaths!”

The bystanders watched Nie Li. Some felt sympathy and pity, while others took joy from his misfortune.

A frightening bloodthirst flashed through President Lin’s eyes. Even though Nie Li already held the master-servant contracts, he definitely wasn’t going to let Nie Li complete them.

President Lin waved his right hand. A few of his subordinates approached Nie Li.

However, Nie Li still appeared rather relaxed.

The bystanders started their guessing games. Was Nie Li acting that way because he could actually back it up? Or did he only have blind confidence in himself? Did he really think he’d be able to handle all of the Dragonbreath Chamber’s Dao of Dragon Realm experts? There’s no way!

“At the border of the Endless Wilderness, the prestige of our Dragonbreath Chamber cannot tolerate being challenged. Brat, any last words?” As President Lin observed Nie Li’s calm and collected manner, a grave expression flashed across his face. Nie Li was weaker than they were, but he was still acting so calm and collected. This kid probably wasn’t going to be easy to deal with.

One could say that President Lin was experienced and knowledgeable, and that he handled matters with caution. Nie Li had casually shelled out three hundred thousand spiritual stones, which probably meant that he had a complicated identity. That fact caused President Lin to hesitate.

However, the Dragonbreath Chamber tolerated no provocations. Not at the border of the Endless Wilderness. Otherwise the Dragonbreath Chamber’s reputation would be dragged through the mud!

President Lin sent a signal with his eyes. He planned to capture Nie Li and interrogate him for his origins. If Nie Li had a formidable background, President Lin didn’t want to offend him!

The bystanders grew ever more interested in the developments.

Nie Li saw President Lin’s subordinates approach him and smiled. “I didn’t know that the borders of the Endless Wilderness were governed by the Dragonbreath Chamber. My actions earlier were a little hot-headed. Please accept my apologies.”

An expression of surprise flashed through President Lin’s eyes. He clearly hadn’t expected Nie Li to apologize.

Even still, President Lin snorted. There was no way he was going to let Nie Li off the hook. Nie Li had just stolen six Sky Origin Divine Clan youths from under his nose; of course President Lin wasn’t happy about that. He was going to take advantage of the fact that Nie Li still hadn’t completed the contracts and take them for himself!

If those six contracts had been in the hands of a member of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, then President Lin wouldn’t try to snatch them. After all, the Dragonbreath Chamber had an agreement with the Sky Origin Divine Clan. However, those contracts were in Nie Li’s hands, so they didn’t need to worry about that.

“Anything else?” One of the people standing next to President Lin asked in a cold voice.

“The name of the Dragonbreath Chamber is well-known. I wonder if President Lin would be willing to do business with me?” Nie Li said with a light smile.

“Business, haha, what a joke!” President Lin crossed his arms and broke into laughter as he looked at Nie Li.

“What’s so funny? I came here to see the Dragonbreath Chamber. The Dragonbreath Chamber wouldn’t refuse a customer who’s sincerely here to do business, right?” Nie Li said with a slight raise of an eyebrow.

President Lin looked at Nie Li with a slightly confused expression. He didn’t understand. What did Nie Li mean by that?

Was Nie Li genuinely here to do business with the Dragonbreath Chamber? President Lin hesitated again, when he remembered how Nie Li had shelled out three hundred thousand spiritual stones.

In the end, the Dragonbreath Chamber’s only goal was to do business. Earlier, they’d been upset because Nie Li had obstructed their business. After all, snatching money from a merchant’s hands was almost like murdering their parents.

But if Nie Li could earn them money, then that was something entirely different.

However, President Lin still wore a stern and displeased expression.

One of his subordinates snuck a glance at President Lin, then demanded, “Brat, the likes of you wants to do business with us?”

“A business deal has showed up on your doorstep. Does the Dragonbreath Chamber have any reason to refuse?” Nie Li smiled. “It looks like President Lin still doesn’t like me. They were only six youths, after all. Why is President Lin bothered about that? I heard that the Dragonbreath Chamber controls half of all business transactions in the Endless Wilderness. You wouldn’t lock out a major client over only six youths, right? If that was true, then I’d look down on such a petty President Lin!”

“Watch your words!” The subordinates furiously glared at Nie Li and took a step forward.

Nie Li remained calm and composed.

“Enough! Back down!” President Lin ordered. He waved his hand as he looked at Nie Li. Six Sky Origine Divine Clan youths. If they cost him three hundred thousand spiritual stones now, they’d sell for at least five hundred thousand spiritual stones elsewhere. And Nie Li had seemed quite sure of himself when he dismissed them as “only six youths”.

“Yes!” The subordinates immediately bowed and retreated.

“I wonder what kind of business this little brother plans to do with our Dragonbreath Chamber?” President Lin asked as he looked at Nie Li.

“Nothing special. I only want the Dragonbreath Chamber’s assistance in recruiting two hundred Sky Origine Divine Clan experts!” Nie Li calmly replied.

Two hundred?

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air at those words. Even President Lin couldn’t help being shocked.

Two hundred wasn’t a small number. Even the cheapest contract would cost thirty thousand spiritual stones. The total could be six million! In the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, there weren’t many people who could afford to shell out such a sum. Not unless it was one of the major divine sects!

“Little brother, perhaps you’re playing a joke with me!” President Lin looked at Nie Li. He was weighing Nie Li’s words, deciding how much of it he could believe.

“A joke?” Nie Li scoffed. “What do I gain by joking with President Lin?”

“If this little brother really wants to buy so many Sky Origin Divine Clan experts, how should I believe you?” President Lin asked in a more serious tone.

Nie Li waved his right hand and tossed him an interspatial ring. “Here are five hundred thousand spiritual stones, as a deposit! If President Lin can satisfy me, perhaps we’ll continue doing business!”