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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 429

Chapter 429 - Treasures from Heaven and Earth

Emperor Tian Yuan was the ancestor of Sky Origin Divine Clan, the one who’d been killed by the Sage Emperor!

“What if I say that our common enemy is the Sage Emperor?” Nie Li said with a faint smile.

“The Sage Emperor?” Emperor Tian Yuan’s intent carried a smear of bloodlust. “Young man, do you really think I’ll believe that? Given your age, you won’t even be able to touch the surface of the Sage Emperor! If he wanted to kill you, he wouldn’t even need to lift a finger!”

“Does Senior Tian Yuan know of the theory of time-space?” Nie Li smiled.

“Time-space? You’re someone from the Ancient Era? No. If you were from the Ancient Era, there’s no way I wouldn’t know who you are!” Emperor Tian Yuan’s voice carried suspicion.

“What if I said that I’m from one hundred years in the future? Would Senior Tian Yuan be willing to believe that?” Nie Li asked.

“A hundred years in the future? The river of time-space only flows forward, never backwards. Unless...” Emperor Tian Yuan paused and turned his intent onto Nie Li’s body.

Emperor Tian Yuan’s intent seemed like it was going to penetrate Nie Li.

After a brief silence, Emperor Tian Yuan spoke again. “Alright, then. I’ll believe that you’re someone from one hundred years in the future. As for what you said about the Sage Emperor being your enemy, I’ll also believe that.”

Nie Li had too many things on his person that should’ve been impossible for someone of his level to obtain. The only clear explanation was that Nie Li was truly someone from one hundred years in the future.

Someone from hundred years later?

Long Yuyin blankly stared at Nie Li. How could she believe something so bizarre?

“I fought with the Sage Emperor in my previous life, but, ultimately, I wasn’t his opponent. Now that I’ve returned back to my youth, I’ve begun anew by cultivating the Heavenly God technique and obtaining all sorts of treasures. However, trying to break the seal on the endless time-space is still too difficult. Still, I never expected to meet Senior Tian Yuan!” said Nie Li.

“Say, how did you lose in your previous lifetime?” Emperor Tian Yuan said with a deep voice.

“In my previous life, the Ancestral God Land was destroyed. As a result, the Sage Emperor broke through his seals and struggled free. He then began slaughtering experts left and right, causing great destruction. The other experts who’d hidden themselves in various realms finally decided to end their drifting and purposeless lives and rose in resistance. However, they were all suppressed by the Sage Emperor, either dying when their souls were destroyed or becoming eternally enslaved!” said Nie Li.

Emperor Tian Yuan spoke no words, but Nie Li could feel his wrath.

Emperor Tian Yuan had also been killed and his entire Sky Origin Divine Clan sealed in the Endless Wilderness, enslaved for generations and unable to escape. How could Emperor Tian Yuan possibly endure such a malicious act?

“Then, how did you resist the Sage Emperor? Even if a hundred years had passed, you’re still only a little over a hundred years old. What realm could your cultivation have reached?” Emperor Tian Yuan said once again.

“I obtained a treasure with the power to reverse space and time. That’s how I could confront him,” Nie Li explained.

“This treasure that you’ve spoken of should be the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Emperor Tian Yuan’s brows said deeply with knitted brows. As far as he knew, that treasure was the only thing that could possess such might.

Nie Li smiled, but didn’t say a thing. In a way, he’d admitted it.

Long Yuyin listened from the side, but was in deep confusion. She looked at Nie Li and felt even further from understanding him than ever before.

“If you wish to confront the Sage Emperor again, I can aid you!” Emperor Tian Yuan said. “However, you must agree to a few of my terms.”

“What terms?” asked Nie Li.

“To lead all of the Sky Origin Divine Clan out of the Endless Wilderness. If you manage to win against the Sage Emperor, you must return their freedom!” said Emperor Tian Yuan.

“Even if Senior Tian Yuan hadn’t said it, I would’ve done it!” Nie Li seriously replied.

“The Seat of the Sovereign, who doesn’t yearn for it? Today, I believe that your heart is righteous, but who can say what it will be in the future? I want you to swear on it. And if you do not follow your oath, you will be cursed by the Heavenly Dao and your cultivation will never make even an inch forward!” Emperor Tian Yuan decreed, focusing on Nie Li.

Nie Li understood that Emperor Tian Yuan wanted him to plant a Devil’s Heart inside himself. If Nie Li went against his oath, he’d be cursed by his own conscience and his cultivation would never rise again.

Nie Li raised his right hand and took the oath. “I swear that after I defeat the Sage Emperor, I will return freedom to the Sky Origin Divine Clan. If I go against this oath, I will accept punishment by the heavens and my cultivation will never rise another inch!”

Long Yuyin watched from the side. She’d never heard of this “Sage Emperor” that Nie Li and Emperor Tian Yuan were talking about. However, she imagined that he must be a powerful existence. Even though she didn’t know exactly how strong this Emperor Tian Yuan was, she was certain that he was far stronger than any Martial Ancestor Realm expert.

Emperor Tian Yuan laughed, “With your words, I can rest at ease. Now, back when I was alive, I left behind many treasures. They’re all useless against Emperor-level experts, but they’ll definitely be useful to Heavenly Axis Realm experts like you. They’ll give you a huge boost to your cultivation.”

Treasures of an Emperor-level expert?

If Nie Li could obtain the treasures left behind by Emperor Tian Yuan, it’d be a great boost to his cultivation speed.

Suddenly, the ground split before Nie Li and Long Yuyin and a disk slowly ascended from below. This disk was a few hundred meters in radius and was stacked with all sorts of items. Aside from weapons and armours, there was also a variety of spiritual medicines.

Even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert might have never seen such treasures before!

“These treasures are too powerful for you. With your cultivation, you won’t even be able to use them unless you knew the methods!” Emperor Tian Yuan sighed. “But consider them my gift to you! I will also impart with you the knowledge of how and when to use them!”

Nie Li laughed. “Senior Tian Yuan is underestimating me. Don’t forget, I’m from a hundred years in the future. Senior Tian Yuan doesn’t have to teach me how to use these treasures!”

Emperor Tian Yuan was dazed for a brief moment, before he issued a laugh. “So that’s how it is. It seems I’ve been saved quite a bit of trouble!”

Nie Li looked at the pile of treasures before him with elation in his heart. There were a few hundred Divine Phaseless Fruits and hundreds of armours and weapons that surpassed the Martial Ancestor Realm level. There were also treasures of other kinds. These things were simply too precious!

Right now, Nie Li’s cultivation was stagnant because he lacked the very treasures necessary to boost him any higher. But at his current level, it’d be impossible for him to obtain such treasures! But now that Emperor Tian Yuan had left him this treasury, he’d be able to push his cultivation much higher in just a short period of time.

However, Nie Li still had to figure out how he was going to use these treasures most effectively. After all, his currently level made it impossible for him to fully use such high-leveled treasures!

“I’ll take it, then. Many thanks to Senior Tian Yuan!” Nie Li smiled, then stowed everything away into his interspatial ring.

To an Emperor-level expert, especially one who was already dead, these items were useless. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t have to be modest with Emperor Tian Yuan! After all, in a way, this was a transaction between them!