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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 43

Chapter 43 - Alchemy Master?

However, regarding Nie Li’s request, Xiao Lan cannot reject because there was a rule fixed in the Alchemist Association. Both the Primary Apprentice and the Primary Alchemy Master exams are completely open. Anyone can go for the exam, with no age limitations. They only need to pay two hundred demon spirit coins for the exam.

Some Senior Apprentices would come and take the exams every month. If they passed all the tests and obtain the rank of Primary Alchemy Master, their identity and status will undergo earth-shaking changes.

However, it’s not easy to pass the Alchemy Master exams. Usually in the first round of exams, with hundreds of people taking it, only few would remain. Furthermore, the second and third round of exams are even more difficult.

"Joining the exams for the Alchemy Masters requires you to pay upfront two hundred demon spirit coins, and it is required to pay first before taking the exam," Miss Xiao Lan said, looking at Nie Li.

"Just two hundred demon spirit coins? Alright, lead the way!" Nie Li said to Xiao Lan. He turned his head towards Xiao Ning’er and bunch.

"You guys remain here. Once I finish the exam, I’ll come looking for you guys," Nie Li carefreely said Nie Li.

"Okay, we’ll have dinner together after you finish the exams," Lu Piao laughed. He seems to have confidence in Nie Li.

"Nie Li, good luck!" Xiao Ning’er gently said, having both her hands in front of her chest.

Hearing Nie Li and Lu Piao’s conversation, Xiao Lan rolled her eyes. This is the Alchemy Master exam, not the Apprentice exam. Nie Li and bunch are being a little ridiculous. They think that the Alchemy Master exam is easy? The two hundred demon spirit coins that Nie Li paid the exam is wasted. However, it’s Nie Li’s money, so it’s not her problem. She is only required to do her job properly.

"Follow me," Xiao Lan pouted, not saying anything else.

The Primary Alchemy Master exam was located in a long passage that stretched a far distance away. On the each side of the passage are small rooms. Every examinee has to go into one of these rooms to finish the complex alchemy knowledge exam. After which, their answers will be assessed by a few Primary Alchemy Masters before going to the next round of the exam.

This time’s exam has a total of six participants. Within these six, three are over thirty years old and two already have a head full of white hair.

When they saw Xiao Lan bringing Nie Li in, they were all a little dumbfounded.

One of the thirty year old men had his eyes on Nie Li. His brow slightly frowned and said, "What are you doing here?"

Nie Li raised his head looking at the man and lightly said, "I’m the same as you. I’m here to take the exam."

The man looked at Nie Li’s clothes. With just a look, he can see that Nie Li does not belong to any major family. He contemptuously laughed, "Ha ha! A kid is actually here to take the Alchemy Master examination. Kid, you’re in the wrong place. You should go to the Alchemy Apprentice exam!"

A thirteen-fourteen year old kid is actually here to take the alchemy master examination? It’s simply an insult to them!

"Who are you?" Nie Li lightly glanced at that man.

"I’m from the Alchemy family, a member of the Chu Family. Name’s Chu Ning," Chu Ning proudly said.

"Alchemy family? The Chu Family can also be considered as an alchemy family?" Nie Li sneered in disdain. He suddenly recalled Chu Yuan. The 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist that he had conflicts with at the Ancient Orchid City Ruins. He’s also from the Chu Family.

"My Chu Family had 3 Senior Alchemy Masters, 6 Intermediate Alchemy Masters and over twenty Primary Alchemy Masters, how can’t we be considered an Alchemy family with that?" Chu Ning proudly declared.

"What’s the use of putting past glory along your lips all day long? What about now? Chu Family only has one Primary Alchemy Master right now. Can it still be considered an Alchemy family?” Nie Li retorted, laughing away.

Chu Ning never thought that a kid like Nie Li would actually be so familiar with his family.

"Hmph, so what? I, Chu Ning, will definitely become an Alchemy Master. You still reek of your mother’s milk, get lost. This is the exam for Alchemy Masters, not a place for you to be playing at!" Chu Ning snorted.

Although he took the exam two times before, he is absolutely confident with this third time.

Hearing Chu Ning’s words, the few people beside him lowly chuckled. People like them have been in the path of alchemy for decades, but have just began taking the Alchemy Master exam. If a brat like Nie Li was to pass the exam, wouldn’t it be extremely shameful to them?

Nie Li shrugged and casually said, "We’ll see by then."

He pushed open a door and walked inside.

Chu Ning sneered. He doesn’t believe a small brat could practice the way of alchemy to any extent and also entered a room.

After Nie Li entered the room, there were two Primary Alchemy Masters sitting at the front. Both of them are around fifty-sixty years old. Beside them was a table and a chair. On the table sat a stack of books and a sheep’s horn pen.

Seeing Nie Li come in, one of the Primary Alchemy Masters was stunned for a moment, puzzled. He asked, "This student, are you in the wrong place? This is the exam room for Alchemy Master."

"Two honourable Masters, I’m not in the wrong place. I’m here to take the exam for Alchemy Master," Nie Li politely said. For the examiner, it’s best to be more polite towards them.

The two Alchemy Masters looked at each other. They have no idea who’s kid this is. For this kid to actually come to take the exam for Alchemy Master. In a moment, he will know how difficult the Alchemy Master exam is. If he hasn’t been in the way of alchemy for at least a few decades, it’s impossible to become an Alchemy Master!

"Okay then, there are more than three hundred and sixty pages within this book. You can take a few from the book. On each page, there is all sorts of alchemy questions. You are required to write the answers on the paper. You have to take a total of twenty pages and finish them within two hours. Only if the correct rate is over 90% can you go into the next round," One of the Alchemy Masters instructed.

"Honourable Master, help me pick a few," Nie Li said, looking at that the Alchemy Master. If the papers are picked by the Alchemy Master, then that will eliminate any possibility of him cheating.

That Alchemy Master saw Nie Li’s clear eyes, nodded and said, "Okay!" He randomly pick twenty papers from within and place it in front of Nie Li, "You can doing these!"

Nie Li took up the horn pen. His gaze swept across the questions on those papers. The corner of his mouth rose. These questions are simply too easy for him. It was like an Alchemy Master doing an Alchemy Apprentice’s papers. Nie Li’s understanding towards alchemy has long surpassed the realm of Alchemy Masters! He is even worried that these Alchemy Masters would not be able to understand if his answers were too complex, so he deliberately simplified his answers. Some of his answers to the questions are wrong, however, Nie Li can only write it this way because these Alchemy Masters alchemy knowledge is not to that level yet.

Nie Li’s pen was flying. Scribble scribble and he finished answering several questions.

Those two Alchemy Masters originally thought that Nie Li wouldn’t be able to answer them, however, they never thought that Nie Li would be able to answer the questions so fast! After he completed several questions, they thought that Nie Li is just randomly scribbling and stretched their head to take a look.

"First question is about the sixteen uses of Spirit Core Grass. Oh, the answers are quite good. Not one was missed out!"

"Second question is about the refining process of the Spirit Concentration Pill, the twenty-six steps are very complete!"


The two Alchemy Masters looked at each other. Their first reaction is that Nie Li is cheating! How can a thirteen-fourteen year old teenager be able to understand the process of it so thoroughly? Truth is, just one page is extremely easy. However, this is picked out from tens of thousands of herbs and thousands of elixirs. How much profound knowledge does one have to be able to answer these questions so easily?

But these papers were picked out by one of the Alchemy Masters, which nearly eliminates all possibility of Nie Li cheating!

A thirteen-fourteen year old kid, even if he was to start reading since he was in the womb, could not possibly finish reading so many books.

The two Alchemy Masters looked at each other and bitterly smiled. Could it be that, in this world, there’s a genius with birth wisdom? Birth wisdom means that the wisdom and knowledge is extraordinary since birth.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary person would need roughly at least a quarter of an hour to finish one paper. To be able to finish ten papers within the allotted time frame is very hard. Lots of people would be stuck by a few difficult questions, however, Nie Li is simply completing them without any pause in between. He answered three papers in a quarter of an hour.

Before an hour had passed, ten papers have already been filled with answers.

After every paper was completed, those two Alchemy Masters would inspect them. To their horror, all ten papers don’t have even one mistake. Some questions were also brilliantly answered. They had surpassed some of the book’s record, causing them to be amazed.


A genuine genius!

The two Alchemy Masters were marvelled, their mood was excited. Regarding this matter, they definitely have to report it to the elder group. Nie Li’s age is still small,but he already has such frightening knowledge. What will become of him in a few years?

Nie Li might even be the person who will let the Alchemist Association develop further! Thinking about it already had them excited. At that time, someone who marked the papers of Nie Li will also become well known.

"May I know where this young master is from?" One of the old men said, smiling, "My name is Huyan Ming, he is Mu Yang, are both Primary Alchemy Masters."

"Honourable teachers, you can just call me by my name. I’m Nie Li, from the Heavenly Marks Family," Nie Li humbly said. There’s actually another person with the surname Huyan. Nie Li wondered if he’s from the Huyan Family.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Huyan Ming and Mu Yang’s eye happily squinted up. Nie Li’s addressing of honourable teachers made the two of them happy. Not bad, not bad. For such a young age, he has such a vast talent but is not arrogant. If Nie Li is really able to get himself a spot in the Alchemist Association, this addressing of honourable teachers would have their status raise by a lot.