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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 430

Chapter 430 - The Inheritance of Tian Yuan

“There seem to be some people pursuing you. I’ll wait until they’re gone, before I send you out,” said Emperor Tian Yuan.

“Many thanks to Senior Tian Yuan!” Nie Li said respectfully. While they waited, Nie Li continued chatting with Emperor Tian Yuan about the Sage Emperor.

Emperor Tian Yuan was now certain that Nie Li really was someone from a hundred years in the future and also possessed the potential of defeating the Sage Emperor. How many years had it been since he was waiting for revenge?

“Aside from these treasures, I have another supreme treasure for you!”

After Emperor Tian Yuan finished his words, a disk appeared in the sky, dancing in the breeze until it landed in Nie Li’s hand.

“Myriad Spiritual Sword Array!” Nie Li exclaimed.

“Yes. This is the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array!” Emperor Tian Yuan confirmed with a nod.

Back in Nie Li’s previous life, the many experts who’d hidden themselves in various realms as well as supreme treasures had shown up to Nie Li’s aid at the battle against the Sage Emperor. The Myriad Spiritual Sword Array was one of those treasures. Even though it was only a single treasure, it’d killed five of the Sage Emperor’s Deity servants.

“A trace of my intent still remains inside this item and thus controls it. At your level, it’d be impossible for you to do so by yourself. If you run into any troubles that you can’t resolve alone, you can use my intent to contact me, and I can activate the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array for you. However, you must understand that this treasure requires the essences of heaven and earth to bring out its full potential; do not use it rashly. Save it for the Sage Emperor!” said Emperor Tian Yuan solemnly.

“Rest assured, I understand this item, Senior Tian Yuan!” Nie Li cupped his hands and placed the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

In order to activate, the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array needed to absorb a good amount of Heavenly Energy. The inside of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was perfect for that, since the Heavenly Energy there was always infinite and rich!

Nie Li had witnessed the might of the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array, once upon a time. This item needed to absorb an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy for only one activation.

After storing the Myriad Spiritual Sword Array, Nie Li suddenly remembered something. He turned towards Emperor Tian Yuan and asked, “I wish to enquire on one matter.”

“What is it?”

“I wonder if Senior Tian Yuan knows of a person who calls himself Emperor Kong Ming from the Tiny World?”

Emperor Tian Yuan went silent for some time. A while later, he spoke. “This Emperor Kong Ming that you speak of might be that person. A formidable talent suddenly appeared roughly a few hundred years ago. I don’t know of his origins; he might even be the reincarnation of some supreme expert. His divine intent once interacted with mine. This man had achieved a cultivation that attracted the attention of the Sage Emperor and was being hunted by several of his Deity servants. He engaged in battle with those Deities for several days, but ultimately disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

Nie Li had always been confused and perplexed about this entity known as Emperor Kong Ming. Aside from the chant, there was also his way of nurturing disciples like nurturing venomous insects[1. Commonly in Xianxia, the most venomous insects are created by placing them together in a jar and forcing them to eat each other. The strongest one survives and becomes even stronger and more venomous.]. Because of that, Nie Li was always worried that an enemy might appear at any time.

“That person’s talent was transcendent, to obtain such astonishing cultivation in just a short two or three hundred years. If he indeed was the reincarnation of some expert, his strength should be above mine. I originally hoped that he’d be able to break through the Sage Emperor’s seal on time and space, but it was a pity. In these endlessly long years, across all of time and space, there aren’t many who are lucky enough receive the chance to mature and confront the Sage Emperor!” Emperor Tian Yuan sighed.

Growing strong enough to challenge the Sage Emperor in just two to three hundred years.

Nie Li furrowed his brows for a brief moment. If Emperor Kong Ming was one, then Nie Li would be the second in that former life.

Both Nie Li and Emperor Kong Ming were from the Tiny World. Nie Li had a vague feeling that there was something linking himself and Emperor Kong Ming.

For a long time now, Nie Li had held a vague sense of a connection to this Emperor Kong Ming.

That’s why Nie Li had been trying to track down Emperor Kong Ming. Now that he’d gained this information from Emperor Tian Yuan, Nie Li was even more certain of his thoughts.

Emperor Tian Yuan seemed to have also realised something, as asked on the spot, “Are you from the Tiny World as well?”

“Yes.” Nie Li nodded after a brief hesitation.

Emperor Tian Yuan blanked for a brief moment, then laughed, “I understand now. There were some things that I couldn’t understand before, but now, I understand all of it! Hahaha!”

Emperor Tian Yuan’s laughs echoed throughout the entire space.

His voice boomed like a large bell. Long Yuyin couldn’t help covering her ears. Her pretty face also couldn’t help paling a little.

Emperor Tian Yuan had said that he understood. But just was what is that he understood?

“Senior Tian Yuan, what did you understand?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“You must uncover the answer to this riddle yourself. In the Dao of Heaven and Earth, everything is destined. One day, you’ll understand.” Emperor Tian Yuan laughed. “If there’s anyone or anything between heaven and earth that can fight against the Sage Emperor, then it is you. All of our fates are in your hands!”

Emperor Tian Yuan had understood something, but was unwilling to speak. This only layered more doubt on Nie Li’s heart.

What was the mystery?

“I can only tell you one thing. Everything that you’ve cultivated and inherited are above mine.”

Emperor Tian Yuan continued, “Therefore, you must tap into your own potential. Explode forth your potential. As of now, your cultivation speed is still much too slow to confront the Sage Emperor. You don’t have enough time!”

“I’ll definitely do all that I can!” Nie Li replied in a serious tone.

“There’s nothing more I can help you with!” Emperor Tian Yuan’s intent then landed on Long Yuyin, who was beside Nie Li. “This girl, here, is deeply attached to you. In this world, there aren’t many like her who would be willing to die for you. You must cherish this properly. However, her talents are still too inferior; if this goes on, she will not be able to aid you. Let me grant her a different destiny!”

A moment later, the boundless intent in the space began raging like a violent storm.

Long Yuyin was in a daze, but she could feel a powerful energy pouring into her shenmen [2. An acupuncture point.] through the top of her head. The energy charged into her body, filling her with a powerful vigour.

She felt as though her entire body was about to explode. Her beautiful face contorted in an expression of deep pain.

However, she clenched her teeth and held on. She understood Emperor Tian Yuan’s intention. If she wanted to help Nie Li one day, she’d have to accept this baptism from Emperor Tian Yuan!

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Long Yuyin felt the energy surge through her body and explode, as if it wanted to tear her apart. The force was so powerful that no physical body could ever fully endure it; even her artifact armour began showing cracks.


The armour exploded!

Since the artifact armour couldn’t even endure it, of course her clothes had long been turned into ashes!