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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 432

Chapter 432 - Frightening Medicinal Effects

For several days in a row, Nie Li, Lu Piao, Gu Bei, and Li Xingyun beat their gongs and drums as they put things in order. Long Tianming and his crew continued to pressure them, chasing after the Demon, Heavenly Path, and Profound Note Leagues. As for Nie Li and them, how could they idly sit by without retaliating?

In a room, in a certain courtyard

Long Yuyin, Gu Bei, Li Xingyun and the rest were all gathered.

“Nie Li, what are you doing?” Lu Piao couldn’t help asking in confusion.

These past few days, Nie Li had been gathering massive quantities of herbs, as well as an enormous cauldron. He seemed to be preparing to refine something.

Nie Li showed a mysterious smile and said, “I’m getty ready to refine an elixir. Later, I’ll show you its effects!”

“Elixir? What kind of elixir?” Curiosity was written all over everyone’s faces.

Long Yuyin also blinked in curiosity. After learning of Nie Li’s true identity just a short time ago, she’d been in deep confusion. She spent a long time mulling over the facts, before she finally reached a conclusion that put her at ease. It didn’t matter if Nie Li was someone from a hundred years in the future; that was Nie Li’s past. She loved Nie Li for who he was right now, and that was enough for her!

Nie Li brought out a Divine Phaseless Fruit and a Frost Steel Divine Needle, used the needle to scrape off a tiny piece of the fruit, and placed the scrap into a bottle.

“This bottle contains Rootless Water. You should first mix the contents of the bottle, then divide it among a hundred bottles. Mix them again, and split each bottle into a hundred more!” Nie Li explained as he tidied up the other herbs.

Li Xingyun and the rest roughly understood Nie Li’s intentions. Nie Li wanted them to dilute the essence of that tiny piece of fruit into ten thousand bottles!

Lu Piao couldn’t help crying out in confusion. “What kind of spiritual fruit is this? Even a magic elixir or formidable medicine would lose its effects after being diluted ten thousand times!”

“Yeah! That’s diluting it ten thousand times!” Gu Bei also couldn’t help speaking up as well.

However, Nie Li only smiled. “You’ve never seen a Divine Phaseless Fruit before, so you don’t know how to use it. That’s why you’d say such things!”

“Divine Phaseless Fruit? I’ve never heard of it before!” Li Xingyun blanked. “What kind of magic elixir or formidable medicine is that? Will it still be effective after being diluted ten thousand times?”

“The words ‘magic elixir’ and ‘formidable medicine’ aren’t nearly enough to describe the Divine Phaseless Fruit. There’s a reason I used a Frost Steel Divine Needle to scrape off a tiny bit of it. If a Martial Ancestor Realm expert consumed this fruit, their body would immediately rupture and they’d die from the powerful medicinal effects of this fruit!” Nie Li laughed.

Everyone’s expressions changed. “It’s that powerful? You’re not exaggerating, right?”

Even Martial Ancestor Realm... just what kind of powerful existence was that? Having your body rupture just from eating a little bit... that was simply too unbelievable!

“Have I lied to you before?” Nie Li asked with a smile. This Divine Phaseless Fruit was from Emperor Tian Yuan’s collection. Its medicinal effects would be unimaginable, even to a Martial Ancestor Realm expert! “Even if we dilute it ten thousand times, its medicinal effect will still be too strong for our bodies. A drop of that would still rupture our bodies!”

“Then what are you going to do?” Li Xingyun couldn’t help asking, with inevitable shock in his heart.

“I’m preparing over ten different methods to further weaken its potency after diluting it ten thousand times. After that, I’ll refine it into an elixir!” Nie Li explained. “The medicinal effects of the fully refined elixir will definitely be astounding!”

“I wonder if that elixir can help us reach the pinnacle of the Heavenly Axis Realm!”

“Forget the pinnacle Heavenly Axis Realm, you could even reach the Dao of Dragon Realm without problems!” Nie Li confidently replied.

The Dao of Dragon Realm?

Everyone widened their eyes. Breaking through into Dao of Dragon Realm? How could anyone say that so easily?

Long Yuyin thought for a bit, then said, “In that case, it should be able to help me break through to the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm. Our Dragonseal Family is going to select its successor soon. If I can reach the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm, I’ll have absolute confidence in my position. When that happens, even the Patriarch, himself, won’t be able to keep me away!”

Long Yuyin had been gone from the Skysoul Institute for a while. Upon her return, she’d shocked Li Xingyun and the rest with her cultivation. It was far above anything they themselves could compare to! They had no idea how Long Yuyin could’ve done it!

Nie Li thought for a moment, then replied, “One might not be enough, but two definitely will! This elixir will also cause huge changes to your physiques! However, each elixir requires at least three days to be fully absorbed!”

Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao stared at Nie Li.

Its medicinal powers were that strong?

Compared to the possibility of reaching the Dao of Dragon Realm, what was three days anyways?

Most people needed several years, or perhaps even decades to go from the Heavenly Axis to the Dao of Dragon Realm!

This elixir was a little too heaven-defying, right?

As far as Nie Li was concerned, this was absolutely normal. To existences like Emperor Tian Yuan, any Dao of Dragon Realm would be nothing more than an ant. What’s wrong with breaking through it in only three days?

Usually, Divine Phaseless Fruits were things that only Deity Realm experts could get their hands on!

The entire worth of the Divine Feathers Sect couldn’t compare to the price of a single Divine Phaseless Fruit!

Even an ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm wouldn’t know how to properly use a Divine Phaseless Fruit; however, Nie Li knew it all!

Over the next few days, Nie Li began refining elixirs like mad. With a detailed manufacturing procedure, the process itself wasn’t anything difficult.

Roughly ten days later, Nie Li had refined over five hundred elixirs.

Nie Li couldn’t help showing a gratified smile as he beheld those clear, sparkling and jade-like elixirs. Armed with these elixirs, he was like a tiger that’d grown wings[2. Chinese idiom. Nie Li was powerful before, but now he’s unstoppable.]. But all of the credit had to go to Senior Tian Yuan. If it hadn’t been for his gift of the Divine Phaseless Fruits, there would’ve been nothing that Nie Li could do, even while knowing the refinery method. Even the cleverest housewife can’t cook without rice!

Nie Li summoned his army of several hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members from his painting, then sent them out to deliver the elixirs to Ye Ziyun, Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest. These elixirs would definitely let their cultivations soar by leaps and bounds.

Lu Piao picked up one of the elixirs and examined it. “Is this the divine elixir that you were talking about?”

They all knew that Nie Li had been busy refining the powerful elixir, and couldn’t contain their excitement; once in a while, someone would drop by and take a look at how things were going. When they learned that the divine elixirs had finally been completed, they were all impatient to give it a try.

“Go ahead!” Nie Li said with a smile.

Lu Piao looked at the elixir and felt deep inside that Nie Li wasn’t lying. Back when they were still in Glory City, Nie Li had provided them with extremely powerful cultivation techniques. Of course he’d firmly believe in Nie Li, without a single doubt!

Lu Piao opened his mouth and swallowed that elixir. A burning sensation surged through his dantian, engulfing him until there was nothing left. He immediately sat down and crossed his legs.

What great medicinal effects!