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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 434

Chapter 434 - Divine Medicine

“My support won’t be enough, unless you can prove that you truly possess the ability to lead the Divine Feathers Sect to glory!” Hierarch Skycloud said.

“I can prove to Master that I possess the ability. However, I request that Master fully support me in return!” Nie Li replied.

“In terms of character, you’re far better than Long Tianming. However, that Situ Beiyan kid isn’t a bad choice, either.” Hierarch Skycloud pondered. “Situ Beiyan is the child of the current Sect Master. Pity he doesn’t have much ambition...”

Situ Beiyan? The name rang a bell to Nie Li. In his previous life, Situ Beiyan had died mysteriously to some unknown plot. After that, Long Tianming took over. All the signs pointed to Long Tianming. Since Situ Beiyan didn’t win against Long Tianming back then, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to let him become the Sect Master in this life.

“This is the elixir that I’ve refined for Master. I believe that Master will be able to understand after you consume this elixir... that I can bring the Divine Feathers Sect to a glory that it’s never seen in a thousand years!” Nie Li confidently said as he passed the elixir to Hierarch Skycloud.

Hierarch Skycloud accepted the elixir and scrutinised it. A trace of shock flashed through his eyes.

He could already sense the frightening medicinal effects of the elixir!

Hierarch Skycloud opened his mouth, swallowed the elixir, and felt a surge of boundless medicinal energy pour down his throat. It felt like his body was ignited in flames.

The Hierarch Skycloud was already a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. Ordinary elixirs shouldn’t have even the slightest effect on him, unless it was a divine medicine tens of millions of years old![1. It’s believed that the older an herb or medicine is, the more powerful it becomes. Just like ginseng or fine wine.] However, such divine medicines aren’t easy to come across.

It’d been at least a few dozen years since Hierarch Skycloud took any elixirs that aided his cultivation.

That’s because the foundation of his cultivation was too powerful!

However, the boundless medicinal effects stored within just the surface of the elixir was already far more powerful than the elixirs that he’d personally cultivated!

For five years, Hierarch Skycloud’s cultivation had remained at the 3-stage Martial Ancestor Realm, never taking a single step forth. But now that he’d taken this elixir, his cultivation began rising like mad, instantly breaking through to the 4-stage Martial Ancestor Realm. Even then, it didn’t stop.

Just what kind of divine medicine was this, to have such frightening medicinal effect!

What decided your position in the Divine Feathers Sect wasn’t your strength or cultivation, but rather your favor with the Big Five. The strongest among the Big Five was a 5-stage Martial Ancestor Realm, while the weakest was a 1-stage Martial Ancestor Realm. These five Martial Ancestor Realm experts were the core strength of the Divine Feathers Sect!

As long as these five Martial Ancestor Realm experts lived, the Divine Feathers Sect would never weaken! However, if anything happened to these Martial Ancestor Realm experts, then the Divine Feathers Sect would abruptly crumble, just like it’d done in the past.

These five Martial Ancestor Realm experts might take several years or maybe even decades to experience even a tiny increase in cultivation. At their level, raising in cultivation was no longer a matter of training and hard work; it was also a matter of opportunity.

Every time a Martial Ancestor Realm expert made a breakthrough, their lifespan increased by several decades.

Hierarch Skycloud had lived for so long that he was no longer as strong as he once was. He felt that given another few decades, he’d reach the end of his lifespan. But now, a single elixir from Nie Li had actually allowed him to break through to the 4-stage Martial Ancestor Realm!

This wasn’t a small matter!

A brief moment later, Hierarch Skycloud abruptly opened his eyes, which glowed with divine light.

“I never expected a single small elixir to possess such frightening medicinal effects!” Hierarch Skycloud couldn’t help sighing as he spoke. “Nie Li, I’ve consumed this elixir of yours, so I will definitely do my best to assist you in this matter.”

“Master is being too serious. Since your disciple acquired some useful things, of course I’d show my filial dues and show them to Master!” Nie Li smiled. He understood Hierarch Skycloud’s character quite well and knew he’d made the right choice in seeking his help.

Hierarch Skycloud went silent for a while. He never expected Nie Li to possess such a bizarre elixir. If Nie Li had five or six of them, then they’d be able to welcome an entirely new glory age for the Divine Feathers Sect! Aside from helping Hierarch Skycloud raise his cultivation, the elixir had also left some reserves inside his soul realm. He’d probably have to seclude himself for a few months in order to fully digest the medicinal effects.

This elixir should be enough to help him reach the 5-stage, or maybe even the 6-stage Martial Ancestor Realm!

Such strange elixirs would definitely be rare. Asking Nie Li to take out five or six might be an impossible task.

Furthermore, as Nie Li’s Master, he’d be embarrassing himself by demanding more elixirs. Hierarch Skycloud would never do something like that!

“I still have some more elixirs with me. Here’s a bottle of thirty. I request that Master help me with a few tasks; please convince the Sect Master and the other members of the Big Five. If I can become the new Sect Master, then I’ll definitely do my best to bring the Divine Feathers Sect into an entirely new age of glory. I believe that right now, Master knows that I’m capable!” Nie Li said as he passed the bottle to Hierarch Skycloud.

Hierarch Skycloud stared at the bottle with a look of disbelief.

This was simply too astonishing!

For such an elixir, the existence of only five or six would be extremely shocking. But Nie Li had brought out a bottle with thirty of them!

Over thirty elixirs, what kind of dream was this?!

Hierarch Skycloud started breathing hard. He’d always been a calm and steady person, but he knew fully what these thirty units of medicine meant. He wasn’t greedy for the elixirs for himself; rather, he understood exactly what these elixirs meant for the fate of the Divine Feathers Sect!

“Nie Li, do you know what these thirty elixirs mean? You’re willing to give them to the Divine Feathers Sect?” Hierarch Skycloud inhaled as he looked at Nie Li.

“Yes.” Nie Li nodded seriously. These thirty elixirs had been specially made for Martial Ancestor Realms like Hierarch Skycloud. From their point of view, such elixirs were extremely precious. But Nie Li still possessed quite a few Divine Phaseless Fruits; he could refine even more of these elixirs!

Hierarch Skycloud nodded his head and continued, “It’s the Divine Feather’s Sect’s great fortune that you’re willing to give them to us! I believe that the Sect Master and the others will gladly hand you the position in return for your contributions!”

Given a few more years, the current Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect will seclude himself and begin cultivating in order to break through to an even higher realm. When that time comes, he’d give up his position as Sect Master to someone else.

The Sect Master only controlled the Divine Feathers Sect. As for the Big Five, they were absolute existences above even the Sect Master!

Nie Li was helping the Big Five increase their strength. To them, handing over the Sect Master’s position was no longer an impossible task. It was definitely a worthy exchange!