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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Passed...

Heavenly Marks Family. The two Alchemy Masters recalled their impression of this family. The Heavenly Marks Family is an extremely small family among the Aristocratic families. Not well known and the strength is also not that good. The both of them lightly smiled. If Nie Li comes from a Noble or Major family, even if they show Nie Li a little grace, Nie Li wouldn’t even put it in his heart. But since Nie Li comes from a small family, then it’s easier to handle.

The two Alchemy Masters chatted with Nie Li for a while and realized that Nie Li is not only proficient with the theories of alchemy, but also familiar with the process of actual refinement.


They have been in alchemy for decades, and have only just reached Alchemy Master level at forty-fifty years old. Thinking about Nie Li’s age again, they couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. It’s simply frustrating! Nie Li is only how old? Yet he already has knowledge that is not inferior to them.

Knowledge really does not reflect on one’s age!

It’s time that they give a little face to Nie Li.

The two Alchemy Masters collected Nie Li’s test papers, preparing to personally present them to the president. How can they let such a genius slip away from their hands?

"Nie Li, you’ll wait here for awhile. The both of us will go and see the president. See if we can let you enter the Alchemy Association directly without the other tests." The two Alchemy Masters said, laughing.

"I’ll have to trouble the honorable masters then," Nie Li said, becoming even more humble, and slightly bowed.

Seeing Nie Li’s action, the two Alchemy Masters became even more excited as they held onto the scripts and hastily left.

The room next door.

Chu Ning is currently trying his best on the test papers. An hour has already passed and he had only finished three papers. This is already his third time in taking the test for Alchemy Masters. In the two previous times, he did not even get sixty percent of his answers correct and still had three papers undone. He had already versed himself with things that he was unfamiliar with and came to get himself tested again.

Before coming, he secretly vowed to himself that he would pass it this round!

However, this test was even harder than the previous ones.

Chu Ning felt incessant grievances. Before coming, he had placed many answers into his interspatial ring. However, with the two Alchemy Masters eyeing him, he couldn’t find the chance to cheat. An hour has already passed, and several of his papers only had a handful of answers.

Seeing Chu Ning’s answers, the two examiner Alchemy Masters couldn’t help but shake their heads. His answers only have sixty percent of them correct at best, and to become an Alchemy Master, he would need at least ninety percent of the answers correct.

Two hour have passed, and the bell outside rang.

Needless to say, Chu Ning knew that he definitely failed the test. He stood up with his dropped spirit and walked out. With this failure, he would have to wait for another year in order to take the Alchemy Master exam again.

In the corridor, one after another, those who took the test walked out. Only a thirty something year old man came out looking happy, the rest had long faces as this first test was too difficult.

Alchemy Association’s Elders Hall

"President, take a look at this script!"

Huyan Ming handed the twenty papers over to Gu Yan.

Within the whole Alchemy Association, there are only two Senior Alchemy Masters, Gu Yan is one of them. At the same time, he is also the President for the Alchemy Association. His hair is white, and already over sixty years old.

It was only a set of test papers and yet the two Primary Alchemy Masters hurriedly wanted him to take a look. As Gu Yan is currently refining elixir, being interrupted caused his mood to be bad.

"President, these are the papers of one of the students. Please, have a look!" Huyan Ming said, looking excited. Although they saw that President Gu Yan’s mood wasn’t too good, they still went ahead and passed the papers over to him.

Gu Yan coldly snorted while taking a look at the papers and said, "This student did pretty good. All of the answers are correct. Some of them were brilliantly answered. Bring him to the second test!" Gu Yan’s face relaxed a little. After all, there are not many people that could answer all the questions correctly.

Huyan Ming and Mu Yang looked at each other and smiled. Huyan Ming went up and said, "I would like to request the President to allow him to pass and let him join the Alchemy Association directly!"

"Pass the test and join directly?" Gu Yan’s brow twitched, shook his head and said, "This is impossible. In order to become a Primary Alchemy Master, aside from knowing lots of alchemy theories, one must also be familiar with the actual refinement procedures. Even if he passed the first round, if he does not have any actual practical experiences, it’s impossible to become a Primary Alchemy Master!"

"President, what if that person is only a thirteen years old kid? Even if he doesn’t have any alchemy experiences, it can be nurtured! If we miss this genius, we’ll definitely regret it!" Mu Yang, who is by the side spoke up.

Hearing Mu Yang’s words, the calm Gu Yan’s voice also became surprised, "What did you say? He’s only a thirteen year old kid?"

"Yes, President!" Mu Yang and Huyan Ming said in unison, nodding their heads.

"Are the both of you colluding to bluff me? How can a thirteen year old kid be able to memorize so many alchemy books and complete the Primary Alchemy Master test papers?" Gu Yan’s sharp, cold eyes swept across Mu Yang and Huyan Ming.

"Why would we dare to deceive the President?"

"Bring him over. In addition, have Director Yang to come over immediately too. This matter mustn’t be told to anyone, not even the other elders, understand?" Gu Yan said, looking and Mu Yang and Huyan Ming. If there is such a genius, he has to definitely nurture him into one of his loyalists.

"Yes!" Huyan Ming and Mu Yang’s hearts shook, excitement filled their faces.

In the Alchemy Association, there are six elders including Gu Yan. Every elder has their own interests. To keep the secret for Gu Yan, also means that from today onwards, they will become an aide of an elder.

Mu Yang went to look for Director Yang, while Huyan Ming hastily went to fetch Nie Li.

On the corridor

Chu Ning walked out, looking a bit sad. Seeing Nie Li has been outside since long ago, his brows immediately twitched.

The few people beside him were currently teasing Nie Li.

"Little bro, how many question have you done?" One man said, laughing loudly. He was the only one that has passed the test.

Nie Li shrugged, and said "Those questions are too easy Absolutely no challenge at all."

Hearing Nie Li’s speech, everyone looked at each other.

Nie Li’s words directly stung Chu Ning who struggled with the questions. He shorted and said, "Conceited brat! If you got even ten percent of the questions correct, I’ll immediately strip myself and run around the whole Glory City three rounds!"

"Then you can start running now," Nie Li said, lightly laughed.

Everyone felt amazed hearing Nie Li’s words, wondering where exactly that confidence of his came from. They were also wondering how much did Nie Li fair in his test.

At this moment, Huyan Ming hurriedly ran over.

Seeing the Primary Alchemy Master’s white robe on Huyan Ming, everyone immediately stood up respectfully.

"Nie Li, you have passed the first test! Follow me!" Huyan Ming said, completely disregarding those beside.

"Okay," Nie Li slightly nodded his head.

"Passed the first test?"

Hearing Huyan Ming’s words, everyone went into a daze. Especially Chu Ning, stunned as though he was struck by lightning.

‘How is this possible? Nie Li is just a thirteen year old brat!’

‘Did they get it wrong?’

‘Am I dreaming?’

A thirteen year old teen actually passed the first round of tests. This is simply the first time in countless hundreds of years. No wonder Huyan Ming wants to personally bring Nie Li off.

Everyone recalled the mockeries that they said to Nie Li and, immediately, they felt their cheeks burning. A thirteen year old teen actually passed the test. As for them, some were already thirty-forty years old, and some even older, they haven’t even managed to pass the first test.

Chu Ning was shocked beyond words. He never imagined that Nie Li would actually pass the first test.

’He must have been cheating! Yes, that’s definitely the case!’ Chu Ning quietly accused as he walked out, staggering. No matter what, he didn’t manage to pass the test. Therefore, getting beaten up by his uncle was unavoidable.

"Hey, Chu Ning’s gone?"

"Didn’t he say that he would strip naked and run around Glory City three rounds earlier on?"

In the eyes of everyone, Chu Ning desperately ran off. To let him run around Glory City three rounds naked, how would he be able to raise his head up in the future? Everyone looked at the far figure of Nie Li. He did not care about the bet, or to say, he did not even bother himself with Chu Ning.

Nie Li and Chu Ning are from two completely different worlds. Nie Li’s achievements are destined to make Chu Ning look from afar.

Seeing the Primary Alchemy Master Huyan Ming looking pleased at Nie Li, the crowd couldn’t help showing admiring glares.

Alchemy Association, Council Hall

"Nie Li, wait here. The President and Director Yang will be here soon," Huyan Ming said, his eyes eagerly looking at the genius in front of him. Nie Li’s aura made Huyan Ming feel as though this boy in front of him isn’t a thirteen year old kid, but an alchemist of equal rank.

"Okay," Nie Li said, slightly nodding his head. He began to look around. This Council Hall is still quite big. At the center area, there is a round table with some chairs, and the walls were covered with papers.

"What are these?" Nie Li asked, looking at Huyan Ming.

"This is the place where all the Alchemy Masters exchange their ideas and thoughts. Alchemy Masters write down the problems that they encountered during their refining, seeking answers from all the other Alchemy Masters. Occasionally, the President and other elders would help those Alchemy Masters to answer their questions. If you know the answer, you can then write it on the paper, and someone will verify it," Huyan Ming said, “Through this method, Alchemy Masters can enhance each other’s alchemy skills.”

"Oh," said Nie Li, nodding his head. He continued stroll over to the walls. He has to show sufficient ability in order to grab the attention of President Gu Yan and the others. Otherwise, just being nurtured by the Alchemy Association would not be enough. What Nie Li wants is to borrow the power of Alchemy Association.

’It seems that Nie Li is interested towards Alchemy Knowledge,’ Huyan Ming thought, smiling as he followed Nie Li. He naturally did not think that Nie Li would be able to solve the questions on the walls. Those questions have been left unanswered for many years, some questions couldn’t even be solved by Senior Alchemy Masters like Gu Yan.