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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 456

Chapter 456 - Nurture

Upon hearing Nangong Xianyin’s words, Xiao Ning’er lowered her head as hints of sadness flashed across her eyes.

If Ye Ziyun was his legitimate fiancée, then what about her?

She’s nothing.

All along, she didn’t possess any status. However, she had already chosen Nie Li silently. Despite even knowing that it was impossible between her and Nie Li, she had already decided to stand by Nie Li.

Be it life or death.

Nie Li threw a glance towards Xiao Ning’er, who was standing by the side, and saw the lost and confused look reflected in her eyes.

He recalled his previous life, when Xiao Ning’er sacrificed herself for him. In the two lifetimes, both of their fates had already been tied together and not able to be separated.

In his previous lifetime, he had let many people down. Thus, in this lifetime, he will protect everyone!

Nie Li raised his head, and revealed a faint smile as he replied to Nangong Xianyin, "Sect Master Nangong, she is also my woman."

After hearing Nie Li’s reply, Nangong Xianyin was in a daze for a brief moment. Nie Li’s reply made her feel startled. It was fine with Ye Ziyun being his fiancée, but even Xiao Ning’er as well?

Both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were the most outstanding amongst the younger generations.

Xiu Ming, who was beside her, was about to go crazy. Just what the heck was going on? Be it Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning’er, both were prideful ladies of the heavens, attracting the envy of countless women. They were the goddesses in the hearts of many youths of the Six Major Righteous Sects.

Xiao Ning’er’s shoulders trembled as tears filled her eyes. This was the first time in so long that Nie Li declared that she was his woman.

Even if this was just used to brush off Nangong Xianyin, Xiao Ning’er was already satisfied.

Just when they were speaking, a beautiful silhouette had walked into the grand hall.

That person was Ye Ziyun. She wore a purple silk dress, which made her look like a fairy.

Both Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun possessed their own unique points. Their beauties were extraordinary. The moment they appeared, everyone else in the Heavenly Note Sect would lose in comparison.

Xiu Ming was in a daze, but shortly after, he abruptly recalled something. The corner of his mouth curved into a grin as he took fortune in others misfortune.

That brat Nie Li actually declared that Xiao Ning’er to be his woman right in front of his fiancée, Ye Ziyun. He’s backyard will probably catch a fire soon. Since you’re so proud, then let you sink.

When Nie Li saw Ye Ziyun, he instantly felt awkward. He put all the blame on that mouth of his for being too fast. Now that he had landed himself in an awkward position, how will he explain this to Ye Ziyun?

Ye Ziyun took a glance at Nie Li, her eyes were filled with reminiscence. Although she was held up by tens of thousands of people in the Heavenly Note Sect, she still felt extremely lonely.

In the entire Heavenly Note Sect, she only knew Ning’er. However, there weren’t any discussions between them.

She was well aware that Ning’er’s fond of Nie Li. But at the same time, she was Nie Li’s fiancée.

This awkward relationship caused the both of them to remain in a stalemate.

In fact, Ye Ziyun wasn’t too mindful of that in her heart.

From the distant Tiny World to the Draconic Ruins Realm, they had experienced life and death, as well as the unforeseen future, together. What else can’t they put down? Only by supporting each other, can they continue their path and accomplish the mission entrusted to them.

Ye Ziyun was calm, contrarily to Xiao Ning’er’s apologetic gaze. She lightly smiled as she walked towards Xiao Ning’er and held onto her hand.

Xiao Ning’er raised her head in shock as she stared into Ye Ziyun’s eyes. In that instant, it was as if their hearts had connected and she understood.

When they were young, they had been good friends.

After experiencing so much, along with life and death, what else can’t they put behind them?

In that instant, even Nie Li was dumbfounded. Just what was going on?

Everyone in the hall exchanged looks and, clearly, they could not make out the situation.

Xiu Ming widened his eyes. He never expected such an outcome.

That’s too...

Just how did Nie Li accomplish such a feat? Subduing two ladies that were blessed by the heavens and his backyard was not on fire. Xiu Ming felt speechless.

Even Nangong Xianyin was astonished. She understood both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er. The Heavenly Note Sect did not forbid their female disciples to interact with male disciples from other sects. However, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were the only exceptions as they did not interact with the male disciples from the other sects because they were very indifferent. Furthermore, there seemed to be some conflict between the both of them; thus, they didn’t interact with one another at all. However, from today’s event, she felt that she had misjudged them.

"Sect Master." Ye Ziyun cupped her hands towards Nangong Xianyin, appearing to be extremely respectful.

"Ziyun, this newly throned Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li, claims to be your fiancé." Nangong Xianyin was still unable to affirm it; hence, she questioned Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun and Nie Li exchanged a glance. The latter couldn’t help scratching his head. What happened earlier on still made him feel awkward.

"Replying Sect Master, he is indeed my fiancé." Ye Ziyun nodded her head.

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nangong Xianyin’s face dropped. "Ziyun, are you aware of your wrongs?"

Ye Ziyun immediately cupped her hands and replied, "Ziyun wasn’t hiding it on purpose and seeks the forgiveness of Sect Master."

"Ziyun, the Sect has always placed the both of you as top priority to nurture to the point of having intentions of passing down the next Sect Master position over to you. The both of you are well aware of the Sect’s rules and regulations. The Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect is forbidden to marry." Nangong Xianyin’s face dropped as her tone was a little stern.

Ye Ziyun was a little guilty. After all, the fault was on her to begin with. The Heavenly Note Sect spent so much energy to nurture her, but she hid the fact that she was engaged.

During this period of secluded cultivation, Ye Ziyun’s [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] cultivation technique underwent a great improvement. Right now, she was not any inferior to a 3-Stage or 4-Stage Dao of Dragon Realm expert.

Looking at Ye Ziyun, Nie Li’s brows furrowed. Her nature was kind and even when she was bullied by Nangong Xianyin, she would take it. However, being Nie Li, who was someone that was unwilling to take a loss, he instantly felt unhappy when he saw Ye Ziyun’s situation.

Nie Li sneered, "Sect Master Nangong, there are some wrongs in your words. Indeed, the Heavenly Note Sect has spent great effort to nurture the both of them. However, both their innate talents are as shown, even without the nurture of the Heavenly Note Sect, they are still able to reach their current accomplishments."

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nangong Xianyin could not help going silent. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er truly were... abnormal. After their arrival in the Heavenly Note Sect, they did not practise any cultivation techniques of the of the Heavenly Note Sect. In the entire Heavenly Note Sect, there wasn’t any cultivation techniques more powerful than the [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix] and the [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique.

"Furthermore, Ziyun and Ning’er have also made a considerable contribution to the Heavenly Note Sect." What Nie Li meant was those sacred elixirs that were given to the Heavenly Note Sect by the two of them.