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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 457

Chapter 457- Female Disciple

Although Nangong Xianyin’s heart wavered a little, she still remained stern.

She realised that if Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning’er was unable to become the next Sect Master, she could not find a third candidate in the entire Heavenly Note Sect.

At the sight of Nangong Xianyin’s hesitation, Xuan Yue felt overjoyed in her heart.

All along, she had coveted after the Sect Master position of the Heavenly Note Sect and treated Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er as formidable rivals. After all, both of their talents were too powerful. As long as the both of them still existed, there wasn’t even a one-ten thousandth of a chance for her to become the Sect Master.

Who could have imagined that a sudden glimpse of hope in the dark mist of bewilderment on a long lane that both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were engaged to someone. According to the rules and regulations of the Heavenly Note Sect, disciples of the Sect were not allowed to get married. If they did, they would have to leave the Sect.

This was a rule that was set in place a few thousand years ago, so who could break it?

Xuan Yue immediately stood up and cupped her hands towards Nangong Xianyin, “Sect Master, both Junior Sister Ziyun and Ning’er are engaged and our Sect can’t do something like breaking their engagement. Since they no longer wish to remain in the Heavenly Note Sect, why not let them free?”

Nangong Xianyin was enraged, “Silence!”

Xuan Yue was startled when she saw how angry Nangong Xianyin was. She had never seen Nangong Xianyin like that before and could only stand to the side.

Nangong Xianyin naturally saw the schemes in Xuan Yue’s heart. If both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er left, she, Xuan Yue would naturally be the next candidate for the Sect Master’s position. However, Xuan Yue was already over thirty and yet, her cultivation was not in the Dao of Dragon Realm yet. Compared to Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, she was a lot more inferior.

Not to mention that Xuan Yue was a jealous person. Despite the fact that she yearned to be the Sect Master, she lacked the moral character. If such person were became the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, the future could only be as one could easily imagine.

Neither Ye Ziyun nor Xiao Ning’er could leave. If they did, there would no longer be a Successor for the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nangong Xianyin forced a smile as she looked at Nie Li, “Sect Master Nie Li, must you take the both of them away? Can’t you leave one of them for us?” From her tone, there were several hints of begging.

Hearing Nangong Xianyin’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s face instantly flushed red.

There were some ambiguous meanings in that ‘take the both of them away?’

Xiu Ming beside her, however, could only roll his eyes as he felt depressed in his heart. He originally thought that Nangong Xianyin would flare up. In the end, she used such a tone to speak to Nie Li, which had already admitted her defeat.

He originally thought that there would be a nice show to watch. But who could have expected that before the show even started, it had already ended?

Nie Li awkwardly smiled, “Sect Master Nangong, I don’t want to do it as well. But who asked the Heavenly Note Sect to create such bizarre rule? I understand your dote for Ziyun and Ning’er, but you can only part with them. Are you asking the both of them to become the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect and remain single for life?”

Nangong Xianyin’s face turned red, “You!”

Nie Li hastily added, “Sect Master Nangong, I’m not speaking about you!”

Nie Li smiled. In his previous life, the Heavenly Note Sect did not fall. It was Nangong Xianyin who withdrew from her position and immediately filled the Sect Master position before wandering around, since that old woman already had someone in her heart.

She could only dream on passing the burning sweet potato to Ziyun or Ning’er.

Since his Divine Feathers Sect had nothing to fear now, and with the strength of his Sect, not even two Heavenly Note Sects could defeat him!

Ye Ziyun immediately stood up and cupped her hands towards Nangong Xianyin, “Sect Master, there isn’t any filter in Nie Li’s mouth. I hope Sect Master does not place his words in your heart. After coming to the Heavenly Note Sect, Ziyun felt the your doting to the point that you even gave me the chance to enter the Secret Boundary to cultivate. If I were to leave like this, I would feel bad.”

Nangong Xianyin’s eyes lit up. Could it be that Ye Ziyun wanted to stay? As expected, the position of Heavenly Note Sect’s Sect Master held irresistible temptation, so it was understandable for her not to give it up.

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nie Li grew anxious, “Ziyun...”

Ye Ziyun continued, “However, I must leave. But, before I do, as a disciple of the Heavenly Note Sect, I, naturally, have to share the Sect Master’s worries.”

Nangong Xianyin originally thought that there was a turn for the better, but who could have expected that Ye Ziyun still wanted to leave? A moment of heaven and a moment of hell, she even had the heart to cry. Share her worries? How was she going to share her worries? With the both of them gone, who could share her worries?

Earlier, when Xuan Yue heard Ye Ziyun’s words, her heart hung in suspense. But after Ye Ziyun continued speaking, her anxious heart eased up. She curled her lips, As long as both of them leave, everything will be easy to deal with.

Xiao Ning’er took a glance at Nie Li, before cupping her hands, “Ning’er’s heart is not here and so, I wish to leave as well. However, Ning’er is willing to share the Sect Master’s worries.”

Nangong Xianyin’s heart ashened at her words as she shook her hands, “Forget it, forget it. If the both of you want to leave, then so be it.”

Although Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er had already spoken, she knew that no one could share her worries.

Ye Ziyun gave a yell towards the door, “Xiao Yue, Ming’er, come in.”

A group of female disciples came in chirpsing and the scene was lively. There were at least a dozen of them.

Xiao Ning’er also gave a yell, “Xiu’er, Yuyin, come in as well.”

About another dozen female disciples entered.

Nangong Xianyin’s gaze fell onto those female disciples and was a bit dazed. “These are......” She suddenly sensed something and her eyes lit up.

These female disciples followed Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er during the usual days and would rarely come into contact with the outside world. They could be considered the guards that the Heavenly Note Sect gave to Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er to protect them. Before the arrival of those two, those female disciples already had the cultivation of Heavenly Star Realm.

But as Nangong Xianyin saw it, although those female disciples’ talents were still decent, compared to Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, there was a huge difference.

She had not seen them for a short period of time and those female disciples already underwent such astonishing changes.

Ye Ziyun cupped her hands towards Nangong Xianyin, “Sect Master, these sisters were chosen by me. Their ages do not exceed twenty and every single of them possess extraordinary talent. Their cultivations have also rapidly progressed during recent times. There are a total of sixteen, all of them have already achieved the Dao of Dragon Realm.”

Xiao Ning’er continued, “The age of these sisters of mine also do not exceed twenty. A total of fifteen, whom are already Dao of Dragon Realm.”

Nangong Xianyin closed her eyes and sensed a little. When she reopened her eyes, a smear of shock flashed across. They were as Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er had said. Those female disciples had already achieved Dao of Dragon Realm. Achieving Dao of Dragon Realm at below the age of twenty truly was a talent that was hard to come by in a thousand years.

And now, there was a sudden appearance of over thirty people. This was simply too unbelievable. However, the truth was displayed before her and she could not believe it.

Xuan Yue originally felt that her dream came true, but at that moment, she felt tens of thousands of horses running across her heart.

Just what was going on? Was she still asleep and dreaming?