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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 470

Chapter 470 - Nie Lis Schemes

In the Great Hall of the Divine Feathers Sect.

Golden light dazzled, which showed how majestic was it.

It was completely different to a few years ago.

There was a complete feel compared to before.

The Divine Feathers Sect felt completely new.

Due to Nie Li providing the Sacred Elixirs, the Divine Feathers Sect was filled with experts at the moment. Aside from the Sect, there were countless disciples recruited from the Outer Sect as well. The entire Sect was several times bigger compared to before. Furthermore, the rising speed of cultivation of the disciples was extremely fast, causing the entire Sect to grow in strength quickly as well. It was already the first Sect amongst the Righteous Sects.

But, due to the Divine Feathers Sect having sealed themselves in, the various other Sects did not know of their true strength.

Although the Divine Feathers Sect’s gate was shut, the various Sects still sent representatives over to exchange information.

There were some that came to probe the strength of the Divine Feathers Sect, while there were those that came seeking to purchase the Sacred Elixirs.

At this moment, there were five intents conversing in the sky of the Divine Feathers Sect.

They were the five pinnacle Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

Hierarch Martialsky involuntarily sighed, “I never imagined such great changes to our Divine Feathers Sect after being in secluded training for some time.”

“Looks like it was right to let Nie Li inherit the Sect Master position back then.” Hierarch Skycloud said.

“With the strength of our Divine Feathers Sect, we are undoubtedly the first amongst the Righteous Sects. Nie Li has indeed contributed greatly!” said Hierarch Dragonblaze.

“We must make such a genius stay. I have a suggestion, why don’t we select girls from our five clans and have them engaged with Nie Li? This way, Nie Li will put in more effort for our Divine Feathers Sect,” said Hierarch Ling Long, “Long Yuyin, or my clan, has a good relationship with Nie Li, just so happens that I can arrange for their marriage as soon as possible.”

“This is a good idea, just that I’m not sure of Nie Li’s opinion,” Hierarch Crimsonblood said after a brief hesitation.

“In my opinion, Nie Li is not someone so easy to deal with, so I don’t think it will be effective,” said Hierarch Skycloud.

“I wonder if Brother Yun has any better opinions,” said Hierarch Crimsonblood.

“Nie Li is a person that values relationships and is a righteous person. As long as we take good care of him, and in addition to the fact that he is the Sect Master or our Divine Feathers Sect, he will not abandon the Sect based on his character. If we force him to be linked by marriage with our clans, it might have a negative effect instead,” said Hierarch Skycloud.

“Nie Li is the disciple of Hierarch Skycloud, so you will naturally understand Nie Li’s character better. So we will do as Hierarch Skycloud suggests,” said Hierarch Martialsky.

As he spoke, a message came to Hierarch Martialsky’s ears, which caused him to briefly focus his attention.

“I have just received news that Nie Li has returned from the Heavenly Note Sect.” Hierarch Martialsky briefly frowned.

“I wonder if he has any information?” Every single Hierarch couldn’t help asking in doubt.

“According to Nie Li’s words, the Heavenly Note Sect was just under attack by the Demon God’s Sect, he wants us to send 50,000 people to protect the Heavenly Note Sect,” said Hierarch Martialsky as he continued, “At least above the Heavenly Axis Realm and Dao of the Dragon Realm with ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts of at least 3-stage.”

“50,000 experts, so much?” Hierarch Crimsonblood was slightly doubtful. “I wonder what are Nie Li’s intentions? The Heavenly Note Sect might not agree to this.”

“The Heavenly Note Sect has already agreed to this,” said Hierarch Martialsky, as he continued, “Nie Li has a request, to let all those disciples we sent over to be single without any Dao Companion.”

“Single without a Dao Companion? Why would he have such a special request?” Hierarch Crimsonblood was briefly stunned.

Even Hierarch Skycloud was in doubt.

With a flash of thought, Hierarch Linglong laughed out, “This Nie Li is indeed cunning.”

“Please explain for us, Hierarch Linglong.” Hierarch Martialsky said in doubt.

“Think carefully, what does the Heavenly Note Sect have in great numbers? It’s girls, of course. The Heavenly Note Sect does not accept males, so all of their disciples are female.” Hierarch Linglong smiled.

When the other Hierarchs gave it more thought, they instantly understood what was going on.

“Nie Li probably solved the issue at the crucial time when the Heavenly Note Sect was under the attack of the Demon God’s Sect. Otherwise, they would definitely not agree with Nie Li to send so many disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect. But Nie Li is cunning indeed, he actually requested to send all singles.” Hierarch Linglong smiled as she continued, “Those female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect rarely see a male, usually. After several months, they will definitely be starved. Just think about what outcome there would be by sending 50,000 single males.”

“Hierarch Skycloud, didn’t you say that Nie Li was full of righteous?” Hierarch Crimsonblood’s face was weird.

“This... I take back the words that I said previously.” Hierarch Skycloud couldn’t help saying awkwardly.

“It’s natural for guys to value relationships and loyalty. But one cannot be too upright and has to be smart as well. There’s nothing bad about it. On the contrary, I like Nie Li’s character!” Hierarch Linglong smiled.

“What does the rest of you think about Nie Li’s suggestion?” Hierarch Linglong said thereafter as she continued, “Just think about it, we do not have any thoughts of backstabbing the Heavenly Note Sect and also protect them, even solving the hunger of the female disciples in the Heavenly Note Sect. Two birds with one stone, why not?”

“Sending 50,000 disciples to the Heavenly Note Sect, if we formed 50,000 couples, wouldn’t the entire Heavenly Note Sect be under our control? In a few decades, the Heavenly Note Sect will not be able to separate from the Divine Feathers Sect. Although this can’t be considered as a scheme, isn’t it not right?” Hierarch Crimsonblood said with a flushed face as he continued, “My Divine Feathers Sect does things righteously.”

“Hierarch Crimsonblood is wrong with your words, how is this not righteous?” Hierarch Linglong said, “Since the Heavenly Note Sect needs our help, do you not need to send people over to help them?”

“Need.” Hierarch Crimsonblood said after a brief thought.

“Since we’re going to send people over, who are we going to send? Is it wrong for Nie Li to tell us to send single males over? Many disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect admires the female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect. Shouldn’t we give them a hand?” Hierarch Linglong snorted as she continued, “Hierarch Crimsonblood has a wife and concubines in your home, but we cannot starve others after being satisfied ourselves. Should the disciples of our Divine Feathers Sect be single all their life?”

Hearing Hierarch Linglong’s words, Hierarch Crimsonblood’s face flushed red. “Then, I agree to Nie Li’s suggestion.”

Hierarch Skycloud spoke out as well, “I agree to Nie Li’s suggestion, as well.”

Hierarch Martialsky spoke out after pondering, “Since that’s the case, then we will select 50,000 single disciples of our Divine Feathers Sect to head for the Heavenly Note Sect to prevent the Heavenly Note Sect from being attacked again. This matter has to be done fast.”