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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 471

Chapter 471 - Decreed to Hit On Chicks

Once the matter was agreed upon by the five powerhouses, there was naturally no opposition when the plan was put into motion within the Divine Feathers Sect.

The entire Divine Feathers Sect bustled as many gathered in the Divine Feathers Sect’s martial field. The ones that convened were all male disciples.

“I wonder why the deputy sect master called for us to convene.”

“That’s right. Rumor has it that they have to be single male disciples in the sect. Could it be that the deputy sect master plans on matchmaking us?”

The disciples engaged in discussion, somewhat puzzled over the situation.

Back when Nie Li became the Divine Feathers Sect’s sect master, many disciples had been unconvinced about him in the beginning. The reasons were very simple. He had only joined the Divine Feathers Sect for a few years and had mediocre qualifications. Besides, his strength had not reached the Martial Ancestor Realm.

But over time, they no longer objected his appointment at all. Instead, they were highly supportive of Nie Li’s role as sect master.

Which sect master could raise the cultivation levels of everyone in such a short period of time? Ever since Nie Li began helming the sect, they had a significant increase in their cultivation ranks. Some of the ones with excellent talent had even raised a few ranks.

Nie Li had been placed on a pedestal of paramount heights in the minds of these disciples.

Li Xingyun swept his gaze across the martial field which had tens of thousands of people. With so many people present, there was a cacophony of voices. Everyone was engaged in discussion, with no one listening to what Li Xingyun had to say.

Li Xingyun coughed as his voice reached into everyone’s ears. He said in a deep voice, “Ever since Sect Master went to the Heavenly Note Sect, I have taken on the duty as Divine Feathers Sect’s deputy sect master. This is the first time Sect Master has sent an order back. All of you are to listen well.”

The moment they heard that it was an order from the sect master, the entire martial field fell silent. Everyone’s eyes were trained on Li Xingyun.

The sudden silence left Li Xingyun taken aback. He found himself a little out of his element.

He never expected Nie Li’s order to be so useful among the numerous ordinary disciples.

Li Xingyun coughed a few times to conceal his embarrassment before finally saying, “The reason why Sect Master requested me to convene this session is to inform you that you will soon be deployed to the Heavenly Note Sect!”

“Deputy Sect Master, is there an important mission that Sect Master has for us which requires our presence there? Are we there to protect him?” inquired a disciple with a shout.

Everyone looked at Li Xingyun intently. “Has Sect Master encountered trouble? If Sect Master requires us, we will not falter even in the face of death.”

Li Xingyun hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Sect Master has not encountered any trouble. Your deployment there is not to protect him.”

Everyone exchanged looks as they felt puzzled. Then what was the reason?

“There is indeed an important mission for deploying you there. You are expected to protect the Heavenly Note Sect,” said Li Xingyun with a faint smile.

“Protect the Heavenly Note Sect? Why would the Heavenly Note Sect want our protection?” asked a few baffled disciples.

“Just recently, the Demon God’s Sect had suddenly attacked the Heavenly Note Sect, dealing it a major blow. Later, the Demon God’s Sect members were scared off by our sect master. The Heavenly Note Sect is one of the six Divine Sects after all. It is necessary that we protect them from the demonic forces,” said Li Xingyun.

“We understand, Deputy Sect Master. Rest assured. We will definitely complete the mission!”

“We will definitely do our best to protect the Heavenly Note Sect!” said the disciples in unison.

Li Xingyun suddenly smiled enigmatically. “Apart from protecting the Heavenly Note Sect, Sect Master will be entrusting all of you with an even more important mission. That is... you are to bring a bunch of kids back.”

“Bring a bunch of kids back? Might we know what you mean, Deputy Sect Master?” The disciples exchanged looks.

Li Xingyun laughed out loud. “Do I need to make it any clearer? When all of you arrive in the Heavenly Note Sect, do your best at hitting on the chicks there. Think about it. The Heavenly Note Sect’s female disciples cultivate all the time in their sect. How many years have they not seen men?”

The disciples stood dumbfounded for quite a long while for they never imagined that the sect master would give them such an... order.

Upon seeing the disciples in a daze, Li Xingyun pointed at the crowd and said, “Don’t you understand? Sect Master’s intent is to pass the decree for all of you to hit on chicks. Sect Master said that all of you are unable to bring back a chick after heading to the Heavenly Note Sect, it would be a disgrace to our Divine Feathers Sect. They shall be expelled from the sect, never to be accepted in again. If you bring back a kid, you would be strengthening our sect. Such a meritorious service would be rewarded with ten Sacred Elixirs. If two kids are brought back, they would be rewarded with thirty Sacred Elixirs. Do you now understand!?”

“We get it!” The Divine Feathers Sect disciples let out a deafening roar.

All of them beamed with joy. They never expected that the sect master would deploy them to the Heavenly Note Sect for flirting! To be a subordinate of such a sect master was just... too awesome!

“This matter is confidential. So just do so silently. Do not let the members of the Heavenly Note Sect know of it. Do you understand?” said Li Xingyun loudly.

“Yes!” answered the Divine Feathers Sect disciples loudly in unison.

Li Xingyun nodded with a smile. Although he felt a little embarrassed, having never expected Nie Li to announce such a shameless matter, he could not help but feel a little tempted and impulsive when he saw the bunch of perverts looking so excited that they could hardly contain themselves.

Rumor had it that the chicks from the Heavenly Note Sect were all peerless beauties.

If he wasn’t married to a wife, especially one that was akin to a tigress, he too had the urge to pay the Heavenly Note Sect a visit.

That bastard Nie Li was shameless enough!

Soon, the bunch of Divine Feathers Sect experts finished packing and began setting off. All the single men of the Divine Feathers Sect could hardly stand being single.

The experts headed for the Heavenly Note Sect in groups. They were burdened with an important mission because the sect master had said that they would be expelled from the sect and never to be taken back in if they failed to bring a chick back. If that really happened, it would be the greatest shame of their lives!

Meanwhile, in a room inside the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nie Li slowly put away a letter and smiled.

“Li Xingyun has already sent seventy thousand people over. It’s more than sufficient when it comes to protecting the Heavenly Note Sect,” said Nie Li as the corner of his lips curled up.

When Xiao Ning’er saw the letter, she asked out of curiosity, “I have something I’m very puzzled about. Why must you send a bunch of single men over? Can’t other people protect the Heavenly Note Sect?”

Xiao Ning’er blinked her eyes, looking pure and innocent. As a result, Nie Li could not help but break out in sweat.

Nie Li could not help but think, Am I a little too shameless? After some thought, he said, “This is for the Heavenly Note Sect’s wellbeing. Only single men would devote themselves completely. With their protection, the Heavenly Note Sect will definitely be safe and secure.”