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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 475

Chapter 475 - Eternal Bond

The Divine Feathers Sect disciples were also left at a loss.

Before they came to the Heavenly Note Sect, Nie Li had already given a non-negotiable command. If they failed to find a Dao partner in the Heavenly Note Sect, none of them were allowed to return to the Divine Feathers Sect.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if they were to fail the mission? Wouldn’t they end up as vagrants?

In the beginning, everyone wasn’t in that much of a hurry. After all, there was plenty of time. They were all choosing targets according to their own preferences. And it had to be said that the Heavenly Note Sect was indeed a famous cultivation sect. The female disciples it had were all gorgeous and simply captivating.

But on the second day of their arrival in the Divine Feathers Sect, a disciple had already partnered with a female Heavenly Note Sect disciple. The way the couple nestled together left others in envy.

Following that, it was rumored that the disciple spent the night in the Heavenly Note Sect disciple’s room. That was completely intolerable!

However, the disciples were still in no rush in choosing partners. After all, the best had yet to come.

On the third day, another three disciples found their Dao partners, and by the fourth day, another five had found theirs. On the fifth day, there were thirteen couples forged.

At times, thoughts of dating would spread like the plague.

When others had a Dao partner while you lacked one, would you wish to find one?

Besides, this was a non-negotiable mission given by the sect. Who wouldn’t dare to complete it?

However, this only made the inarticulate ones suffer. Upon seeing the beautiful girls in the Heavenly Note Sect in front of them, many of them couldn’t even form a sentence, so how were they to find a Dao partner? Unfortunately, the mission their sect master had entrusted them had to be completed even if they had to risk their lives!

Therefore, all sorts of dating manuals or chick-flirting sutras spread among the Divine Feathers Sect disciples.

Furthermore, in order to hook up with the female Heavenly Note Sect disciples, they used every means possible. Every night, they would pay visits to the rooms of the female disciples.

And as the saying goes, women feared men who pestered. Upon seeing their sisters around them having partners, wouldn’t these female disciples also start staying on the fence?

Therefore, the entire Heavenly Note Sect became a huge matchmaking party.

In the main hall of the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nangong Xianyin was on the brink of a mental collapse and feeling utmost frustration. She had never expected that the situation would develop like this when she invited the Divine Feathers Sect to protect her Heavenly Note Sect.

“Did he really say that?” Nangong Xianyin glared at Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun nodded with her face flushed with embarrassment. “Yes, Sect Master. That was what Nie Li said.”

“He’s... seriously...” Nangong Xianyin wanted to vent her anger, but she was at a loss for words to describe the situation. If she said anything improper, it would probably lead to another problematic situation if it reached Nie Li.

After all, the Divine Feathers Sect was now in power. Even if Nangong Xianyin was infuriated, all she could do was suffer in silence.

“Sect Master, do you have anything you would like me to pass to him?” Ye Ziyun asked Nangong Xianyin.

Nangong Xianyin thought for a moment and said with minced words, “Since the Divine Feathers Sect isn’t willing to withdraw, is it possible for us to send a number of our disciples to other places?”

“Sect Master, Nie Li has already thought of that. He said that people from the Demon God’s Sect are currently out abducting people from orthodox sects. It would be fine sending one or two female disciples out, but if they were to leave in groups, they might easily be ambushed by the Demon God’s Sect. After all, the disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect are too weak,” Ye Ziyun said with a mask of solemnity.

“Sending one or two?” Nangong Xianyin’s brows twitched. With the Heavenly Note Sect’s present situation, what was the point in sending one or two?

“In addition, Nie Li also said that since the Divine Feathers Sect is here in the Heavenly Note Sect, he has to show a gesture of appreciation. Regardless of what the Heavenly Note Sect wants, be they peerless secret manuals, top-grade pills, or even items like the Sacred Elixirs, the Divine Feathers Sect can provide them without limit. However, these things can only be given to people of their own,” said a slightly ashamed Ye Ziyun.

“Their own?” Nangong Xianyin was taken aback.

“That’s right. He’s referring to the ones who are closer to the Divine Feathers Sect disciples. Nie Li said that there are a few female disciples in the Heavenly Note Sect who are deliberately acting aloof and have spurned the Divine Feathers Sect disciples. The Divine Feathers Sect does not wish to have relationships with such people,” said Ye Ziyun.

“Nie Li... is really... shameless!” Nangong Xianyin’s face flushed red. If she wasn’t aware that Ye Ziyun was Nie Li’s fiancée, she would have blown her top. Even though the Divine Feathers Sect was powerful, she could not help herself from cursing.

Nie Li was simply being too ruthless. What did he mean by deliberately acting aloof? That was exercising self-restraint and being chaste, alright?

In the days to come, the chaste Heavenly Note Sect disciples would definitely suffer a form of persecution. As for the female disciples who had close relationships with the Divine Feathers Sect disciples, they would be provided with peerless secret manuals and top-grade pills, as well as Sacred Elixirs. Wasn’t he bent on emptying out the Heavenly Note Sect?

“What else did he say? He’s really going overboard in his bullying. Does he really think that my Heavenly Note Sect doesn’t have anyone to prevent this bullying?” Nangong Xianyin cursed in frustration. “I’ll now summon the Heavenly Note Sect disciples and fight it out with him.”

“Nie Li also asked why must you do so? Firstly, the Divine Feathers Sect isn’t the enemy of the Heavenly Note Sect. The only thing the Divine Feathers Sect wishes to do is to protect the Heavenly Note Sect. Regardless of what happens to the Heavenly Note Sect disciples, they will forever be Heavenly Note Sect disciples. As long as you do not chase them away, they will absolutely not leave.”

Ye Ziyun carefully observed Nangong Xianyin’s expression. Nie Li had even guessed her reaction, so when she saw that Nangong Xianyin hadn’t flown into a rage, she continued, “As the saying goes, the interdependence of yin and yang forms the basis of all life. Some female Heavenly Note Sect disciples and male Divine Feathers Sect disciples just hit it off together and simply resonate. We from the Divine Feathers Sect do not wish to separate them, so why must you, Sect Master Nangong, separate the lovebirds?”

“But the Heavenly Note Sect has sect rules! It’s an ancestral decree!” Nangong Xianyin said with a heavy tone.

“Nie Li also said that so-called sect rules and ancestral decrees were simply determined by a particular predecessor on a whim. Yet, this causes successive generations to strictly abide by it. On careful thought, what benefits does this bring to the Heavenly Note Sect? Now that the Heavenly Note Sect is lacking in talent, it’s already one of the weakest sects. If the Divine Feathers Sect doesn’t interfere, the outcome of the Heavenly Note Sect would be hard to tell. If the Demon God’s Sect were to go to war with the orthodox sects, the first sect to be destroyed would be the Heavenly Note Sect. Now that the Heavenly Note Sect and Divine Feathers Sect have formed an eternal bond, and the Heavenly Note Sect is spreading its seeds, isn’t that a great thing?” Ye Ziyun continued when she saw how Nangong Xianyin was in a hesitant, thoughtful expression. “Nie Li also said that as long as the Heavenly Note Sect doesn’t chase the disciples away, the Divine Feathers Sect would not take away any of the Heavenly Note Sect disciples. As for the disciples that have formed a lovely union with each other, it doesn’t take long to travel from the Divine Feathers Sect to the Heavenly Note Sect, so frequent visits are all that’s required.”

Nangong Xianyin fell into a prolonged silence. She had a mixed expression, for making such a decision was just too difficult for her.