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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 476

Chapter 476 - Returning to Tiny World

Seeing Nangong Xianyin hesitant and unable to make up her mind, Ye Ziyun cupped her hands at Nangong Xianyin and said, “Nie Li also said that regardless of your decision, he will accept it gracefully.”

“If the Heavenly Note Sect doesn’t need the Divine Feathers Sect’s protection, he’s willing to pull out all Divine Feathers Sect disciples from the Heavenly Note Sect and not disturb it any further,” said Ye Ziyun.

Nangong Xianyin’s expression warmed a little as she looked at Ye Ziyun with a helpless and wry smile. “Ziyun, what do you suggest that I do as sect master of the Heavenly Note Sect?”

“Sect Master, rest assured. With my understanding of Nie Li, he’s indeed someone who doesn’t abide by the rules and often does something outrageous. However, there is one thing that’s without a doubt—he has a righteous heart. If the Heavenly Note Sect were to be plunged into a calamity, with Nie Li’s personality, he would protect the Heavenly Note Sect even at the cost of his life,” said Ye Ziyun with full certainty.

“Why are you so sure?” Nangong Xianyin asked as she pricked her brows up slightly.

“With my understanding of him.” Ye Ziyun cast her gaze into the distance as she immersed herself into distant memories. “From where we come from, there’s a place called Glory City. It suffers the perennial attacks of beasts and faces destruction at any time.

“Every one of us fights bravely in battle for Glory City’s safety. Countless predecessors have sacrificed their lives to prevent it from succumbing to disaster.

“Later, we learned that Glory City is only but a small part of Tiny World and Tiny World is only a part of the Draconic Ruins Realm. Humans and demons have been engaged in an unending war. All this while, Nie Li has used every means possible, some by his own will and some against his own will, but the goal is to protect Glory City.

“For Glory City, we can forgo life and death. As it’s where we grew up, it’s our hometown.” Ye Ziyun’s eyes flickered with glimmering tears. “Sect Master, I’m not sure if you understand the feelings I’m getting at.”

“I get it a little,” said Nangong Xianyin softly.

“Logically speaking, Nie Li has Sacred Elixirs in hand. If he hides it well and gives it only to Divine Feathers Sect disciples, in less than ten years, the gap between the Heavenly Note Sect and the Divine Feathers Sect would become as stark as night and day, especially for Martial Ancestor Realm experts. I believe you are most aware of the effects of the Sacred Elixirs. However, Nie Li is willing to divert a portion of the Sacred Elixirs and give them to the various Divine sects.

“All of this is because Nie Li wishes for the six Divine sects to become stronger. Together, everyone can strive to fend off the Demonic sect.” Ye Ziyun said as she looked straight at Nangong Xianyin. “With what Nie Li has done for everyone, are you still doubtful of his intentions?”

“This... Ziyun, you have mistaken. I’m not doubting Sect Master Nie’s intentions. It’s just that I can’t reconcile some of the things he has done,” Nangong Xianyin hurriedly explained.

“If the Demon God’s Sect were to come again, do you think that the Heavenly Note Sect will be able to send the enemy into a retreat with its present strength? If the Heavenly Note Sect were the same as it was before, it’s definitely doomed. Compared to sitting idle, why not enact some changes?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nangong Xianyin and said earnestly.

Nangong Xianyin fell silent for a long while. As she considered the matter, she realized that she had no other choice due to the pressing situation.

Even if Nie Li really had the best of intentions for the Heavenly Note Sect, his overbearing methods left her displeased.

However, so what if she felt displeased? The Heavenly Note Sect was now extremely weak, so all it could do was suffer through it.

“Ziyun, help me inform Sect Master Nie that the Heavenly Note Sect naturally welcomes the Divine Feathers Sect. As long as it doesn’t do anything overboard, I’ll turn a blind eye,” said Nangong Xianyin with a rueful smile as she waved her hand.

“Alright, I’ll definitely inform Nie Li,” Ye Ziyun said with a smile. She was overjoyed upon seeing Nangong Xianyin accept the situation.

Although she was a Heavenly Note Sect disciple, she was still Nie Li’s fiancée, so she naturally stood on his side. Besides, all of them had the wish to protect Glory City, and since whatever Nie Li did was for Glory City, she naturally approved of it. Furthermore, Heavenly Note Sect’s rule of only accepting female disciples was quite archaic and required some changing.

In Nie Li’s yard, Nie Li sat there as he silently caressed the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. Ever since he swallowed the Myriad Ancestor Sword fragments, Nie Li sensed that the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword contained terrifying power. Even he could not help but feel astounded by it.

It was a mystery how mighty the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword would be if its full might was released.

Ye Ziyun walked in as Nie Li was caressing the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.

“Has Sect Master Nangong agreed?” Nie Li glanced at Ye Ziyun and asked with a smile.

“How did you know?” Ye Ziyun hung a smile as she asked.

“As the saying goes, people bow under the force of circumstances. Sect Master Nangong isn’t a fool. If she really became estranged with the Divine Feathers Sect, she will not be able to bear the consequences at all. Despite knowing that we are forcing her hand, all she can do is submit obediently,” Nie Li said with a rapturous laugh.

“What if the Heavenly Note Sect doesn’t mind an internecine outcome?” Ye Ziyun glanced at Nie Li.

“Then...” A fierce glint flashed in Nie Li’s eyes. “We can only have a change of sect masters. I believe that there will be someone in the Heavenly Note Sect who would enjoy the position of sect master. Giving her more Sacred Elixirs and establishing ties with her will definitely make her a serious opponent.”

“Nie Li... it’s best you don’t do something like that.” Ye Ziyun thought about it before heaving a sigh of relief. “Thankfully, Sect Master Nangong was agreeable to it.”

“Can eggs remain unbroken when the nest is in ruins? The Sage Emperor wishes to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm. There is no way for the Heavenly Note Sect to remain righteous without consideration for the others. Compared to letting a mediocre leader lead the Heavenly Note Sect to destruction, I might as well take a risk,” said Nie Li. “Thankfully Nangong Xianyin acquiesced.”

“Then, what do we do next?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li and asked. Knowing how powerful an existence the Sage Emperor was, Ye Ziyun felt anxious.

“Summon Ning’er, Duan Jian, Du Ze and the rest. We will be returning to Tiny World,” Nie Li said.

“Return to Tiny World?” Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun’s eyes lit up. However, when she suddenly recalled how her father was no longer around, the look in her eyes dimmed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely find a way to revive Father-in-law.” Nie Li patted Ye Ziyun on the shoulder and said.

“Okay.” Ye Ziyun nodded and looked into Nie Li’s eyes and said firmly, “I believe you!”

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s firm expression, Nie Li could not help but pull her into an embrace. This young girl had silently burdened herself with just too many things.