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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 477

Chapter 477 - Duan Jian

Heavenly Note Sect’s Skyline Pavilion. This was a quiet and serene compound which was filled with flowers. The flowers were in full bloom and simply gorgeous.

The compound had a few tables set up, and at that moment, Heavenly Note Sect’s Sect Master Nangong Xianyin was playing host to guests. A few powerhouse-level experts of the Heavenly Note Sect were present.

Nangong Xianyin sat at a seat of honor while in thought.

“Sect Master, might we know why you gathered us here today?” Grand Elder Yan Hongye asked as she looked at Nangong Xianyin with cupped hands.

“What else but Divine Feathers Sect...” Nangong Xianyin said with a snort.

“What’s wrong with the Divine Feathers Sect?” Yan Hongye looked at Nangong Xianyin and asked in puzzlement.

“Divine Feathers Sect’s Sect Master Nie Li is treating our Heavenly Note Sect like his own. We have so many female disciples who are marrying the Divine Feathers Sect’s disciples. Soon, the Heavenly Note Sect will likely become a part of them!” Nangong Xianyin grunted as she said. “Today, I gathered here the sect masters from the various sects to make Nie Li feel some apprehension.”

“Sect Master, becoming tied to the Divine Feathers Sect through marriage isn’t anything negative to us. Now, our Heavenly Note Sect’s strength is increasing exponentially thanks to the Sacred Elixirs. With the Divine Feathers Sect protecting us, we are enjoying stability,” Yan Hongye cupped her hands and said with a smile.

Nangong Xianyin shot a glance at Yan Hongye and snorted. “Don’t think that I’m unaware that you have benefited greatly from that punk, Nie Li. Do you wish to be sect master next?”

“Sect Master, don’t say that. I have gone through thick and thin with you. Could it be that you do not trust me?” Yan Hongye’s eyes shimmered as she cupped her hands and continued, “Sect Master, please do the investigations. I’m not the only one who has benefited from the Divine Feathers Sect. Everyone has. Even you, Sect Master, have benefited from it, so why can’t I?”

Upon hearing Yan Hongye’s words, Nangong Xianyin blushed red. Indeed, she had accepted the benefits, so what right did she have to criticize others? The only person to blame was Nie Li for being so cunning. Without them even realizing it, he had corrupted the entire Heavenly Note Sect. Even Nangong Xianyin did not know how many people in the Heavenly Note Sect were leaning towards the Divine Feathers Sect.

Her gathering of the sect masters of the various sects was not to fight off the Divine Feathers Sect. Instead, all she wanted was to strike fear into the Divine Feathers Sect to prevent them from turning for the worse.

“Sect Master Nie Li is here!” An attendant suddenly shouted.

Nie Li with Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er in tow walked over.

“The punk, Nie Li, sends his greetings to Sect Master Nangong!” Nie Li cupped his hands slightly at Nangong Xianyin as he said with a faint smile.

“Hmph.” Nangong Xianyin grunted, clearly showing her displeasure.

“Sect Master Nangong, are you still displeased over the previous matter?” Nie Li asked with a laugh. He knew that Nangong Xianyin had submitted and was just pulling a tiny tantrum. If she really wanted to sever ties with the Divine Feathers Sect, it wouldn’t be just limited to petty facial expressions.

“You know very well why!” Nangong Xianyin said with a deep grunt.

“Hahaha, to seek forgiveness from the seniors of the Heavenly Note Sect, I have specially prepared a gift for all of you,” Nie Li said with a laugh as he cupped his hands towards Nangong Xianyin and the elders of the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nangong Xianyin feigned ignorance, but the eyes of the Heavenly Note Sect elders lit up.

Nie Li took out a golden elixir and curled his lips slightly. “This is my most recent creation known as the Dragon Flame Elixir, the strongest Sacred Elixir to date. Its potency is tens of times that of ordinary Sacred Elixirs. Only Martial Ancestor Realm experts can withstand its medicinal prowess!

“To refine it, it will take a full year to do so. As long as ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm experts are able to refine and absorb it for themselves, they will directly reach the 8-stage Martial Ancestor Realm. If an 8-stage Martial Ancestor Realm expert were to consume it, they might even reach the 9-stage Martial Ancestor Realm. This elixir can be said to be priceless!” Nie Li said with a smile. “I’ll be giving the Heavenly Note Sect one Dragon Flame Elixir as a gift. Take note that the Dragon Flame Elixir cannot be split and consumed, or I’m unable to guarantee its aftereffects.”

Upon seeing the Dragon Flame Elixir, the eyes of the Heavenly Note Sect elders lit up.

A box that contained a Dragon Flame Elixir was placed on a table.

“There’s only one Dragon Flame Elixir, but there are seven elders in Heavenly Note Sect. How do you expect us to split it?” Nangong Xianyin frowned.

“This Dragon Flame Elixir is just too precious. Obtaining one is already difficult,” Nie Li said with a wry smile.

“Such a potent elixir is naturally extremely rare. Sect Master, you must not abuse Sect Master Nie Li’s good intentions.” Yan Hongye’s eyes first lit up before they dimmed as she said. There was only one Dragon Flame Elixir, so she definitely had no chance of obtaining it.

Nangong Xianyin was feeling extremely embarrassed. The Dragon Flame Elixir was truly a hot potato.

It would be a pity if she didn’t accept such a treasure. But if she accepted it, who was to consume it? If she consumed it herself, it would definitely displease the other seven elders. If she gave it to someone else, an 8-stage Martial Ancestor Realm expert would be produced a year later. Wouldn’t her position as sect master than become at risk?

Nangong Xianyin looked up and saw Nie Li smiling. Although she was pissed, she was helpless. Despite knowing that Nie Li was doing it deliberately, all she could do was accept it in silence.

“Then, thank you, Sect Master Nie Li,” Nangong Xianyin said with cupped hands before she put away the Dragon Flame Elixir.

Upon seeing Nangong Xianyin accept the Dragon Flame Elixir, the Heavenly Note Sect elders looked at it longingly before sighing in resignation. As ardent cultivators, nothing was more alluring to them than the elixir.

“Phaseless Sect, Sect Master Xiu is here!” A crisp voice sounded from the front hall.

An entourage of six people walked in. Leading them was an elder in silver-gray robes. He looked spirited and had a firm gait. The people behind him looked valiant and most eye-catching of them all was a man with a pair of dragon-shaped wings on his back. His body was entirely golden in color as though he was forged from gold.

This person was none other than Duan Jian who had headed to the Phaseless Sect for cultivation. He was now like an unsheathed sword that effused an extremely sharp bearing, and his face was as cold as ice. He gave others an invisible form of suppression.

“Who is this person? Why haven’t we seen him before?” The female Heavenly Note Sect disciples all looked over as they tried to guess at Duan Jian’s identity.

The aura Duan Jian emanated was indeed extremely potent. It was even close to that of the Phaseless Sect’s Sect Master Xiu.

As Duan Jian walked, his eyes lit up when he saw Nie Li. He immediately walked towards Nie Li.