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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 478

Chapter 478 - Talented Prowess

Upon seeing Duan Jian walking over steadily with his domineering stance, Nangong Xianyin was surprised to find herself under immense pressure.

“Although this person’s cultivation level hasn’t reached the Martial Ancestor Realm, his realm’s aura isn’t beneath mine.” Nangong Xianyin thought in shock. “If this person reaches the Martial Ancestor Realm, how formidable would his strength be.”

Duan Jian stood in front of Nie Li who closed his eyes slightly and sensed the Duan Jian’s aura.

As Duan Jian and Nie Li stood there facing each other, the crowd in the hall could not help but cast curious gazes over.

All of them were guessing at the relationship between Duan Jian and Nie Li. Between the two, one of them was a pinnacle genius of the Phaseless Sect while the other was sect master of the Divine Feathers Sect. They were both illustrious figures among the younger generation.

“Were there conflicts between the two of them in the past?”

“That’s hard to say. They are both pinnacle geniuses, so it’s very normal for them to have some conflict.”

As everyone engaged in a discussion and, upon sensing the atmosphere in the hall being a little amiss, Sect Master Xiu was just about to say something when he saw Nie Li open his eyes and reveal a satisfied smile.

Upon seeing Nie Li open his eyes, Duan Jian cupped his hands slightly at Nie Li and said, “Master.”

Upon hearing Duan Jian, everyone in the hall was startled.

“What did Duan Jian just say?”

“Duan Jian called Nie Li ‘master?’”

The surrounding crowd was alarmed—regardless if they were from the Heavenly Note Sect or the Phaseless Sect. Even the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect were astonished as well.

The crowd was aware of Duan Jian’s stunning talent. Talk on the grapevine was that someone had studied and ranked all the genius disciples of the major Divine Sects. Without any exaggeration, Duan Jian was no doubt number one.

Although everyone did not know Duan Jian’s actual realm, they guessed that he was likely at the Dao of Dragon Realm and had yet to step into the Martial Ancestor Realm.

On the one hand, Duan Jian’s cultivation speed was unimaginably fast. In a short span of time, he had gone from nobody to someone at the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm. On the other hand, although Duan Jian was at the pinnacle of the Dao of Dragon Realm, the strength he demonstrated was probably not inferior to a Martial Ancestor Realm expert.

Only Nie Li knew the reason why Duan Jian’s cultivation speed was that fast, allowing him to open up such a huge gap with the rest in such a short span of time.

On the one hand, it had to do with Duan Jian’s cultivation talent being sufficiently stunning, to begin with. On the other hand, it was also because of his potent constitution. With dragon blood flowing through his veins, the potency of his body was not something the average person could come close.

In addition, he had also benefited from Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs.

Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs had extremely potent medicinal effects. Consumption by an ordinary person would typically require them to take more than a month to refine it so as to digest all its medicinal essence. If one ate too many Sacred Elixirs, it would only lead to death. Yet, Duan Jian did not need to have such worries. Therefore, the Sacred Elixirs he consumed were hundreds of times more potent than the Sacred Elixirs which ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm experts consumed. Furthermore, he just needed ten days to completely refine the medicinal essence.

Hence, it wasn’t surprising that Duan Jian’s cultivation would reach such an astounding stage after such a long period of time. His body’s strength also evolved into a terrifying stage.

However, such a genius had actually addressed Nie Li as ‘master.’ This was an extremely shocking matter.

It was even more shocking for Sect Master Xiu and the other members of the Phaseless Sect. Although they were always wary and reverent towards Duan Jian’s terrifying strength and rapid improvement in his cultivation level, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they had deemed Duan Jian to be an important factor in the uprising of their Phaseless Sect. If their sect really produced an overlord, they would also share in the glory.

It was definite that Duan Jian’s future involved him being an overlord existence in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Therefore, even the sect master of the Phaseless Sect was very polite and cordial to Duan Jian.

Why would Duan Jian address Nie Li as master? What relationship did they actually have? Everyone could not help but make guesses.

Nie Li looked at Duan Jian and smiled faintly. “Not bad. You have already cultivated a Golden Dragon Body. It’s still somewhat lacking with it not having reached the Invincible Golden Body, but it’s more than sufficient for you to deal with ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm experts. When your cultivation breaks through to the Martial Ancestor Realm, your strength will be something even people at the pinnacle of the Martial Ancestor Realm will not match.”

“Master, if not for you, I’d not be what I am today!” Duan Jian cupped his hands and said. The way he looked at Nie Li was filled with supreme respect and reverence.

Although Duan Jian’s cultivation had far exceeded Nie Li’s, to Duan Jian, Nie Li was like an omniscient god. He had always been guiding and advising him on his cultivation path. To him, Nie Li was truly unfathomable with no one capable of coming close.

Even the sect masters of the major Divine Sects were not Nie Li’s equal when it came to cultivation.

“Our reunion today is worthy of a celebration!” Nie Li patted Duan Jian on the shoulder.

It took Nangong Xianyin quite a while before she suppressed her shock. She asked, feeling a little embarrassed, “Sect Master Nie, might I know what relationship you have with Duan Jian?”

“Back in the Tiny World, I was his master and he was my servant. Later, I joined the Divine Feathers Sect and he went to the Phaseless Sect. That’s all!” Nie Li laughed out loud. He looked at Sect Master Xiu from the Phaseless Sect and said, “Sect Master Xiu, you wouldn’t mind it, right?”

“Of course not,” Sect Master Xiu said with an obsequious smile. He couldn’t help but lampoon inwardly. Could he?

Speaking of which, the Phaseless Sect had benefited greatly from Nie Li. Just the Sacred Elixirs were enough to substantially raise the Phaseless Sect’s strength. Although he felt a little unhappy and alarmed that a person like Duan Jian would actually submit himself to Nie Li, he definitely didn’t dare voice his concerns.

They were probably more occasions for cooperation in the future with the Divine Feathers Sect!

“That’s good. Sect Master Xiu, you sure are magnanimous,” said Nie Li with a guffaw.

At that moment, a tall and slender youth with a fair and mesmerizing face attracted Nie Li’s attention. He wore a faint but odd smile, gently sipping a mouthful of wine as he sat there. It was unknown when he had appeared.

His pale face had indescribable oddness and charm.

Upon seeing that person, Nie Li’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict slightly.

The person before him was the Demon Lord who had entered the Phaseless Sect with Duan Jian back then. He was none other than the person who helmed the Dark Guild back in the Tiny World, the person who had once brought endless calamities to Glory City.

Rumor had it that Demon Lord became Sect Master Xiu’s disciple after entering the Phaseless Sect. He later lived in seclusion and spent all his time cultivating, seldom showing himself. It was quite unexpected that he had come together with the rest of the Phaseless Sect.

Nie Li reflected for a moment before walking straight to where Demon Lord was sitting.