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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 480

Chapter 480 - Reunion

“That’s not necessarily. Since it’s just some medicinal liquid of the Divine Phaseless Fruit, you can have it!” Nie Li took out a few bottles and threw them at Demon Lord.

Demon Lord caught the bottle and put it away.

“Aren’t you going to check if what I gave you is genuine?” Nie Li pricked up his brows slightly as he looked at Demon Lord.

“It’s not necessarily. You are a smart person who wouldn’t do something stupid,” Demon Lord said indifferently.

Ye Ziyun tugged at Nie Li’s sleeve and asked, “Nie Li, is this person... trustworthy?”

“At the very least, the Spring of Life he gave me is genuine. With the Spring of Life, I will be able to revive your father. Apart from that, I have no other grudge against him,” Nie Li said calmly.

“But Glory City has always been under his threat!” Ye Ziyun exclaimed.

“If the threat existed, it’s gone now, at the very least. The greatest threat now is Sage Emperor.” A cold glint flashed in Nie Li’s eyes. “If he continues to refine the Draconic Ruins Realm, be it the Tiny World or the Draconic Ruins Realm, they will all be reduced to nothing. Everyone will die!

“Therefore, enemies can sometimes become friends. At the very least, before Sage Emperor is dead, his goal is the same as mine,” Nie Li said.

“Although I don’t understand what’s happening, I’ll support you as long as it’s your decision,” Ye Ziyun said firmly.

By the side, Xiao Ning’er nodded and said, “Me too.”

When the others heard Nie Li’s conversation with Demon Lord, all of them felt a little puzzled. What Spring of Life? What Divine Phaseless Fruit? What Sage Emperor? They knew none of those terms.

They never expected the relationship between Nie Li and Demon Lord to go way back.

“In this world, the only people still clear in mind at present are the two of us,” Demon Lord said with a faint smile. “Before Sage Emperor’s death, we are allies. We shall battle it out for supremacy after he’s dead.”

“Deal!” Nie Li said with a faint smile.

Demon Lord scanned the surrounding crowd and said, “You have gone through such huge efforts to amass all these people, but will they be useful when the battle happens? Why not have one person have their strength break through the shackles and reach the pinnacle before fighting Sage Emperor?”

Nie Li glanced at Demon Lord and smiled. “I once had the same idea as you. My cultivation reached close to the limits of the Heavenly God, but I still lost to him. Do you know why?”


“Because he has six Deity-ranked Demon Beasts, as well as thousands of Deity-servants. Each one of them has cultivation realms in the mid-stages of the Heavenly God Realm or higher. He also has many Demonic Sects protecting him. After I defeated all his subordinates, I was already exhausted by the time I fought him,” Nie Li said with a bitter smile.

“You have also fought him before?” Demon Lord pricked up his brows slightly.

“That’s right. I’m guessing you are a Spiritual God from ancient times in possession of your current body. When you were battling him, he didn’t have that many experts, but over this vast amount of time, he has been working behind the scenes for too long. If we wish to defeat him, just the two of us is insufficient,” Nie Li said with a bitter smile.

“It’s no wonder you roped in the six Divine Sects,” Demon Lord scanned the people of each Divine Sect and said.

“That’s right. Not only am I roping them in, but I will also help them increase their strength, breaking through the Martial Ancestor Realm and stepping into the legendary Heavenly God Realm,” Nie Li said as he slightly clenched his fists. “Only by doing so can one fight Sage Emperor.”

“It’s probably impossible to get so many people to reach the Heavenly God Realm,” Demon Lord said.

“Since Sage Emperor was capable of doing so, I naturally can as well,” Nie Li said with certainty.

“Then I wish you success as I have little interest in them. Since I have your Divine Phaseless Fruit’s medicinal liquid, I plan to spend several months cultivating in seclusion!” Demon Lord said calmly as his body slowly phased away into nothingness. When he was gone, there was a faint echo: “I hope your cultivation will not be too far from mine the next time we meet!”

At this moment, an intent emitted from the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. It was none other than Goddess Yu Yan.

“Nie Li, do you know which Spiritual God’s incarnation he is?” Yu Yan asked.

“I’ve no idea too,” Nie Li said with a rueful smile. “That guy has an extremely odd aura, one that even leaves me in trepidation.”

Duan Jian looked at Nie Li and said, “While I was in the Phaseless Sect, I showed no fear even to Martial Ancestor Realm experts. He is the only one with unfathomable strength, and I’m not his match.”

“That’s normal. Even I can’t read him,” Nie Li said. “We shall not be his enemy for the time being.”

Soon, all the sect masters of the six Divine Sects had arrived. Apart from Heavenly Note Sect’s Sect Master Nangong Xianyin, Phaseless Sect’s Sect Master Xiu, there were Thousand Flowers Sect’s Sect Master Hua Qianyue, Sky Origin Sect’s Sect Master He Lianlie, and Skyblaze Sect’s Sect Master Yan Ying. Du Ze, Wei Nan, and Zhang Ming had arrived along with these sect masters.

“Nie Li.”

“Nie Li!” All of them gathered towards Nie Li, utterly delighted. After arriving in the Draconic Ruins Realm, although they were in contact with Nie Li via mail, they had not met in a very long time. Everyone had experienced tremendous changes during this period.

“Are all of you fine?” Nie Li looked at Du Ze and company as he smiled.

“I’m great,” Du Ze said with a faint smile.

“We’re great too. Our cultivation has risen sharply,” Wei Nan, Zhang Ming, and the rest said one after another.

“They are?” By the side, Nangong Xianyin looked at Nangong Xianyin and asked.

“They are my brothers,” Nie Li said with a faint smile.

The look in Nangong Xianyin’s eyes changed as she felt extremely shocked. As Heavenly Note Sect’s sect master, she was kept abreast with the latest intelligence. She knew all the juniors of the various sects that had slightly more talent than the average disciple. Furthermore, Du Ze and company were the cream of the crop of the various major sects. All of them wielded great power in their respective sects.

She never imagined that Nie Li had managed to plant his trusted followers in every sect!

More critically, these people who Nie Li had planted were all extremely talented.

Nangong Xianyin didn’t know that the reason why Du Ze and company had such potent cultivations wasn’t solely because of their talent. Instead, it was because they cultivated in top cultivation arts. They weren’t anything ordinary cultivation arts could compare with. Furthermore, Nie Li had given them copious amounts of Sacred Elixirs. It would be tough for them not to be outstanding with all those resources at their disposal.

Of course, they were also extremely diligent when it came to cultivation with not a single one of them slacking off. Their immense talent, and the nurturing they received from their sects, made all of them people with great say in their respective sects. Therefore, when each sect master came to the Heavenly Note Sect, they were brought along. This was a privilege that ordinary disciples didn’t enjoy.

“Today, let’s celebrate our reunion!” Nie Li said with a hearty laugh.