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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 481

Chapter 481 - Ancient Legend

As toasts were made at the banquet, Nie Li and company had a great time together.

Welling in her adrift thoughts, Nangong Xianyin remained slightly inattentive. Only after a long while did she sigh.

Although she felt indignation, she knew that if she continued treating Nie Li as an enemy, death was the only outcome. It was even possible to have the entire Heavenly Note Sect perish with her.

From the looks of it, the Heavenly Note Sect can only become a dependency of the Divine Feathers Sect. Once it becomes so, it’s probably very difficult to regain its autonomy. With so many female disciples having marriage ties with the Divine Feathers Sect, how is the Heavenly Note Sect to remain independent? The chains would only tighten with time.

As for the other sects, with all the most outstanding disciples being Nie Li’s subordinates, and with them being recipients of Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs, it was natural that they would be blinded by the benefits.

Now, the six Divine Sects had the Divine Feathers Sect as their unspoken leader.

The hall accommodated hundreds of people who were all experts from the various major sects. The sect masters of the six Divine Sects were here as well and were naturally here to visit Nie Li. After all, they had received plenty of favors from Nie Li, so it wasn’t right if they didn’t meet him in person. They also wished to know who it was that had changed the situation of the six Divine Sects.

Nie Li was younger than they had expected. It was truly amazing that he could become sect master of the Divine Feathers Sect at such a young age.

Just as the people from the various sects were chatting, Nie Li stood up and raised the cup of alcohol in his hand. He said to the various sect masters, “Everyone, welcome to the Heavenly Note Sect. I’m truly honored that you’ve graced this place with your presence.”

This fellow is really presumptuous to usurp my role as host! Nangong Xianyin rolled her eyes, but didn’t rebut Nie Li. Just a moment ago, Nie Li had privately given her a bottle of Sacred Elixirs. It was said to be tens of times more effective than ordinary Sacred Elixirs, so the only thing she could do was to turn a blind eye.

“Sect Master Nie, you’re being polite,” Phaseless Sect’s Sect Master Xiu said with a laugh.

“Might I know what’s the present relationship between the Heavenly Note Sect and Divine Feathers Sect?” Sky Origin Sect Master calmly looked at Nie Li, having never expected Nie Li to speak in Nangong Xianyin’s stead.

Nie Li laughed out loud. “Sect Master Wu, the Divine Feathers Sect and the Heavenly Note Sect are as close as family.”

When Lu Piao heard Nie Kai’s words, he laughed inwardly. The female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect were all partners of the Divine Feathers Sect disciples, so how could they not be family?

“Oh? Is that true?” Sky Origin Sect Master glanced at Nangong Xianyin who didn’t deny Nie Li’s claim. The Divine Feathers Sect’s connections ran so deep that it left others apprehensive. Even the most outstanding disciples of the Sky Origin Sect, Du Ze, and Hua Huo, were Nie Li’s friends.

Sky Origin Sect Master couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Was it possible that Nie Li was thinking of declaring himself supreme lord of the six Divine Sects?

“This is precisely the topic of today’s discussion. The Divine Feathers Sect is at present in a period of great prosperity. Sect Masters, I believe all of you believe that I have thoughts of declaring myself supreme lord of the six Divine Sects?” Nie Li looked at the sect masters of the Divine Sects.

Sky Origin Sect Master and Phaseless Sect Master lowered their heads without giving a response or denial. The other sect masters also sat in their spots, looking calm. They were interested to know what Nie Li was planning on saying.

“Just the opposite. The Divine Feathers Sect has zero intention of declaring itself supreme. If the Divine Feathers Sect really wished to do so, it wouldn’t have so generously given out Sacred Elixirs to all the different Divine Sects. With so many Sacred Elixirs, the Divine Feathers Sect can simply consume it in secret. In years, it will naturally become the number one sect. Sect Masters, do you agree with what I just said?” Nie Li asked with a smile.

Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, the sect masters of the various major sects had their expressions ease. What Nie Li said was indeed true. If the Divine Feathers Sect really wanted to declare itself supreme, why would strengthen them by giving them Sacred Elixirs?

“Sect Master Nie, let me toast you on behalf of the entire Sky Origin Sect.” Sky Origin Sect Master raised his cup and toasted Nie Li.

“Ever since we received Sect Master Nie’s Sacred Elixirs, the Phaseless Sect has experienced a tremendous increase in strength. Us from the Phaseless Sect will never forget your kindness, Sect Master Nie!” Phaseless Sect Master Xiu, Xiu Ming, and company raised their cups to toast him.

The others also stood up. After all, they had greatly benefited from Nie Li’s generosity.

“Of course, I’m not helping all of you for nothing.” Nie Li smiled. “Everyone has their selfish motives, and I’m no exception.”

“Sect Master Nie, if there’s anything you require us to do, we will definitely do our best!”

“Sect Master Nie, feel free to tell us. We will definitely pledge our assistance!”

Even Nangong Xianyin had pricked up her ears. From the looks of it, it was true that Nie Li had certain motives, but as to what it was and why he had given the Divine Sects so many Sacred Elixirs, she remained puzzled.

Nie Li smiled and said, “Everyone, listen to a story I have to say. In this world, there are countless Spiritual Gods.”

Upon hearing the words “Spiritual God,” everyone pricked up their ears. As sect masters of the major sects, they had naturally read the sect’s records and knew that Spiritual Gods did exist in the world. Furthermore, there were many experts who were possessed by reincarnated Spiritual Gods. Their ancestral masters were basically reincarnated Spiritual Gods who were pioneers that had established the Divine Sects. These Divine Sects continued to the present day with long histories that went all the way back.

“There’s a strongest Spiritual God in this world. He has sought to become a supreme existence, a Spiritual God that stands at the peak. Hence, he wishes to refine the entirety of the Draconic Ruins Realm. When that happens, all life would transform into Power of Origins that can be used by him.” Nie Li looked at the various sect masters. “I believe that in the records of the various sects that have been passed down since ancient times, there should be records of this Spiritual God. His name is Sage Emperor.”

The sect masters exchanged looks.

“That is nothing but an ancient legend.” Nangong Xianyin frowned.

“Sect Master Nangong, could it be that you believe your ancestors are deliberately lying to you?” Nie Li looked at Nangong Xianyin with a subtle smile.

“There are indeed such records in our sect,” Sky Origin Sect Master said with a nod.

“Ours as well!

“Us too!” The sect masters all nodded.

Everyone was alarmed. Could it be that the Spiritual God named Sage Emperor really existed? They suddenly recalled the conversation between Nie Li and Demon Lord.

“What I wish to say is that the records you have aren’t just legends. This Spiritual God named Sage Emperor does exist. He has never stopped in his attempt to refine the Draconic Ruins Realm. To resist Sage Emperor, several experts who are reincarnated Spiritual Gods have even established Ancestral God Lands.” Nie Li swept his gaze across the crowd.

“The Ancestral God Land is a place where our ancestors ascended. Only people who have broken through the Martial Ancestor Realm or the selected are able to head to the Ancestral God Land,” Sky Origin Sect Master said.

“That’s right. For billions of years, the Ancestral God Land has been constantly recruiting powerful experts to join forces to resist Sage Emperor. Now, the Ancestral God Land is on the brink of collapse; yet, they have yet to defeat Sage Emperor. Sage Emperor is close to successfully refining the Draconic Ruins Realm. The apocalypse is approaching. It’s just that all of you are unaware of it,” Nie Li said with a rueful smile.