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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 482

Chapter 482 - Divine Soul Dao Art

“This...” The sect masters of the various Divine Sects exchanged looks, shocked by Nie Li’s words.

They were surprised that the legendary Sage Emperor existed. To refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, what kind of mighty existence was he?

“Take these Sacred Elixirs for example. Apart from the Ancestral God Land, where do you think these can be found?” Nie Li looked at the crowd as he asked with a faint smile.

“If that’s the case, are you from the Ancestral God Land?” A sect master looked at Nie Li in astonishment.

“My fellow sect masters, none of you are dumb. Who would selflessly give out so many Sacred Elixirs to everyone if not to preserve the sanctity of the Draconic Ruins Realm’s existence?” Nie Li said to the crowd.

Everyone exchanged looks as they contemplated for a long while.

In their minds, there was no doubt that Nie Li was from the Ancestral God Land. Hence, they believed that the only thing they could do was to unite and heed Nie Li’s commands. Only by doing so could they forge a way out.

Lu Piao, Du Ze, and company blinked their eyes, feeling completely puzzled. When did Nie Li become someone from the Ancestral God Land?

The sects had chosen to believe a premise which Nie Li didn’t even admit to it.

“Our Sky Origin Sect is willing to follow Sect Master Nie’s instructions!” Sect Master Sky Origin thought for a moment before cupping his hands at Nie Li. “Sect Master Nie, if you have the means to deal with Sage Emperor, we are willing to give you our utmost assistance.”

“Our Phaseless Sect is willing to follow Sect Master Nie’s instructions!”


The sect masters of the various Divine Sects echoed one after another. They had all thought things through. Considering how Nie Li had offered so many Sacred Elixirs to them, there was nothing in their sects that could be more precious than those Sacred Elixirs even if he was scheming to gain something from them. The only viable explanation was that it was to deal with Sage Emperor!

It was a completely reasonable explanation.

Back when Nie Li and Demon Lord were at each other’s throats, they too had talked about Sage Emperor.

“Our Heavenly Note Sect shall do the same...” Nangong Xianyin thought for a moment before saying helplessly.

“Everyone, if we work together, we will defeat Sage Emperor and survive this calamity!” Nie Li smiled as he swept his gaze across everyone. Things were going as he expected.

“Sect Master Nie, what should we do next?” the sect masters asked.

“Sect Masters, please listen well. I want all of you to do a few things. First, I want all of you to increase your intake of disciples. The six sects have at least a million disciples, but that’s far from enough. I want the major sects to recruit tens of millions of disciples,” Nie Li said.

“Every year, our sects have recruited all the talents from the various lesser worlds. The rest are inept. They won’t be of any use even if we recruit them. How should we be teaching them?” Phaseless Sect’s sect master asked.

“I will give you some techniques for duplication. Imparting these techniques to these disciples would do. Also, all the other disciples are to cultivate in a cultivation technique known as the Divine Soul Dao Art,” Nie Li said.

“What kind of cultivation technique is the Divine Soul Dao Art?” the sect masters couldn’t help but ask.

“Only by cultivating the Divine Soul Dao Art can one step into the Ancestral God Land, and enter a whole other realm. Cultivating the Divine Soul Dao Art brings about a benefit—it will rapidly increase one’s cultivation speed,” Nie Li said with a smile.

“In that case, we will act according to your arrangements, Sect Master Nie!” the sect masters said in unison.

“Soon, I’ll be leaving for some time. During this period, please arrange to do everything as I’ve said,” Nie Li said to everyone as he cupped his hands.

“Sect Master Nie, please rest assured!” everyone replied politely.

In the following days, Nie Li began writing down these cultivation techniques before handing them over to the sect masters of the various sects. In turn, they hurriedly got people to duplicate them. The myriad and diverse cultivation techniques which were mysterious and potent left the sect masters astonished.

Most of the cultivation techniques were even more powerful than the mystic arts they cultivated in. And all of this deepened the various sect masters’ conviction that Nie Li came from the Ancestral God Land.

Just these cultivation techniques alone were priceless!

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, and company packed up their things under Nie Li’s lead as they prepared to head for Tiny World.

“Nie Li, what exactly is the Divine Soul Dao Art? Since it can greatly enhance one’s cultivation speed, why don’t you let us cultivate it?” everyone couldn’t help but ask him out of curiosity.

“All of you aren’t suited to cultivate the Divine Soul Dao Art. It’s out of no choice that we have to resort to this in our fight against Sage Emperor. This Divine Soul Dao Art was created by myself. Everyone who cultivates in it will experience an increase in their cultivation speed, but during the cultivation process, they will have a portion of their soul’s energy separate...” Nie Li said after a moment of silence.

“A portion of their soul’s energy will separate?” Du Ze couldn’t help but be taken aback. “What for?”

“This soul energy can be absorbed by people who cultivate in the Divine Soul Binding Art,” Nie Li said. “I will be imparting the Divine Soul Binding Art to the few of you.”

Upon hearing this astonishing matter, everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

“If I had told them the truth, I was afraid that they would be doubtful and not dare to cultivate it,” Nie Li said with a rueful smile. “To fight Sage Emperor, I need everyone’s strength to be focused on a small number of people. Only by doing so can we enter the Deity Realm at the fastest speed possible.”

“How terrifying. What a powerful cultivation technique...” Everyone couldn’t help but verbalize their shock. It took them quite a while before they snapped to their senses.

“Nie Li, if tens of millions of people cultivate in the Divine Soul Dao Art, what will happen eventually?” Du Ze thought before asking.

“If there are truly tens of millions of people cultivating in the Divine Soul Dao Art, we will only need a day to cultivate to the Martial Ancestor Realm,” Nie Li said after some thought.

“A day?” Everyone couldn’t help but draw a gasp.

“Then what side effects does this cultivation technique have?”

“That’s right. This cultivation technique is way too powerful.”

“There are temporarily no side effects, but the effects of the Divine Soul Binding Art lasts only thirty years. After thirty years, the Divine Soul cultivation that’s concentrated on your bodies will slowly disperse,” Nie Li said.

“I see,” Lu Piao said after some thought, “but it’s still very potent.”

“Nie Li, you plan on battling Sage Emperor within thirty years?” Du Ze asked Nie Li.

“That’s right. We have thirty years at most. This is our only chance,” Nie Li said with a nod.

“Duan Jian is willing to accompany Master in his battle with Sage Emperor, even if it means death,” Duan Jian said.

Nie Li looked at Lu Piao, Du Ze, and company before locking gazes with Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun. He saw the fervent attitudes in their eyes.

In his previous life, he had seen them die one after another. In this life, he absolutely couldn’t let something like that happen again. For them, he had to win! Nie Li secretly made an oath.