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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 485

Chapter 485 - Defending the City

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying power erupted from around the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array.

Some of the lesser demon beasts were pulverized upon slamming into it, peppering the area with terrifying explosive booms.

The Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array kept trembling as the cracks spread.

The people inside the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array raised their weapons, staring intently at the demon beasts outside.

It had been years, and they knew that this moment would eventually come. However, even if the final bastion of humanity were to be wiped out, they would engrave their bravery in stone. Glory City could be destroyed, but some of their stories would be passed down.

Perhaps there would come a day when someone came here. Here, they would see the courage and fearlessness during combat when taking in the collection of tombstones.

Thanks to the elixir formulas that Nie Li left her, Director Yang Xin handed out elixirs to everyone. Ever since Nie Li left, she had dedicated herself to alchemy and was now capable of refining some very potent fortune-enhancement elixirs. As for her, she secretly held a Soul Ignition Elixir in hand.

Once she was exhausted, the consumption of the Soul Ignition Elixir allowed her to produce ten times her usual strength, but at the same time, her soul would slowly burn and be consumed.

This was an internecine strategy, but she was at the end of her rope at this moment.

It wasn’t only her. Ye Mo, Ye Xiu, and many of the family heads of Glory City’s most powerful families held a Soul Ignition Elixir in hand. They were prepared to defend Glory City even at the cost of completely obliterating their souls.

Huyan Lanruo wore dark-golden armor, accentuating her body’s exquisite figure. She wielded a sword in hand, standing there with great heroic flair. Now, she was already the head of a family, her strength having reached the Black Gold rank. She had dozens of experts around her, all of them brawny men who stood two meters tall.

As long as she issued the command, these experts would charge out in her name.

Watching the shattering Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array, as well as the endless and tempestuous demon beast horde, Huyan Lanruo let out a long sigh.

With Glory City’s present strength, even if they employed every means possible while facing such a massive demon beast horde, it was likely they would end up wiped out with their city destroyed. She wasn’t afraid of death; it was just that... Huyan Lanruo looked into the distance as she secretly sighed. “Little brother Nie Li, you probably won’t be able to see me again if you don’t return in time.”

Nie Yu stood firmly with the Heavenly Marks Family. Due to Nie Li’s cultivation techniques, along with her Physique of Heavenly Marks, she had already broken through to the Black Gold rank at a young age. She was already the top genius amongst Glory City’s younger generation. Given time, she might be able to reach the ranks of Legend.

“Brother... I’ll definitely protect our clansmen.” Nie Yu looked firmly ahead. Even while facing the relentless demon beast horde, Nie Yu remained filled with courage. This was because Nie Li had once told her that she was to protect the clan while he wasn’t around.

As the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array slowly crumbled, Blackfog Earthdragon laughed fervently.

“Ten thousand years ago, humans had dozens of arrays like this. Weren’t they slowly flattened by us demon beasts? Do you believe that a single array can hold us back?” Blackfog Earthdragon spewed out a black fire column, striking the barrier of the array.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array’s defense finally couldn’t hold out as it crumbled.

The horde of demon beasts roared furiously as they lunged at the inhabitants of Glory City.

At this instant, these people were weak, but also firm. They let out battle cries, raising the weapons in hand as they charged at the demon beasts.

Instantly flesh and blood splattered everywhere as the human experts and the demon beast horde clashed. It was like a massive meat grinder that didn’t stop its slaughter. Human and demon beast corpses piled up instantly.

Blackfog Earthdragon laughed rapturously,

“Struggle! Lament! Roar! All of you will be eaten up, leaving nothing behind!”

With the battle reaching its climax, the experts of the Glory City fused their Demon Spirits, charging into the horde with an angry roar.

Blackfog Earthdragon let out a deafening cry as beams of light flew over from the mountainous forests.

Every beam of light represented a demon beast at the Legend rank.

In the beginning, there were over ten beams, but moments later, there were dozens of them, culminating in hundreds if not thousands. Countless streams of light flew up, heading straight for Glory City.

Inside Glory City, the gigantic Snow Wind Spiritual God stood up. With a roar, these groups of demon beasts were sent flying.

“The demon beasts can’t be defeated. If it wasn’t because we had a use for you, you humans would have been wiped out ten thousand years ago!” Darkice Netherbird sneered. They were already prepared to take action at any moment.

Ye Mo, Ye Xiu, Yang Xin, Huyan Lanruo, and Nie Yu were embroiled in a bitter battle, with their lives on the line.

During this chaotic battle, a terrifying wave surged towards the demon beast horde like a tsunami. It swept away thousands of demon beasts with a series of explosive booms.

With a loud boom, a figure landed, instantly leaving a huge crater in the ground. The person slowly stood up, revealing that he was none other than Du Ze.

“All who attack Glory City shall die!” Du Ze’s eyes were filled with cold killing intent. He struck out with his palm, instantly obliterating thousands of demon beasts, wiping them out of existence.

“What terrifying strength!” Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkice Netherbird, who saw this scene, shuddered in fear.

This was power than exceeded the ranks of Legend. It was a power from another world!

At this moment, figures landed amidst the demon beast horde, releasing a terrifying suppression with each descent. Instantly, countless demon beasts were flattened into pulp.

The most terrifying one was a person with black wings. He conjured a sword aura that instantly slaughtered countless demon beasts in an area that spanned thousands of meters, as far as the eyes could see. One of them was a Legend-ranked demon beast, with hundreds of them Black Gold-ranked demon beasts.

Even though these demon beasts had reached the pinnacle of this world, they were still unable to fend off the might of this strike.

This person was none other than Duan Jian.

After producing the strike, Duan Jian instantly charged several thousand meters ahead. The sword he wielded slashed out hundreds of sword auras, obliterating the demon beasts instantly in an area spanning tens of thousands of meters. All that was left was barren ground.

The demon beasts’ blood turned into a river as the demon beast’s flesh was so minute that they sank into the soil.

Duan Jian’s gaze landed on Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkice Netherbird. In midair, the latter two felt themselves being locked on by a powerful aura. They were left stifled as though their bodies were about to crumble from the pressure.

“What a terrifying aura!” Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkice Netherbird were frightened out of their wits.