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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 487

Chapter 487 - Transfer

“It was the Patriarch!” Blackfog Earthdragon cried. “It’s none of our business!”

Darkwater Netherbird said with a bitter smile, “We have never attacked Glory City before, but it was the Patriarch who ordered us to come. We didn’t dare disobey!”

“Nie Li, don’t waste your time with them. Let’s kill them first!” Lu Piao harrumphed as an aura surged towards Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird.

Lu Piao was at the peak Dao of Dragon Realm after all. Just a sliver of his aura was enough to make Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird piss themselves.

“Patriarch? Does your patriarch come from the Dragon Ruins Realm? What realm is he at?” asked Nie Li with a frown.

Darkwater Netherbird said, “Our patriarch has already broken through to the legendary Heavenly Fate realm!”

“Ha, Heavenly Fate?” Lu Piao couldn’t help but laugh. “I thought it was a very strong demon beast, but it’s actually just at the Heavenly Fate realm!”

Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird exchanged looks. To them, those at the Heavenly Fate realm were already extremely powerful—an existence they had no way of matching.

“Hey, you two little demon beasts, do you know what realm we are at?” said Lu Piao with a smile.

Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird shook their heads. In their eyes, the Heavenly Fate realm was already an indomitable existence. As for what other realms there were, they didn’t even have a clue.

“Above Heavenly Fate are the Heavenly Star and Heavenly Axis realms, followed by the Dao of Dragon Realm. Even higher are Martial Ancestor Realm experts. We are already at the Dao of Dragon realm, so watch me pull over your so-called Heavenly Axis realm Patriarch!” Lu Piao laughed as he suddenly widened his eyes and released his divine intent to rapidly search.

Soon, his consciousness locked onto a Heavenly Fate demon beast. It was a massive python.

That massive python was none other than Patriarch Scarlet Python.

Patriarch Scarlet Python was waiting for Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird to finish off Glory City so that he could return and be done with his mission. However, he never expected a terrifying aura to suddenly lock onto him.

Patriarch Scarlet Python knew that he was in trouble as he hurriedly tried to escape, but immediately, two auras bound him tightly and hoisted him up. With a swoosh, he flew in the direction of Glory City.

At this moment, he felt like a piece of fish on a chopping board, unable to put up any resistance.

With that, Patriarch Scarlet Python arrived above Glory City.

Lu Piao looked at Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird and asked, This little worm is the patriarch you mentioned?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird were so frightened that they nearly peed. In their eyes, Patriarch Scarlet Python was an invincible existence; yet, he had been instantly brought to them. He was like an ant who couldn’t put up any resistance. It was a horrifying matter to them.

After some thought, Nie Li produced two streams of divine intent with his right hand. With two swooshes, they struck the bodies of Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird and drilled inside.

Nie Li glanced at the Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird before saying, “I’ve imprinted a divine intent hex in your bodies. From now on, you will stay here and guard Glory City. If you have any thoughts of betrayal in your hearts, this hex will explode with a mere thought, blasting you to smithereens! Do you understand?”

“Understood. We shall stay and guard Glory City!”

The Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkwater Netherbird hurriedly responded. At that moment, they no longer had any intention of resisting. They were thanking their lucky stars that they had a chance to survive. After all, the few gods in front of them could pulverize them with a single thought.

“At least you know better. Stay and guard Glory City well, and you won’t be let down!” Lu Piao harrumphed and said.

Nie Li then cast his gaze at Patriarch Scarlet Python and shouted in a deep voice, “Who sent you here!”

Although Nie Li’s voice didn’t sound heavy, it reached Patriarch Scarlet Python’s ears like a clap of thunder, enough to smite him to pieces.

“Gods, the answer is...” Patriarch Scarlet Python trembled as he said, “I’m from the Demon God’s Sect.”

“What did the Demon God’s Sect send you here for?” asked Nie Li in a deep voice.

“The Demon God’s Sect sent me here to destroy all the humans in Tiny World!” Patriarch Scarlet Python said with a trembling voice. At that moment, his mind was groggy from the booming voice and he had no idea what he was saying, nor did he dare lie.

The Demon God’s Sect wants to wipe out all the humans in Tiny World?

Nie Li’s heart turned cold as a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

Fortunately, he had rushed back in time. If he hadn’t done so, Glory City would have been massacred.

He never expected the Demon God’s Sect to be so ruthless!

The moment Nie Li thought of this, the killing intent in his heart turned cold.

“Nie Li, this Demon God’s Sect sure is ruthless. Let’s destroy it together!” said Lu Piao indignantly.

The others were filled with killing intent as well. They looked at him and said, “Nie Li, give us the command!”

“We will have to face the Demon God’s Sect sooner or later. However, it currently has several Martial Ancestor realm experts. There are even Deity-servant experts on their side. We are temporarily unable to deal with them!” Nie Li said.

“Then what should we do?” Everyone looked at Nie Li.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “Let’s move everyone in Glory City to the Divine Feathers Sect in batches!”

“Transfer them to the Divine Feathers Sect?” Du Ze and company were taken aback.

“I think it’s a very good suggestion,” Ye Ziyun said after thinking for a moment.

“I agree with Nie Li,” said Xiao Ning’er. “After transferring to Divine Feathers Sect, everyone in Glory City will be safe. On the other hand, they can try absorbing the Sacred Elixirs and cultivate the cultivation techniques of the Dragon Ruins Realm. It might be of great help to us.”

If hundreds of thousands of people joined the Divine Feathers Sect and began absorbing the Sacred Elixirs, cultivating more powerful cultivation techniques, then their cultivation levels would quickly rise, providing Nie Li and company tremendous help.

Moreover, residents of Glory City were definitely the most reliable group of people. They had experienced the near-destruction of Glory City several times and had experienced life and death together. They were a very united bunch.

Upon hearing what Nie Li and company said, Yang Xin and the others couldn’t help but look forward to it. They wanted to know what kind of place the Draconic Ruins Realm was.

When they turned back to look at Glory City which was already in ruins, an endless sorrow emerged in their hearts. Their home that they had always been protecting and living in was now in ruins. Now, it was a desolate wasteland. Although the city had been destroyed, its people remained alive. This was something that relieved everyone.

“Yes, let’s all go to the Demon God’s Sect.” Nie Li nodded as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. “Besides, it’s time for me to face off with the Demon God’s Sect again.”

Her gaze landed on the nearby Patriarch Scarlet Python. He was likely the breakthrough that he needed to enter the Demon God’s Sect!