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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 489

Chapter 489 (END) - Who Is He?

In a secret chamber in Glory City’s City Lord Mansion.

At the entrance of the secret chamber, Ye Ziyun, Ye Mo, and the others waited anxiously. Nie Li had said that he could use the Spring of Life to revive Ye Zong, but it was ultimately something they couldn’t confirm. They were filled with endless longing for Ye Zong.

Many days and nights, their faces were awash with tears, hoping that he could be revived.

The secret chamber’s stone walls on all four sides were covered with all kinds of mysterious runes and patterns as they emitted blinding light that illuminated the entire secret chamber.

Nie Li held a Soul Mirror in hand; the glow in the Soul Mirror constantly swirled, and traces of a soul’s aura flowed out.

That soul aura was so familiar and so dear.

Nie Li stared at the Soul Mirror and could vaguely see Ye Zong on it. Although Ye Zong looked very strict on the surface, his heart was soft. In his heart, Nie Li had slowly accepted this father-in-law.

He endured the surging emotions in his heart and constantly formed seals. Soul Force gathered into the Soul Mirror, and the Soul Mirror suddenly emitted a dazzling light.

He quickly took out the Spring of Life that kept spinning before it slowly rose into the air and rapidly condensed.

Ye Zong’s soul flew out from the Soul Mirror and quickly fused with the Spring of Life.

The Spring of Life continued to condense, slowly taking the shape of a human. It was as if a life was slowly being born.

One day passed after another, and soon it was five days.

The door to the secret chamber remained tightly shut. Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo stayed guard outside as they anxiously looked at the door.

“Why isn’t Nie Li’s ritual done? It’s been five days,” Ye Mo said anxiously.

“Grandfather, Nie Li said that the revival ritual requires five to six days,” said Ye Ziyun firmly. “Nie Li will succeed. I believe in him!”

“It’s not that I don’t trust him. This anxiety is just getting to me,” Ye Mo said uneasily. He was naturally thrilled that his son had the chance to come back to life. However, time simply passed too slowly.

In the secret chamber, Nie Li finally completed the channeling ritual. The surrounding light gradually dimmed.

A child about three or four years old stood in the middle of the secret chamber as he slowly opened his eyes and looked around in puzzlement. “Where am I? Shouldn’t I already be dead?”

His gaze slowly focused in front of him—Nie Li. Nie Li had already collapsed to the ground from exhaustion and was panting heavily.

“Nie Li, what’s going on?” the child asked curiously.

Looking at the three or four-year-old child in front of him, Nie Li had a weird feeling rise up in him. After thinking for a moment, he couldn’t help but say, “Father-in-law, I depleted my Soul Force to revive you.”

This child was none other than Ye Zong. Although he had a soul that was decades old, he had a three-year-old child’s body. This was because the body was newly formed.

“Revive? Is there really such a thing as resurrection in this world?” He looked at his hands and realized that his hands were actually the size of a child’s. He couldn’t help but rage with anger. “Nie Li, what did you do?”

“Father-in-law, you can’t blame me for this. This is a physical rebirth. This body of yours is condensed from the Spring of Life. I only have that much Spring of Life, so I’ve already tried my best to help you reform a child’s body. Just make do with it!” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

“You… You… You…” Ye Zong pointed at Nie Li, his entire body trembling with rage. He was decades old; yet, he was reborn into a three-year-old’s body. How could he take this lying down?

“Father-in-law, I didn’t wish for this to happen. Look at me, I still have to call you ‘father-in-law.’ Can you imagine how aggrieved I’m feeling?!” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

Ye Zong was so angry that he almost fainted. “Just when will I be able to recover my original form?”

“Father-in-law, you’ve really benefited greatly from this. This body of yours is condensed from the Spring of Life. Other than becoming young again, you have a pure Yang body. You can advance by leaps and bounds cultivating any cultivation technique,” said Nie Li with a grin.

“I don’t want this pure Yang body. You have to tell me when I can recover to my original state!” Ye Zong’s voice was trembling with anger.

“Well… Probably when you cultivate to the Martial Ancestor Realm. After reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, you can change your appearance as you please,” Nie Li said with a smile.

“Martial Ancestor Realm? What realm is that? Isn’t the highest cultivation realm, the Legend realm?” Ye Zong was stunned.

“Legend is just the beginning of the cultivation process. Above Legend is the Heavenly Fate, Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, Dao of Dragon, and finally the Martial Ancestor Realm!” Nie Li smiled and said, “Don’t worry. It’ll be quick!”

Ye Zong nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. “I took decades to cultivate to the Black Gold rank, and I haven’t even reached the Legend realm yet. Wouldn’t it take me centuries to cultivate to the Martial Ancestor Realm? Nie Li, I don’t care, you have to return me to my original state!”

“I can’t do that. You can only rely on yourself. It actually won’t take long. Father-in-law, don’t be disheartened!” Nie Li smiled.

“You…” Ye Zong was about to go crazy. He slowly understood that there was nothing he could do and that although he had been revived, he had revived as a three-year-old, how could he accept this? How could he control himself?

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo waited outside as the door to the secret chamber slowly opened. They suddenly stood up and looked inside. A person slowly walked out and it was none other than Nie Li.

Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo froze on the spot.

“Nie Li, did the ritual fail?” Ye Mo’s eyes dimmed.

“The ritual succeeded.” Nie Li shook his head with a wry smile.

“Then why are you alone?” Ye Mo asked in surprise.

“That’s right, where’s my father?” Ye Ziyun asked.

“Father-in-law has been revived, but he can’t bring himself to face you!” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

“Can’t bring himself to face us? Why?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

At this moment, a three-year-old child came out from the secret chamber hesitantly. His heart was extremely excited when he saw Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo. However, when he thought about his body, he had the urge to bury himself. How was he to get out of this embarrassing predicament?

“Who is he? Why is he inside?” Ye Mo asked curiously. Nie Li had clearly been the only one who entered the secret chamber. Why did a three-year-old child walk out?