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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 49

Chapter 49 - Strength Test

Heavenly Sacred Border, how is that easy to pass?

However, what Shen Fei doesn’t know is that, in such short time, the Xiao Ning’er who is practicing the [Wind Lightning Winged Dragon] technique is not the same as the Xiao Ning’er from the past. After soul forming, her cultivation soared leaps and bounds. At the same time, Xiao Ning’er had the support of the whole Winged Dragon Family. The current Xiao Ning’er can no longer be compared with the past.

"Talk after you even get the qualifications to enter Heavenly Sacred Border," Shen Fei coldly laughed. Only the most outstanding students can enter the Heavenly Sacred Border.

‘Heavenly Sacred Border!’ Nie Li lightly smiled. It is exactly the place that he wants to go. In his previous life, he had once returned to the destroyed Glory City, into the Heavenly Sacred Border. The things hidden inside is something an ordinary person cannot imagined. Therefore, Nie Li must get the qualifications to enter Heavenly Sacred Border!

"Be at ease, Xiao Ning’er will pass the qualifications for Heavenly Sacred Border. Just wait and see. Now scram!" Nie Li coldly said. A person like Shen Fei doesn’t even deserve to be considered an opponent of Nie Li. Nie Li’s ultimate motive is not a descendent of the Sacred Family, but the whole Sacred Family itself.

Shen Fei’s gaze fell onto Nie Li, his mind suddenly flashed a wicked idea. He coldly smiled and said, "Nie Li, do you dare? The Sacred Family will organize a genius martial arts tournament. At that time, we will also invite the Heavenly Marks Family. You and me, to the death, no complaints. Do you dare?"

Despicable! The surrounding onlooking students couldn’t help secretly cursing Shen Fei. He is a student from the Genius class and already seventeen years old. His cultivation has already reached Silver rank, whereas it’s still unknown if Nie Li has even reached 1-star Bronze rank. Shen Fei actually suggested to have a battle with Nie Li, he’s simply trying to kill Nie Li!

Even if Nie Li refused, no one would say a thing.

"So? Do you dare? If you don’t, then you’re just a coward!" Shen Fei disregarded the opinions of the surrounding onlookers and said, coldly laughing.

Xiao Ning’er suddenly tensed up, looking at Nie Li. Nie Li lightly smiled, squeezing Xiao Ning’er’s delicate hands a little, giving her a reassuring look.

"Since you already challenged me, why wouldn’t I dare?" said Nie Li, laughing loudly, covered with confidence.

The surrounding onlookers never imagined that Nie Li would actually accept Shen Fei’s challenge, because Shen Fei is a Silver ranked student from the genius class. Is Nie Li crazy?

Seeing Nie Li’s confident look, Xiao Ning’er relaxed. His confidence convinced her that nothing is too difficult for Nie Li. Nie Li has a mysterious strength, to be able to resolve any problem.

"This is what you agreed to, so don’t back out. I’ll wait for you at the martial arts tournament hosted by my Sacred Family!" Shen Fei snorted. His eyes were as sharp as a knife, as they swept passed Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er. ’I’ll let you two enjoy your affair at for the moment. Once you’re defeated by me, I’ll enjoy your pleas for mercy before I kill him in front of Xiao Ning’er at that time!’

Shen Fei turned around and left. Shen Yue, who was not far away from his brother, also fiercely stared at Nie Li, but soon left and followed behind Shen Fei.

After quite a while, Ye Ziyun returned. Looking at Nie Li, asked with concern, "I heard that you accepted Shen Fei’s challenge."

"It’s nothing, I have my plans. Seeing how you care for me, I’m feeling touched," Nie Li chucked.

Ye Ziyun couldn’t help being speechless, angrily stomped her feet and said, "Who says that I care about you with your unrequited feelings? Shen Fei has already long reached Silver rank. He’s at least a 2-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. Do you really think that you can beat him?"

Although she said that she doesn’t care, the truth is Ye Ziyun is still concerned.

"We’ll see at that time," Nie Li shrugged.

"You definitely accepted that challenge because of Xiao Ning’er. It seems to me that your feelings for Xiao Ning’er are real. Better be good to her, otherwise, I won’t let you off," Ye Ziyun coldly snorted. She doesn’t know why, but when she said those words, she sighed in her heart.

’Since you like Xiao Ning’er so much, why do you still come after me?’ she thought, recalling the incident in the underground palace. She felt a little indignation in her heart. Nie Li has seen everything that he shouldn’t have seen.

"Shen Fei’s character is garbage. I can’t stand such a kind girl like Xiao Ning’er to be in the hands of Shen Fei. That is why I helped her out!" Nie Li swiftly explained. He only has a good impression about Xiao Ning’er, but no matter how good the impression is, it still can’t be compared to the destiny that Ye Ziyun and him shared together.

"You’re not any better," Ye Ziyun pouted.

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nie Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In his previous life, he had experienced far too much. His hands have been drenched with the blood of countless lives. He did a lot of things that went against his conscious. However, even so, he is not a despicable person like Shen Fei.

"You don’t need to explain it to me. It’s not like I care," Ye Ziyun’s brows slightly twitched, and snorted.

In the face of others, Ye Ziyun is indifferently elegant. She would distance herself thousands mile away from others. That little temper of hers proved that she is concerned about him. Nie Li crossed his arms, taking a deep breath. The world is too beautiful. He enjoys the current life now. Compared to the endless drifting and killing in his previous life, school life is much more peaceful. He’s disgusts and annoys despicable people like Shen Yue, Shen Fei, and Chu Yuan; he teases beauties like Ye Zi Zun and Xiao Ning’er, life is really comfortable.

Seeing Nie Li’s complacent look, Ye Ziyun felt angry, and asked "What are you laughing at?"

"Am I laughing? I’m not!" Nie Li said, trying to control his laughter.

Ye Ziyun felt depressed, Nie Li is too annoying, she feels like giving Nie Li a good bash. However, not knowing why, although she hates Nie Li, she still likes being together with him. Perhaps it’ because she hasn’t had a true friend for a long time now. Being together with Nie Li felt comfortable, without any binding.

Seeing Nie Li and Ye Ziyun talking, with Goddess Ziyun seems to be throwing her temper at Nie Li, made a group of boys simply crazy with jealousy. That charming looks of hers caused others looking at her to be dazed. Nie Li just grabbed Goddess Ning’er’s waist earlier on, and now he’s teasing Goddess Ziyun.

Why does all the good things get taken away by Nie Li? The heavens are being unfair!

Du Ze, Lu Piao, and bunch felt a little envious of Nie Li, however, they are not jealous in their heart. Nie Li is their brother, a lifetime brother of theirs. Du Ze, and Lu Piao are chatting with the students from their class. Du Ze’s unique leadership characteristic had already attracted lots of commoners to follow Du Ze.

After a moment, Shen Xiu walked over, swinging her hips. Her gaze swept passed the group of students and fell onto Nie Li. Her eyes turned sharp when they fell on him.

Shen Xiu said in a poor tone, "The year examination for our class is starting soon, everyone follow me!"

"Teacher Shen Xiu, as you said before, if I were to reach 1-star Bronze rank, you’ll resign from the school. Is it still valid?" Nie Li suddenly talked, laughed and continued, "If you were to apologize to me, beg me to cancel our bet, maybe I can consider it."

’Are you trying to trick me? I’m not so easy!’ Shen Xiu thought, snorting and said, "I, Shen Xiu keep my word. If you reach 1-star Bronze rank, I’ll resign."

Nie Li shrugged and said, "Then you’d better hurry up and get your resignation letter done."

"Talk after your test shows 1-star Bronze rank," Shen Xiu snorted, bringing all the students in the class, walking towards the test hall.

There are several thousands of students in the Holy Orchid Institute. Everyone taking their turn for the test takes some time.

Along the way, lots of student began talking among themselves.

"I heard that in the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class, there are two people whose soul force have reached 3-star bronze rank! The Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class is marvellous!"

"That’s a given. Many of them have been cultivating for one or two years more than us."

"I’ve even heard that in the Inscription Pattern Apprentice class, there is one whose strength is at least 2-star Bronze rank!"

A bunch of students wearing different clothes were busy discussing.


Within the Holy Orchid Institute, there are six apprentice classes. Because the names are different, the talents that they are good at is also different. However, kids are always changing. It’s not surprising that people would adjust their cultivation direction. Among all the classes, the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class has the most attention because over there is where the geniuses are most concentrated.

According to his previous life’s development, Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun will enter the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class and Nie Li will still remain in the Fighter Apprentice class. Although he did his best to train, his cultivation still rose very slowly, close to no advancement.

But this life is not the same as his previous one. Not only Xiao Ning’er, and Ye Ziyun, but even Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the trio have had their fates change.

"The people from the Fighter Apprentice class is here!"

"This is the class that has the most garbage? It’s said that among them, there are lots of people with only red soul realm!"

"Can red soul realm still cultivate?"

"However, I heard that there are a few whose talent is not bad, soon reaching Bronze rank. For example, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er!"

Hearing these two names, several boys had their eyes light up. No matter where it is, beautiful girls are still the center of attention for everyone. Although their age is still small, they have been cultivating since they were young, therefore, their sensitive minds already know lots of things.

Among the Fighter Apprentice class, the two most beautiful girls are without a doubt Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er. The boys in the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class all showed anticipation in their eyes. If everything goes well, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er will enter into the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class. At that time, they will have plenty of opportunities to get close to them.

Seeing those students from the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class with eyes filled with anticipation, Nie Li couldn’t help but to lightly laugh. In this lifetime, they will be disappointed. Because no matter if it’s Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning’er, they will enter into the Demon Spiritualist Genius class.

Under Shen Xiu’s lead, the Fighter Apprentice class entered into the test hall. On the stage far away, the school’s higher ups are up there overlooking the whole test.

"First round, the strength test. Who will be first?" One of the teachers asked towards Shen Xiu.

Shen Xiu looked at all the students in the Fighter Apprentice class. Shen Yue walked out and proudly said, "I’ll be first!"

After speaking, he walked towards the towering Strength Testing Stone.