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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 490

Chapter 490 - Lifting Him High Up

“Father, I am Ye Zong.” Ye Zong cupped his hands slightly at Ye Mo and smiled bitterly.

“Ye... Ye Zong?” Ye Mo was stunned for a moment, and his face turned gloomy. “Nie Li, could it be that you found a kid to fool me?”

“How is that possible? How would I dare to lie to you!” Nie Li smiled bitterly. “He is my father-in-law!”

Ye Mo stared at Ye Zong blankly for a long time. He could not understand how this child in front of him was Ye Zong.

Ye Ziyun did not know what to do either. Was she going to call this child “Father?” This was too unbelievable, right?

When he saw Ye Mo and Ye Ziyun’s expressions, Nie Li smiled awkwardly and said, “I couldn’t do much either. Father-in-law used the Spring of Life to reconstruct his body. I had limited amounts of Spring of Life, so I could only help Father-in-law rebuild a child’s body. When Father-in-law reaches the Martial Ancestor Realm, he will naturally be able to change his appearance and return to his original appearance.”

“That’s indeed the case.” Ye Zong smiled awkwardly and wryly.

“That’s not difficult to understand. Demon Lord can use the Spiritual Constellation Technique to parasite someone else and exchange bodies. As for Father-in-law, he formed a body when entering the Spring of Life. I wonder if you can understand this,” explained Nie Li.

“Although it’s comprehensible...” Ye Mo remained silent for a while. “I still can’t believe that this person in front of me is Ye Zong.”

Ye Zong seemed depressed as his head hung low. Together with his tiny frame, he was actually a little... adorable. This was something that could be imagined. Thinking about it carefully, Nie Li couldn’t help but laugh.

Upon hearing his laughter, Ye Zong glared at him fiercely.

“You brat, you still dare to gloat over my misfortune!” Ye Zong said angrily.

Nie Li suppressed his laughter and said, “Father-in-law, I really can’t control myself.”

“Grandfather, I don’t think Nie Li will joke about such matters. Why don’t we test if he is really Father?” Ye Ziyun thought for a while and said. Then she looked at Ye Zong. “When I was young, Mother gave me a keepsake. What is it?”

“Spirit Tempering Butterfly Flower!” Ye Zong answered without any hesitation.

Ye Ziyun could not help but look at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said, “A lot of people will definitely know the answer to such a question. I’m asking a question that no one else knows. If you answer it, I’ll acknowledge that you are Ye Zong!”

“Father, please ask,” Ye Zong said as he cupped his hands.

“When you were 13 years old, I beat you up once. What was the reason!?” Ye Mo stared at him.

Ye Zong blushed and asked, “Father, why must you ask this?”

Ye Ziyun and Nie Li couldn’t help but prick up their ears. They were extremely curious about the answer to this question.

“Because only Ye Zong and I know about this!” Ye Mo said with certainty as he stared at Ye Zong.

“How am I supposed to say it out in front of the kids?” Ye Zong was extremely depressed. “Father, can you ask some other question?”

“No, this is the question!” Ye Mo said seriously.

“This, this...” Ye Zong was extremely embarrassed. He couldn’t bring himself to mention the matter when he recalled it.

“Seems like you’re not Ye Zong...” A deep look of disappointment flashed in Ye Mo’s eyes. “I really hoped that you were!”

Ye Mo looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, I know that you are trying to console me out of kindness. I accept the thought, but I understand that you can’t bring back the dead. Woe be me, an elderly white-haired man having to attend his son’s funeral!”

“No...” Nie Li was so anxious that he wanted to say something. He looked at Ye Zong and said anxiously, “Father-in-law, why aren’t you saying it? If you don’t say it, how can Lord Ye Mo confirm it! You clearly know the answer!”

Disappointment flashed across Ye Ziyun’s face.

“When I was 13 years old...” Ye Zong seemed a little hesitant. “If I say it, what dignity would I have left?”

“Is dignity really that important? Do you have the heart to make Grandfather-in-law so sad?” Nie Li said indignantly.

Ye Mo seemed to be very sad. His aged appearance made one’s heart ache.

“Alright, alright, I’ll speak!” Ye Zong said gloomily, “In that year, I peed my pants! That’s all!”

“Peed your pants?” Nie Li seemed to have heard something incredible. “You peed your pants at thirteen?”

Ye Zong’s face burned with embarrassment.

Ye Ziyun was also curious as she stared at Ye Mo with widen eyes.

Ye Mo’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly said, “Continue!”

“Father-in-law, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Everyone wets their pants when they are young. Although it’s true that it’s a little old for a thirteen-year-old... It’s still understandable,” Nie Li said with a loud laugh.

Ye Zong seemed very depressed. Seeing Ye Mo’s expectant gaze, he said, “When I was 13 years old, I accidentally bumped into Ziyun’s mother taking a shower and I was almost discovered. I hid in the closet for more than six hours. I couldn’t help but...”

“Father, you...” Ye Ziyun looked at him in shock. She never expected Ye Zong to do something like this.

“Thirteen years old. Father-in-law, you were a little mature for your age.” Nie Li grinned at Ye Zong.

“This... It was accidental!” Ye Zong said gloomily.

“An accident? You accidentally hid inside the closet? To do so for more than six hours? Tsk tsk.” Nie Li looked at Ye Zong with piqued interest.

By the side, Ye Ziyun couldn’t help but giggle. Her cheeks blushed red, and she secretly took a glance at Nie Li.

“I...” Ye Zong could not help but bow his head in dejection.

“Are you really Ye Zong?” Ye Mo looked extremely excited. He was so happy that tears streamed down his face. He rushed forward and hugged Ye Zong, lifting high up.

“Father, put me down!” Ye Zong could not help but cry out, but his body was lifted up in the air by Ye Mo, unable to move at all.

“Father.” Ye Ziyun was overjoyed.

Seeing how happy Ye Mo and Ye Ziyun were, Ye Zong could not help but feel poignant and let out a long sigh.

At this moment, Nie Li looked at Ye Zong and could not help but smile. “Father-in-law, I don’t know how many years it has been since Lord Ye Mo raised you up high. It’s just nice that you can try it again today.”

Upon hearing his words, Ye Zong’s face instantly darkened.

“Nie Li! This isn’t over between us!” Ye Zong was so angry that he was about to explode. If it wasn’t for the fact that Nie Li had given him a child-like body, he would not have been in such a sorry state!

“Father-in-law, don’t be angry. I’ll apologize to you right now,” Nie Li said with a grin.

At this moment, Ye Mo suddenly felt a little pain from being pricked by Ye Mo’s beard. It turned out that Lord Ye Mo had planted a kiss on his delicate face. Ye Zong’s expression fell instantly.