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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 496

Chapter 496 - Locking On Spacetime

A Temporal Demon Spirit Book appeared out of thin air into Nie Li’s palm.

The Temporal Demon Spirit Book immediately emitted a dazzling light, enveloping Nie Li and Yu Yan within.

“What kind of treasure is this Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Yu Yan curiously asked.

“This is the strongest treasure in the world!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“The strongest treasure in the world?” Yu Yan was a little puzzled, “What kind of treasure is worthy of such a title?”

“In this world, the most powerful things are time and space. Time can turn everything into ashes and space can tear everything apart. With this Temporal Demon Spirit Book, we have the capital to fight against the Sage Emperor.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I once possessed the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, but I lost it later on. I never managed to find it until today.”

“Then, how is the Temporal Demon Spirit Book used?” Yu Yan asked.

“You’ll know later. Let’s find Ziyun, Ning’er, and the rest first.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he leaped up.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Streaks of light streaked across the sky before finally gathering in a forest.

“Nie Li, I’ve finally found you. Look at what I got!” Lu Piao said excitedly. He took out a long spear and brandished it. Instantly, a terrifying divine force swept out. He said,” I have a Divine Dragon Spear. There’s nothing it can’t do.”

“This is the Chaos Divine Dragon Spear?” Nie Li asked in astonishment.

“You know about it?” Lu Piao said excitedly, “I seem to have been attracted by it and found it at the mouth of a volcano. Its body possesses an endless amount of divine power and it’s extremely similar to my aura. I feel like it’s born for me.”

“What about you guys?” Nie Li looked at the others.

“I obtained a crystal bead that seems to be able to catalyze the cultivation within my body,” said Du Ze.

“This is?” Nie Li looked at the ordinary-looking bead in Du Ze’s hand and said, “This should be an Azure Bead that can greatly increase your cultivation speed.”

“I got a piece of inner armor.” Xiao Ning’er said with her face slightly red.

“Inner armor? I’ll help you take a look tonight.” Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er and said after thinking for a while.

Nie Li suddenly felt pain in his ears as Ye Ziyun pulled at his ear.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch,” Nie Li cried anxiously.

“Hmph, are you up to no good again?” Ye Ziyun pouted.

“I’m innocent. I was only planning on helping Ning’er take a look at her inner armor.” Nie Li said, feeling wronged.

“Ziyun, what did you get?” Xiao Ning’er looked at Ye Ziyun and asked, quickly helping Nie Li change the topic.

“I found a necklace that contains extremely strong Snow Wind divine power. It seems to be something left behind by my ancestor.” Ye Ziyun said, “This necklace can enhance all my mystic techniques several-fold.”

“Nie Li, what about you? What treasure did you find?” Lu Piao looked at Nie Li and asked. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Nie Li.

“Me?” Nie Li mysteriously smiled. He took out the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and quickly formed seals. mystic technique ripples slowly spread out. “The treasure I obtained is the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!”

As the mystic technique’s ripples spread out, everyone instantly entered a mysterious space.

This was an incomparably huge room. Countless bookshelves— dozens of meters tall—lined the room, and it was densely packed with all kinds of books.

“Where is this?” Everyone was shocked. They were in a forest just moments ago. How did they suddenly appear here?

“This is an infinite spacetime.” Nie Li smiled as he walked forward. “There are millions of mystic techniques stored here. All the powerful mystic techniques in this world are here.”

“Infinite spacetime?” Du Ze and the others were stunned.

“Millions of mystic technique books?” Yu Yan was also shocked. She flew up and took out a manual, “Heavenly Fire Divine Flames? This is a mystic technique that has been lost to time. It’s said that when one cultivates it to the end, they will possess a power that can destroy the world.”

“That’s right. Many of the mystic techniques here have been lost to the outside world,” said Nie Li.

“Nie Li, your treasure is too powerful. With so many mystic techniques, wouldn’t we be able to cultivate them all?” Lu Piao said in shock.

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Du Ze said, “The cultivation techniques that Nie Li specially selected for us are god-level cultivation techniques. It’s enough for us to cultivate just one mystic technique our entire lives.”

“The saying ‘don’t bite off more than you can chew’ doesn’t apply to my Temporal Demon Spirit Book.” Nie Li mysteriously smiled and said, “This Temporal Demon Spirit Book has another extremely powerful ability, which is to lock onto time.”

“Lock onto time? What’s that?” Ye Ziyun asked, puzzled.

“While we cultivate in this infinite, a few decades spent here will be equivalent to an hour or two outside.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “If you’re interested, you can cultivate all the mystic techniques here.”

“What?” Everyone exclaimed in unison as they widened their eyes at Nie Li.

Du Ze reeled in shock for a long time before he slowly exclaimed, “This Temporal Demon Spirit Book is so powerful!”

“That’s right. This Temporal Demon Spirit Book is the most powerful treasure in the world. It’s a pity that the Temporal Demon Spirit Book can only accommodate ten people at most. Furthermore, it can only be activated once every ten days. Otherwise, I would have let everyone in.” Nie Li sighed.

“Even so, it’s already very powerful,” said Yu Yan.

“Yes, hurry up and cultivate. Try your best to break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm!” Nie Li said with a smile as he looked at everyone.

“With this Temporal Demon Spirit Book, wouldn’t we be invincible?” Lu Piao said excitedly.

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Nie Li’s expression slowly turned grave as he said, “Then you guys are gravely mistaken. Our greatest enemy is Sage Emperor. Even with the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, defeating Sage Emperor isn’t an easy task.”

“Is the Sage Emperor that powerful?” Lu Piao looked at Nie Li in doubt.

“That’s right. He’s the strongest person in the world right now,” said Nie Li. “The strongest controller in the world. He has all sorts of powerful treasures in his possession. We’re doing our best to become stronger so that we are qualified to fight him.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone’s expression turned solemn.

“Nie Li, we will become stronger. I believe that with our strength, we will be able to defeat him!” Du Ze seriously said.

“That’s right. I don’t believe that we won’t be able to defeat him if we work together!” Lu Piao solemnly said.

Nie Li’s gaze swept across the crowd. Everyone’s eyes flickered with determination and confidence. A boundless strength seemed to appear in his heart.

“Yeah.” Nie Li solemnly nodded his head and said, “We can definitely do it!”