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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Fist Strength

Shen Yue’s volunteering immediately attracted the attention of many.

Within the Fighter Apprentice class, Shen Yue, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er are the ones most likely to break through into 1-star Bronze rank. Therefore the attention is all gathered on them. Aside from these, another event that much attention is gathered on is the bet between Teacher Shen Xiu and Nie Li. However, the majority doesn’t think that Nie Li would be able to reach 1-star Bronze rank in such a short time.

If reaching 1-star Bronze rank is so easy, then there wouldn’t be so many people who were unable to break through that barrier and become a Fighter or Demon Spiritualist in their whole lives.

The Strength Test Stone is a huge stone that emitted a metallic luster from it. Fighters can punch the Strength Test Stone with their full strength. The Strength Test Stone will dent to a certain degree from the punch. Through the dent, they can tell one’s strength.


Shen Yue’s bombarded his fist onto the Strength Test Stone. A faint dent appeared on the Strength Test Stone.

Several teachers-in-charge walked over.

"Test result: 1-star Bronze rank, 120 strength!"

Which also says that, this punch from Shen Yue reached around the strength of 120.

The students from the Fighter Apprentice class all exclaimed. They never imagined that the body of Shen Yue already reached to such a degree. Generally, students who solely practiced soul force had the strength of their physique increase quickly. However, once they reached Silver rank, the enhancement of their physique would slow down. But even so, Shen Yue’s physique enhancing speed is rather fast compared to other students, already reaching 1-star Bronze rank.

Everyone has three tries on the strength test. As for this value of strength, Shen Yue is not quite happy with it. Repositioning himself, he utilized his full strength and blasted a punch out.


Shen Yue once again landed his fist onto the Strength Test Stone.

"Test result: 1-star Bronze rank, 130 strength!"

"Test result: 1-star Bronze rank, 135 strength!"

After seeing the results, Shen Yue showed a satisfied expression and continued over to the soul force test. Very soon, Shen Yue’s soul force test came out: 115 soul force. Under normal circumstances, those who have talent as both a Fighter and Demon Spiritualist would usually pick to become a Demon Spiritualist. Soul force is way more important than strength.

"Shen Yue’s soul force has passed 100. He’s already a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist!"

"Such fast cultivation, he is indeed a member of the Sacred Family!"

"Powerful! He can definitely enter the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice class!"

"If 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist still doesn’t qualify for it, then no one else would be qualified!"

Hearing the discussion of the onlookers, the corner of Shen Yue’s mouth raised. Proudly looking at Nie Li and bunch.

On the stage, a good distance away, several of the institute’s higher ups expressed a satisfied smile. For a Demon Spiritualist to appear in the Fighter Apprentice class is quite rare.

Shen Yue crossed his arms and stood far away, surrounded by his lackeys. He proudly swept his gaze passed all the students in the Fighter Apprentice class.

"Who’s next?" The teacher-in-charge looked to the crowd beside and asked.

"Let me be next!" Lu Piao walked out of the crowd, walking towards the Strength Test Stone.

The crowd of students began their discussion.

"It’s Lu Piao!"

"Lu Piao hasn’t been in class for quite sometime!"

"I heard that he’s together with Nie Li!"

"Lu Piao probably hasn’t reached 1-star Bronze rank yet, right? Furthermore, he doesn’t have any talents to become a Demon Spiritualist."

Hearing the other student’s discussion, Lu Piao threw a smile towards Nie Li, Du Ze, and the trio. These people are wrong and have underestimated them! After practicing Nie Li’s cultivation technique, Lu Piao’s cultivation has already long surpassed his peers.

Looking at Shen Yue and his bunch far away, Lu Piao exposed a contemptuous smile, twitching his brows.

"This kid is too cocky! We’ll have to teach him a lesson sooner or later!" several underlings beside Shen Yue said.

Shen Yue’s eyes slightly squinted, showing a hint of cold light. Now, even Nie Li’s followers are challenging them. They simply don’t know how high the skies are!

Under everyone’s gaze, Lu Piao walked to towards the Strength Test Stone. Standing in front of it, Lu Piao threw a punch.

"How much strength can this first from Lu Piao carry?" several students by the side coldly laughed.

A "Bang" sound spread through the huge hall, even the whole Strength Test Stone trembled with the sound.

"What’s going on?"

"Such a powerful sound!"

The teacher-in-charge by the side was also dazed. After the initial shock, he walked over to Lu Piao. Taking a look at the Strength Test Stone, he went silent for a moment before saying, "Test result: 2-star Bronze rank, 265 strength!"

The surrounding crowd suddenly went into an uproar.

"How is this possible?"

"Is the test result wrong?"

One must know that this punch from Lu Piao is just lightly punched. That alone, already carried such powerful strength, He’s already a 2-star Bronze rank, not far from 3-star Bronze rank. Lu Piao lightly smiled, in his recent practice, he did not stop at all. With the powerful cultivating technique given by Nie Li, and consuming large amount of elixirs daily, not to mention the Purple Haze Grass bath, has caused his cultivation to make him not to be strong.

After a long while, everyone recovered from the daze, and looked at each other. A thirteen year old who already has such a powerful strength talent, can be regarded as a genius among the whole Holy Orchid Institute. The higher ups of the Institute will definitely put great efforts into nurturing him.

"Not bad, I never thought that such a genius will appear in the Fighter Apprentice class. It seems like this batch of students is not that bad," One of the institute’s higher up said, smiling.

"The results of this year’s students shouldn’t be that bad, because of the pills that came up by the Alchemist Association," another of the higher ups said softly. It’s indeed true that the effects of the few elixirs by the Alchemy Association are very strong, which allowed the average level of students to be raised by a lot.

In order to nurture the younger generation, every family is willing to pay a large price for it.

Lu Piao looked at the far away Shen Yue with provocation, and saw that Shen Yue’s face had darkened. This is an insult from Lu Piao! However, thinking of Lu Piao’s strength, Shen Yue couldn’t help but to feel extremely dejected. How did Lu Piao raise his strength so fast in such a short time? Did he take lots of elixirs?

The face of Teacher Shen Xiu also became ugly. Although Lu Piao is her student, Lu Piao is always together with Nie Li, which caused her to be unhappy. She is very well aware of Lu Piao’s original test results. How did he suddenly get his strength raised to such a frightening degree?

’Doesn’t that mean that Nie Li also...’ Shen Xiu’s eyes looked towards Nie Li, who is currently chatting happily with the two beauties.

Second Chance of the Strength Test

Lu Piao stood firmly still, utilizing all his strength and threw a palm at the Strength Test Stone.


A deep palm mark appeared on the Strength Test Stone.

"Test results: 3-star Bronze rank, 325 strength." The teacher-in-charge was slightly stunned, and awe-inspiringly said. The talent that Lu Piao displayed is already very shocking, he is absolutely a talent worth raising!

The students behind him have yet to take their test inhaled a cold air.

"Wtf, will they still give us a chance?"


They were the same age at thirteen years old. If their strength managed to even hit above 80, then that would already be considered outstanding. However, Lu Piao has already broke through 300, reaching 3-star Bronze rank. This is simply stepping on their confidence!

Ignoring the shocked gaze of the crowd, Lu Piao shook his head, appearing to be unsatisfied with the results. He took his position firmly, once again throwing a heavy punch towards the Strength Test Stone.


"Test results: 3-star Bronze rank, 370 strength!" The teacher-in-charge took in a breath and said. His gaze on Lu Piao lit up. He thought back to when he was still a student, he had only just reached 1-star Bronze rank. Lu Piao can probably enter the Holy Orchid Institute’s Genius class.

The amount of people who can enter the Genius class doesn’t exceed 50. To be able to become a student of the Genius class, the teachings that they will be receiving won’t be the same. Furthermore, every ten students will have one teacher who will be incharge of them. They are all the elite teachers of the whole institute! Furthermore, the genius students will be specially protected by Glory City, unless they committed some unforgivable act, no one can touch them. Otherwise, it would be the same as disregarding the law of Glory City!

Glory City is constantly under the threats of Demon Beasts, therefore all the genius students are specially protected.

"Lu Piao did not focus properly on practicing, otherwise, his test wouldn’t be so low!" Du Ze by the side bitterly smiled.

Several students that were nearby, after hearing what Du Ze just said, were shockingly stunned. Lu Piao did not work hard and already managed to get such results, if he were to work hard, then wouldn’t it make them feel more dejected? Their gaze couldn’t help falling onto Du Ze and bunch. Lu Piao has been together with Du Ze and Nie Li when his strength surged, could it be that Nie Li, Du Ze and the rest also......

Continuing, Lu Piao went for for the soul force test. Lu Piao held the soul crystal on his hand, injecting in soul force into the soul crystal. A moment later, the soul crystal emitted light dots, gradually becoming more and more, brighter and brighter.

"3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, soul force of 367!"

Once would be enough for the soul force test.

Hearing the results, even the higher ups of the institute couldn’t help to be moved. Demon Spiritualists are more precious compared to Fighters. A thirteen year old 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist is even more extraordinary! This is definitely an astonishing matter!

"This kid is definitely a genius. Arrange him into the Genius class!" The opinion of the institute’s higher ups are all united. Lu Piao’s name soon entered into everyone’s ears. Some of the institute’s higher ups are prepared to have Lu Piao as their disciple.

There is nothing to be said about Lu Piao’s talent. As the institute’s higher ups, they also need some extraordinary talented people to help them raise their status. There will be a few higher ups that will compete to have Lu Piao as their disciple.

After the test, Lu Piao stood aside, looking at Nie Li, Du Ze, and bunch and smiled. He is extremely excited about his results.

‘With these results, I won’t need to be scolded by my old man when I return home!’ Lu Piao proudly thought. When his old man sees his results, his jaws will probably fall off.

"Who’s next?" The teacher-in-charge’s were eyes lit up, looking at the students of the Fighter Apprentice class. In the previous examinations, there hasn’t been any talented students that had lit up anyone’s eyes before. He never thought that this Fighter Apprentice class, whom no one thinks much of, actually had two shocking genius’. This caused him to look forward to the test of these students from the Fighter Apprentice class.