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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 56

Chapter 56 - Assassinate

Nie Li taught the first chapter of the [Physique of Heavenly Mark]’s chant to Nie Yu. After she memorised it, Nie Yu found an empty space and started practising.

As the night continued on, the darkness became more and more concentrated. There would be some shadow quickly leaping across the forest.

Nie Li suddenly sensed something in the distance far away. He noticed that there are shadows moving near the cliff few kilometres away. He slightly frowned, and waved his right hand. A shadow appeared in the air and flew towards the forest.

He unleashed the demon spirit without merging with it. The demon spirit is unable to go into battle unless it’s merged with the Demon Spiritualist’s body, however, the Demon Spiritualist can sense what the demon spirit sees and hears, which is very useful sometimes.

The aura of an ordinary demon spirit could be easily noticed, however, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit can conceal its traces. Therefore, it’s extremely suitable for spying and identifying terrains.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit soon found several figures far away. Through the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit’s eyes, Nie Li can clearly see three people wearing black robes, hiding within the forest.

Nie Li controlled the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, hiding it behind a tree and confirming the location of these three people.

These people are currently chatting among themselves.

"This is the territory of the Heavenly Marks Family."

"We have to be careful, there are still several Gold rank experts within the Heavenly Marks Family. If we come across them, we’ll definitely die!"

"Are you sure that this brat called Nie Li is currently in a broken house under the mountains?"

"Of course, I have already checked it during the day. That brat’s parents are not practitioners, therefore, we can kill them without them noticing."

Through the hearing of Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, Nie Li heard their conversation. His brows slightly frowned, ’Are these from Sacred Family?’

From the looks of it, these three people are intending on going after him. However, these three people should only be Silver rank.

One of the person’s voices seems familiar to Nie Li. He suddenly remembers. One of three is Yun Hua Deacon from the Dark Guild!

After the encounter in the Ancient Orchid City, Nie Li has already memorised this person’s voice in his brain. Luckily, these that came are all only Silver rank. The amount of Gold rank experts is only a few in the whole Glory City. Every single one has a special nameplate. Therefore, it’s difficult for Gold rank experts of the Dark Guild to infiltrate Glory City. The strongest within them is only Yun Hua Deacon from the Dark Guild.

Nie Li slightly frowned and unleashed a strong perception from the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. Vaguely, Nie Li felt the strength of these three Silver rank experts. One is a 5-star Silver rank and the other two are 3-star Silver rank.

"This will be a little bit tough to handle," murmured Nie Li, frowning again. If they were 1-star Silver rank or 2-star Silver rank, Nie Li could easily handle them. As for 3-star Silver rank, Nie Li would be able to find a way to handle them. However, they have a 5-star Silver rank, which will be a little difficult.

If these three managed to get to Nie Li’s house, it’d be troublesome.

"Xiao Yu, quickly go and notify adults. Tell them that there are several people from the Dark Guild found in the forest!" Nie Li thought for awhile, then said to Nie Yu.

"People from the Dark Guild?" Nie Yu’s eyes flashed a trace of fear within them. at young age, she has heard of how terrifying the Dark Guild is. "Then, where are you going? big brother Nie Li, let’s go together!"

"I’ll be fine. I won’t go and engage them, I’ll stay here to keep an eye on them. Quickly go and notify the adults. Within this group of people, there is one who’s a 5-star Silver rank. A Gold rank must come over!" Nie Li said. To prevent the attacks of the demon beasts, the territory of the Heavenly Marks would have a Gold rank elder patrolling every day. All she needs to do is call the patrolling elder over.

"Xiao Yu, quickly! You cannot delay any further!" Nie Li anxiously urged.

Nie Yu worriedly took a glance at Nie Li, but eventually nodded. Her small figure hastily ran away.

Seeing Nie Yu running far away, Nie Li felt slightly relieved. There was two reasons for letting Nie Yu to get the adults. One is to get help, another is to send her away. This way, he can focus on dealing with the current situation.

Nie Li carefully hid his figure, slowly approaching to where the three men were currently positioned.

Although the opponent’s strength is strong. The enemy is in public and he is hidden. Therefore, it’s not entirely impossible to fight.

Yun Hua Deacon lead the two 3-star Silver rank Fighters and slowly advanced through the woods.

"What’s going on?" Yun Hua Deacon suddenly felt something strange. Like something is currently in a corner, spying on them. Although this kind of feeling is very vague, he can’t find the source of it.

"What’s wrong, milord?" the two 3-star Silver rank Fighter asked, puzzled.

"Did I sense it wrong?" Yun Hua Deacon slightly frowned. He snapped, a huge black demonic tiger appeared out of the thin air. That chill filled gaze of his coldly glanced around the woods.

He’s a 5-star Demon Spiritualist with a Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit!

‘That’s even more difficult to deal with!’ Nie Li slightly frowned his brows for a moment, hiding within the shadows, holding his breath. The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit also hid behind the trees, not moving.

Nie Li’s distance with Yun Hua Deacon is around fifty-sixty meters away. That Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit is only a Silver rank, it’s impossible for it to detect him from so far away. As for the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, it’s hidden five meters away from Yun Hua Deacon, its body has completely gone into void-form.

The Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit’s eyes glowed cyan. It swept around the surroundings, but did not manage to find anything. Yun Hua Deacon felt relieved and said, "Perhaps I’m thinking too much."

Yun Hua Deacon recalled the Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit. Unleashing your demon spirit can have it’s aura easily detected by other Demon Spiritualists, therefore, he has to be careful.

"The two of us will wait here. Liu Qing, go and investigate whether if there is anyone patrolling at the Heavenly Marks Family and send us a signal." Yun Hua Deacon said softly. Regarding this matter, it’s still rather dangerous, therefore, he is unwilling to risk himself.

Liu Qing felt a little depressed, thinking ’Why do I have to go?’ However, he didn’t dare to refute Yun Hua Deacon. He has no choice but nod his head and head down the mountains.

Yun Hua Deacon and the other person called Liu Yan slowed down their pace.

Seeing Liu Qing separated from Yun Hua Deacon, Nie Li’s brows slightly twitched, ‘This is a good chance!’

With his current strength, dealing with three people at once is still too difficult. However, dealing with only one 3-star Silver rank Fighter would be much easier. Although Liu Qing’s cultivation is higher than Nie Li’s by two levels, he is a Fighter and Nie Li is a Demon Spiritualist.

The demon spirit that Nie Li is using is the never before seen Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. Ordinary people won’t know the specialities of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit.

Under Nie Li’s control, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit turned into a black light, flew back and quickly merged with Nie Li. Causing his body suddenly change.

Nie Li looked at the not so far away Liu Qing, and a corner of his mouth curled up. With a thought, he concealed his figure and slowly approached Liu Qing.

"What’s going on?" After Liu Qing rushed out several hundred meters, he suddenly felt a strange aura. He stood still, suspiciously looking at his surroundings.

Within the silent night, other than the rustling of trees caused by a breeze, there was no other movements.

"I’m probably thinking too much," Liu Qing laughed to himself, and continued to move forward. He slowed his pace, thinking to himself that he can simply do some action to satisfy Yun Hua Deacon, no need to be so serious and risk his life.

Nie Li held his breath, quietly approaching Liu Qing. With the hiding ability of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, it would be hard for an ordinary person to detect his aura.

Five meters, three meters, two meters......

Liu Qing has no idea that Nie Li is already behind him.

Suddenly, Liu Qing felt a murderous intend locked onto himself, a sense of crisis pierced through his heart. He was surprised, suddenly turned himself around and threw a kick out.

However, this kick did not land on anything. There was no one behind him.

"What exactly is going on?" Liu Qing felt an endless chill in his heart. He clearly felt a murderous intent, but when he turned back, he did not find anything.

Just when Liu Qing was relieved, a figure suddenly appeared beside him. ’Psh’, a cold light flashed in the darkness across Liu Qing’s neck.

Liu Qing’s neck was cut across, a trace of fresh blood gushed out. His mouth was wide open, yet nothing was said. His eyes slowly dimmed. ’Plop’ and his head fell to the ground.

Liu Qing did not understand even at his death, what exactly attacked him. From the start of his cultivation until now, he experienced thousands if not hundreds of attacks, but he has never experienced this kind of attack before.

However, he no longer had a chance to find out.

After Nie Li’s strike succeeded, he went into void-form again, back into hiding.

He lurked around Liu Qing’s corpse, preparing for the next ambush.

For his first sneak attack, Nie Li wasn’t quite satisfied with it. As before his attack, his murderous intent was actually found out by Liu Qing. Although he eventually succeeded his attack, for Nie Li, it’s still a failure.

A real assassin would kill the enemy without them noticing.

Because Nie Li has just started merging with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, his control over the Shadow Devil ability is not that skillful yet. Having a failure is normal. His first time could already do this. If this was anyone else, they would already be extremely satisfied with the results. However, Nie Li has very strict requirements for himself, seeking perfection.

Nie Li quietly hid within the shadows, patiently waiting.

A hint of blood filled the air in the forest.

"What’s going on?" Yun Hua Deacon’s brows slightly frowned. He keenly felt that something was not right, leaped forward and Liu Yan followed behind.

After leaping a few meters forward, they saw the corpse of Liu Qing on the ground.

"There’s someone here!" Yun Hua Deacon gasped and immediately went alert. ’The opponent killed a 3-star Silver rank Fighter not far from us without any noise. Could it be that the opponent is a Gold rank?’

Liu Yan was terrified when he saw this scene, ’Liu Qing just ran out a few meters away from us, and he was killed without a sound. How did the opponent do it?’

They slowly retreated, back to back, alertly inspecting the surrounding woods.

In the dark night, only the sounds of birds chirping could be heard in the quiet forest. They couldn’t find anyone in the forest. However, they had the terrifying feeling of being stared at, causing the fine hair on their bodies to stand up.

Seeing no action from Yun Hua Deacon and Liu Yan, Nie Li didn’t make any movements, and was quietly waiting.

Furthermore, dragging the time is favourable to him. Before long, Nie Yu would be able to call an elder from the family over.

Time is running.

After he noticed something was not right, Yun Hua Deacon frowned his brows and said, "Let’s leave!"

He’s a cautious man. Because he encountered an unexpected setback, he’ll go back first. There was no need to take the risk.

Liu Yan also couldn’t wait to leave this place, and immediately nodded his head.

Yun Hua Deacon leaped, ready to leave. Liu Yan beside him was also preparing to follow him.

"You want to leave? That will not be so easy!"

A chill light flashed across Nie Li’s eyes as he reappeared. He lifted his bone sickle and slashed towards Liu Yan.

After entering void-form, Nie Li has been lurking beside Liu Yan for a long time. His distance from Liu Yan is only around five-six meters. He suddenly sped up.

Just when Nie Li appeared, the pupils of Liu Yan and Yun Hua Deacon tightened.


There was someone that was actually lurking so close to them and they had not realised a thing after so long!

"Kill!" Nie Li’s eyes slightly narrowed, releasing a chilling murderous intent, and slashed towards Liu Yan at lightning speed.

Liu Yan snapped, his body emitted a light. On this body, there are two arm guards He raised the arm guards up to block Nie Li’s attack. And at the same time, send a kick towards Nie Li.

As a Silver rank Fighter, Liu Yan has gone through hundreds of battles, and has plenty combat experiences. Under this close call situation, his reaction is quite fast.

Pity that the one attacking him isn’t an ordinary person, but Nie Li who’s merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit!

Nie Li faced Liu Yan and suddenly straightened his arms. The barb on the sickle instantly moved to the back of Liu Yan’s head. With a gentle hook, "Pssh", the barb penetrated the back of Liu Yan’s head.

Liu Yan’s eyes dimmed. Even at his death, he still doesn’t understand. Why does this guy in front of him have such long arms? He was actually able to get around to the back of his neck and attack.

In just one moment, Nie Li killed another one.

Based on strength alone, Liu Yan is a little bit stronger than Nie Li. However, Nie Li did not confront Liu Yan face to face. Instead, he launched out sudden attacks. At the same time, the attack was unexpected for Liu Yan. In such a short time, there was no way Liu Yan could have reacted, therefore, allowing Nie Li’s sneak attack to succeed, becoming a one hit kill!