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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 57

Chapter 57 - Who Killed Them?

After he saw Liu Yan killed by Nie Li, Deacon Yun Hua merged with his Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit. He let out a furious snort and threw a kick towards Nie Li.


The kick landed on Nie Li’s abdomen and causing Nie Li to fly several meters, heavily smashing into a tree and slowly fell down.

Deacon Yun Hua lowered his head, and looked at the corpse of Liu Yan that was in a pool of blood. He blew in a towering rage. He felt that his opponent’s strength was not that strong, however his opponent was able to kill two of his underlings. How can he not be angry?

"Damn!" grunted Deacon Yun Hua, kicking Liu Yan’s corpse. Liu Yan was completely dead. The back of the head is the most fatal location. After being stabbed there, there is basically no chance of surviving.

Nie Li slowly wiped the blood from the corner of his lips, showing a grim smile. After getting rid of two, Deacon Yun Hua is the only one left.

"What the heck is this? Die!" Deacon Yun Hua angrily snorted. After merging with the Black Star Tiger, his body became larger. The few meters tall Deacon Yun Hua pounced towards Nie Li, who had already merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, with his claws outstretched.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is an assassin type of demon spirit, specializing in assassination. Therefore, the base strength of the body is weaker. It needs to be slowly enhanced bit by bit. However, Deacon Yun Hua’s Black Star Tiger is a strength type demon spirit. Hence, its combat abilities are extremely strong, with lots of support Inscription Patterns around the body.

As soon as Deacon Yun Hua’s huge palm was about to land on Nie Li, Nie Li’s figure disappeared.


Deacon Yun Hua’s huge palm slammed into the tree beside him, breaking it apart.

"What’s going on?" Deacon Yun Hua’s eyes contracted. He never thought that he’d encounter such a strange ability, and wondered what exactly is this damned thing.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is a type of extremely mysterious and rare demon spirit. It’s ability is also very special, therefore, it’s normal that Deacon Yun Hua has never seen it before.

Deacon Yun Hua was suddenly struck with fear. Although he did not clearly see his opponent, he is certain that his opponent is definitely a human that merged with a demon spirit. However, he doesn’t know what kind of demon spirit his opponent merged with. A murderous intent flashed across his eyes. He manipulated the Black Star Tiger and skimmed the surrounding area, searching for Nie Li’s location.

’That black shadow from earlier is definitely a rare assassin type demon spirit!’ Deacon Yun Hua thought to himself. After Nie Li kept on disappearing and reappearing unpredictably, a deep impression was left on him.

Deacon Yun Hua began searching the forest for Nie Li. Nie Li is currently hiding behind a tree, holding his breath and not daring to move. After all, no matter his personal cultivation or the strength of Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, had just stepped into Silver rank. If he fights head on, he won’t be able to defeat a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist like Deacon Yun Hua.

Deacon Yun Hua’s aura is approaching closer and closer. He will soon find Nie Li’s hiding place.


Under Nie Li’s manipulation, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit suddenly appeared. It’s sharp front claws slashed towards Deacon Yun Hua’s neck.

Feeling a chill blowing towards him, Deacon Yun Hua didn’t dare to be rash. He jumped backwards, dodging Nie Li’s attack, then turned around, and charged towards Nie Li.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sharp claws of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit gazed pass Deacon Yun Hua’s head several times, scaring Deacon Yun Hua into a cold sweat. This kind of damned thing is too frightening for him. The front limb can change long and short, its movement is shockingly fast. The slightest mistake could get himself killed in one attack.

Deacon Yun Hua jumped backwards tens of meters, only then did he manage to dodge the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit’s attacks. He slightly sighed in relief. Just when he was preparing to launch his attacks, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit in front of him once again blurred and then disappeared.

Deacon Yun Hua couldn’t help cursing. Nie Li merged with the Shadow Devil Demon spirit is too hard to deal with since he quickly disappeared, nowhere to be found.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Deacon Yun Hua kept throwing attacks towards the spot where the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit disappeared, causing stones on the ground to be flying everywhere. However, Nie Li did not appear.

"This damn thing is not using a stealth combat ability!" cursed Deacon Yun Hua in shock. Many assassin-type demon spirits are able to use stealth. However, stealth skills have one flaw, which is, when it’s under attack, it will automatically reappear.

What the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit uses, isn’t a stealth combat ability, but the very rare void combat ability. Which is turning itself into an existence similar to air, able to have the attacks pass through it. However, the void combat ability has a weakness to it. Once it enters into the void-form, its movements will be slowed down, comparable to a turtle. However, the void combat ability is very rarely seen. It’s a rare ability of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. Ordinary people would not have been able to see it before, not to mention know its weakness.

Deacon Yun Hua paused. After so long, he still couldn’t find Nie Li’s location. He already had thoughts of retreating. However, the death of two of his underlings caused him to be unwilling to do so.

’One day, I’ll destroy your whole Heavenly Marks Family!’ Deacon Yun Hua angrily thought to himself. However, it’s just a thought.

Although the Heavenly Marks Family has declined, it’s still an Aristocratic Family of Glory City. It’s still under the protection of Glory City. Therefore, if the Dark Guild wants to destroy Glory City, they will have to take down the whole Glory City, and this kind of matter isn’t something that can be decided by him.

Suddenly, distant rustling sounds came from the far end of the woods. Several figures were coming at a fast speed.

It’s the people of Heavenly Marks Family!

Deacon Yun Hua’s eye contracted, and leaped up into the sky, madly running out.

Nie Li’s eyes slightly narrowed. Since reinforcements came, there was nothing that he needs to be worried about. He suddenly reappeared, and the sharp sickle chopped towards Deacon Yun Hua.

Nie Li’s movement is shockingly fast after he merged with the Shadow Devil Demon spirit, like a mantis hunting.

Feeling the sudden attack, Deacon Yun Hua was shocked. He immediately turned around to dodge, however, he was a step too late.


A wound was left on his leg, fresh blood spewing around.

"Damn!" Deacon Yun Hua never thought that the attacking speed of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit would be so fast. It’s much faster compared to the previous attack.

Deacon Yun Hua leaped far away, a few ups and downs and disappeared from the dark forest.

Because of his cultivation, Nie Li estimated that he wouldn’t be able to catch up. A human voice came from behind, it should be the elders arriving. Nie Li’s body slightly moved. The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit slowly withdrew back into his soul realm. His body changed back to his ordinary looks.


Three figures arrived in front of Nie Li. The leading one is elder Nie En, the other two were Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori, two brothers. The two brothers, Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori are older than Nie Li by a few years. Nie Xiaofeng is already a 2-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist and Nie Xiaori is a 1-star Silver rank Fighter.

Nie Li’s relation with the two brothers are not that good. They would often mock at Nie Li’s weak talent.

"Nie Li, you got Nie Yu to inform that there are three people from the Dark Guild here, where are they?" Nie En asked in a stern voice. He then sniffed, noticing a bloody smell from the forest.

"One ran towards that direction, the other two are on the floor." Nie Li continued, "The one that ran away had the strength of a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. He merged with the Black Star Tiger Demon Spirit. Elder, you have to be careful. That person also sustained some injuries, hence there will be traces of blood.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, elder Nie En looked at Nie Li in surprise. He vaguely felt that the current Nie Li seems to be different from the usual Nie Li.

"I’ll go and chase after him, the two of you will remain here!" elder Nie En said in a stern voice. If the opponent is really a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist, then the two brothers would be no use against him.

Nie En leaped, chasing after the direction where Deacon Yun Hua escaped. After a moment, his figure disappeared from the dark forest.

Seeing as Nie En ran far away, Xiao Feng and Xiao Ri both took a glimpse at Nie Li, their faces flashed a hint of disgust in them.

"Why would people from the Dark Guild even come here. If you lied to elder Nie En, you should know of the consequences......" Xiao Ri said, coldly snorting. He’s wearing a black cloak. The twenty year old him is a head taller than Nie Li. His eyes had disdain within them when he looked at Nie Li.

Hearing Xiao Ri’s words, Nie Li slightly frowned and said, "Bluffing you guys? There’s two corpse on the ground there, can’t you see?"

Although he doesn’t like the two brothers, they are still members of the Heavenly Marks Family. After experiencing the destruction of Glory City in his previous life, with all of the members of the Heavenly Marks Family dying under the claws of demon beasts, his personal grudges don’t mean much.

Nie Xiaofeng is older than Nie Xiaori by one year, and was slightly more calm compared to Xiao Ri. Because of their parent’s generation not getting along, they themselves do not get along with Nie Li. However, Nie Xiaofeng realized that the Nie Li today is different from the usual Nie Li. He actually dared to talk back to them so confidently.

The three of them moved forward a distance, and Xiao Feng and Xiao Ri saw the corpses of Liu Qing and Liu Yan.

They never imagined that there would really be two corpses.

"How did they die?" Xiao Ri froze for a moment, frowned and asked again, "You’re the one that killed them?"

Nie Li did not answer his question, but bent down and examined Liu Qing and Liu Yan. He found two Dark Guild tokens on the two corpses.

"It’s really the people from the Dark Guild!" Nie Xiaori snorted, "Probably two dumb thieves, coming to our Heavenly Marks Family to steal and was found by you."

Because of Nie Li’s cultivation not even reaching 1-star Bronze rank, the strength of these two dumb thieves also couldn’t be much.

Nie Xiaofeng stared at Nie Xiaori, his face flashed with doubts. He also bent down, and ripped a few Silver rank armours from Liu Qing and Liu Yan’s corpses. His right hand pinched the two corpses and said, "It’s two Silver rank Fighters!"

"Silver rank? How can this be? Big bro, are you seeing it wrongly?" Nie Xiaori cried out.

"It is indeed Silver rank. There is Silver rank armour on their bodies, the strength of their bodies should be higher than yours," Nie Xiaofeng said, without any doubts in his tone.

At this moment, whether if it’s Nie Xiaofeng or Nie Xiaori, they had their gazes on Nie Li.

"You’re the one that killed them?"

Nie Li shrugged and said, "I never said that I was the one who killed them. They could have killed themselves."

This matter is fishy. Both Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori frowned. Could it be that there are experts around this area? Since this expert helped to kill the people from the Dark Guild, they shouldn’t be an enemy of the Heavenly Marks Family.

Nie Xiaori’s gaze swept across Nie Li. He felt that Nie Li is too suspicious. However, no matter how he thinks about it, it’s absolutely impossible for Nie Li to reach Silver rank in just few months. Not to mention Nie Li’s strength isn’t stronger than an ordinary Silver rank.