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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 59

Chapter 59 - Director Yang paying a visit

Over the years, the number of the Heavenly Marks Family’s younger generations entering the Genius class is only a dozen. Although some were not able to enter into the Genius class, that does not mean that they do not have any value in nurturing. However, those who entered into the Genius class, are those with extraordinary talents. Ultimately, having shocking achievements.

Nie Hai, as a Patriarch, has always been impartial. He has never favored one branch, therefore, therefore, he has his prestige within the family.

"Nie Li, what do you say in your defense? Why would you offend the Sacred Family?" Nie Hai looked at Nie Li and asked. In his view, Nie Li is not someone who would offend people without a reason among the younger generations. Furthermore, now that Nie Li has been accepted into the Genius class at the Holy Orchid Institute, he already has the qualifications to be the focus of nurturing.

"Patriarch, it’s true that I offended the Sacred Family and brought troubles for the Heavenly Marks Family. However, didn’t I solve the problem?" Nie Li said, neither obsequious nor supercilious. He still has to show respect towards Nie Hai. After rebirth, he will not face the majestic Nie Hai like a coward. Nie Li’s mental state is already above those people.

Nie Hai looked at Nie Li, a little surprised. He has a feeling that today’s Nie Li is not the same as the usual one. When facing him, Nie Li is not timid. He is facing the Patriarch with magnanimity and demeanor.

"Hahaha, that’s funny. We were helped by the Alchemist Association and, therefore, were rid of the Sacred Family’s suppression. The Alchemist Association needs our help with various herbs and in exchange they help our Heavenly Marks Family. What has it got to do with you? How big is your ability for you to actually say that you helped our Heavenly Marks Family to solve our problems?" Nie Xiaori said. He said this because he was asked to by Nie Wei.

Hearing Nie Xiaori’s words, Nie Li lightly glanced at Nie Xiaori and the Nie Wei and said, "That’s really funny. The position of the Alchemist Association within Glory City is extraordinary, comparable to the three Major families. Why would they help the weak, little Heavenly Marks Family? Is it just because the Heavenly Marks Family knows how to grow herbs? There are many families out there that knows how to grow herbs. Furthermore, why would they give thirty percent of the acquisition price to the Heavenly Marks Family?"

Nie Hai and others were slightly startled. This is also the question that lied within their hearts. The Alchemist Association did not only just help the Heavenly Marks Family, it’s trying to get on their good side. However, they are curious as to why such a powerful existence, like the Alchemist Association, would it try to get on the Heavenly Marks Family’s good side? It doesn’t make sense.

Seeing the indifferent and calm Nie Li, whether if it’s Nie Hai, Nie Wei, Nie En or various higher ups of the Heavenly Marks Family, they were all curious. Could it be that all this is really linked to Nie Li?

Nie Li’s father, Nie Ming by the side saw how Nie Li contradicted the enforcement elder, and he had already began to panic. He doesn’t have any cultivation, and is only a member of the branch family. Which also means that he was no different from a farmer. When he saw the scene before him, he quickly knelt down and said, "Patriarch, Nie Li is still young, he doesn’t know anything. I’m willing to take the punishment on his behalf, please show mercy to him!"

"Father, get up!" said Nie Li, watching Nie Ming kneel down, and frowned. He immediately went to his father and helped him up. His father is a honest man, "Father, you don’t need to kneel to anyone!"

"Xiao Li, you have made a grave mistake, and still don’t admit!" Nie Ming scolded. In his view, if Nie Li were to admit his mistake, there is still chance to ask for mercy. However, Nie Li contradicting the Patriarch like this would only make things more complicated.

Seeing Nie Ming kneeling down, made Nie Li feel a little sour in his nose. No matter if it’s his previous life or his present life, his father did too much for him. In his previous life, he had his father suffer too much, in this life, he will not let his father suffer even a little. Nie Li clenched his fist tightly, and angrily glared at Nie Wei, Nie Xiaori, Nie Xiaofeng and the bunch.

Nie Hai looked at Nie Li. He vaguely had a feeling that the Alchemist Association protecting the Heavenly Marks Family must have something to do with Nie Li. He lowered his head towards Nie Ming and said, "Nie Ming, quickly stand up. Before this matter is clarified, no one will give Nie Li any punishment. Although Nie Li has indeed provoked the Sacred Family, our Heavenly Marks Family did not suffer any losses. Therefore, no one will punish Nie Li freely!"

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Ming had a confused expression. He stood up in doubts, ’The Patriarch is not pursuing this matter?’

Regarding this matter, he’s still a little foggy.

"Patriarch, if we don’t deal with Nie Li, we will not be able to convince the public. Even if this matter did not bring any substantial losses to the family, Nie Li offending the Sacred Family is a fact. Who knows if the Sacred Family might find a way to trouble us in the future?" Elder Nie Wei said while frowning.

"Grand Elder, are you a member of the Heavenly Marks Family or the Sacred Family?" Nie Li coldly snorted, asked.

"Presumptuous! What makes you qualified to talk to me in this way? No rules no standard! I’m enforcing our family rules!" Nie Wei furiously snorted.

"Grand Elder, I don’t think that this matter is this simple. Xiao Li isn’t a trouble maker, what if this thing is started by the Sacred Family? It’s not necessary that the wrongs are at Xiao Li. Since this matter has passed, just let it go." Elder Nie En said, obviously trying to help Nie Li. If Nie Wei punished Nie Li, then Nie En’s prestige among the branches will still be somewhat affected.

"Is Grand Elder really enforcing the rule? Previously when Nie Xiaori hit a member of the Tian Ling Family, all you did is send some gift. Why didn’t I see Grand Elder Nie Wei punish Nie Xiaori?" Nie Li pressed on.

"These two matters cannot be compared. Nie Xiaori’s conflict with a younger generation of the Tian Ling Family is because of the family’s interest. Furthermore, the strength of the Tian Ling Family cannot be compared to the Sacred Family!" Nie Wei’s face is sullen. Nie Li really ate the guts of a leopard, actually dared to confront him. But what makes him feel depressed is that, regarding this matter, Nie Hai actually stood on Nie Li’s side, and he can’t afford a confrontation with the Patriarch.

"Grand Elder did not give any investigation, how do you know that I did not have conflict with the Sacred Family for our family’s interest? Just because you can’t afford to offend the Sacred Family, you’ll punish me, just to give the Sacred Family a reason to leave us alone? If Heavenly Marks Family can’t even protect its members, then there’s no point in staying in this family!" Nie Li said, coldly gazing at Nie Wei.

The whole hall was shocked.

Everyone never imagined that Nie Li would actually say such words. This is not just simply contradicting the Grand Elder. Nie Li’s meaning is that he want’s to leave the Heavenly Marks Family!

Previously, Nie Li’s impression to everyone has always been timid. But today, he actually said such things in front of the Patriarch and all the elders.

Nie Ming was already so scared he was shivering. He heavily scolded, "Xiao Li, what are you saying?! Hurry up and apologize to the Patriarch!"

"Hmph, your wings have grown so much that you actually want to quit the clan? Don’t forget, it’s the shelter and nurturing of the Heavenly Marks Family that you have what you have today!" Grand Elder Nie Wei coldly said, "Ungrateful little bastard!"

"The Heavenly Marks Family is our family, therefore there’s nothing wrong with the Heavenly Marks Family providing me shelter. However, it’s not the Heavenly Marks Family that raised me. It’s my parents that have worked hard daily to grow herbs to raise me. They have also paid the Heavenly Marks Family with their hard work. Therefore, we don’t owe anyone, I, Nie Li don’t owe anyone!" Nie Li straightened his body and refuted.

"This is outrageous! Presumptuous!" Nie Wei had a livid expression. Nie Wei still wanted to scold Nie Li, however, he was stopped by Nie Hai.

Nie Ming anxiously pulled Nie Li. He has no idea what’s wrong with Nie Li, Nie Li has always been timid in the past. But today, he was contradicting the Grand Elder and the Patriarch.

Nie Hai slightly squinted his eyes, looking at Nie Li. Today, Nie Li’s reasoned debate caused him to look at Nie Li in a different view. Facing with so many elders, he does show any form of cowardice, like he did in the past. Nie Hai smiled and said, "What Nie Li said is correct. The Heavenly Marks Family is everyone’s family. Everyone has been contributing to the family, therefore, protecting the members is the responsibility of the family. Before this matter is thoroughly investigated, no one is to be punished!"

Nie Wei doesn’t get it, what’s wrong with the Patriarch today. Nie Li said some outrageous words and Nie Hai is actually still standing on Nie Li’s side, protecting Nie Li, just what does this mean?

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, including Nie Ming, everyone was dumbfounded. They originally thought that Nie Li contradicting the Grand Elder like this, even if he isn’t kicked out of the family, he still won’t be able to escape punishment. However, Nie Hai did not mind what Nie Li said at all. Instead, he is constantly helping Nie Li.

Nie Wei frowned, secretly thinking, ’Nie Hai, this old fox, is not right! Nie Hai is too lenient with Nie Li, which doesn’t make sense!’

Elder Nie En and bunch were all looking at Nie Li, thinking of something.

After he heard Nie Hai’s words, Nie Li’s mood lightened up. After all, he still has feelings towards the Heavenly Marks Family. The reason why he said all that is because he is unhappy with some of the people in the Heavenly Marks Family. Since Patriarch Nie Hai is so generous about this matter, then everything is fine.

"Nie Li, you just came back from school and experienced so much. First, go home and take a rest. Tomorrow grandpa will test you and see how have you been faring in your cultivation." Nie Hai stood up, stretched and said, laughing.

At this moment, everyone was shocked. Not only did Nie Hai not pursue Nie Li’s mistake, he even wants to pull himself closer to Nie Li.

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Ming can’t help but to be emotional. Patriarch Nie Hai actually wants to test Nie Li’s cultivation progress himself. This is an absolutely a great honour! After all, Nie Li is not a direct descendant of Nie Hai. Therefore, isn’t Nie Hai treating Nie Li a little too well?

Everyone looked at each other, but were unable to figure out what’s going on.

After hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Li understood. Nie Hai probably realised something. After all, Nie Hai is a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, therefore, he might have detected the demon spirit aura that was within his body. After Nie Li thought about the matter with the Alchemist Association, he knew it’s not difficult to link them.

That being the case, Nie Li also do not intend to hide any longer. Even if it’s not for himself, he must fight for some interest for his parents, uncle, and aunt.

Just when these people were flabbergasted, a member of the clan hurriedly ran in and said to Nie Hai, "Patriarch, Director Yang of the Alchemist Association has come!"

"Director Yang?" Whether if it’s Nie En, Nie Wei, or Nie Hai, all of them had expressions of surprise.

They never expected that Director Yang of Alchemist Association would come personally and pay a visit to their Heavenly Marks Family deep in the night. They had many contacts with the Alchemist Association, naturally they would know about Director Yang’s position within Alchemist Association. She is a powerhouse within Alchemist Association aside from the President and Elders.

A figure like Director Yang, just a casual word of hers could devastate an Aristocratic Family. At the same time, it can also lead an Aristocratic Family into prosperity. This time, when the Sacred Family was suppressing the Heavenly Marks Family, causing them to be in a poor situation, Director Yang was the one that helped to solve the problem.

The Alchemist Association is an existence comparable to the three Major families. Its influence within Glory City is even greater than the Sacred Family and the Divine Family. It became only second to the Snow Wind Family who has a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist and the City Lord of Glory City. Facing Director Yang made even Nie Hai respectful.