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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 60

Chapter 60 - Reverse

Hearing that Director Yang has arrived, everyone went into mess, overwhelmed by the news.

"Hurry up and get into ceremonial formation! Meet her at the main hall!" Nie Hai hurriedly said. Facing this kind of powerful figure, they do not dare to become negligent.

Just when everyone was in formation, a group of people quickly arrived. The one leading is the curvy and seductive Director Yang. Although she’s a woman, no one in the Heavenly Marks Family had the slightest contempt for her in their hearts. She is, after all, a powerful existence.

Director Yang fastened her pace when she walked in. Her gaze swept passed everyone and fell onto Nie Li and felt relieved. Her underlings have been keeping an eye on the Heavenly Marks Family’s territory. Any kind of dispute within the Heavenly Marks Family cannot escape her scouts. When she heard that Nie Li had returned to the Heavenly Marks Family, Director Yang already wanted to come immediately to discuss some matters with him. Originally, she intended to come over tomorrow to look for Nie Li; however, when she heard of the Dark Guild’s sneak attack, she hurried over quickly into the late night.

Aside from Nie Li, Director Yang could not think of another reason that would attract the attention of the Dark Guild. She’s worried that those people are trying to assassinate Nie Li. Currently, Nie Li is her Alchemist Association’s biggest partner, and there might still be a lot more things that she can work on together with him. Therefore, nothing must to happen to Nie Li.

Seeing that Nie Li is safe, Director Yang felt relieved.

"Hurry up and get a cup of tea for Director Yang!" Nie Hai hurriedly called out to several maids.

"No need," Director Yang said, waving her hand. Her objective in coming here is to guarantee the safety of Nie Li, not here to drink tea. Her eyes met with Nie Li, communicating with him through their eyes.

This scene fell to the eyes of Nie Hai, and he immediately figured it out. It seems that Nie Li does indeed has some connection with the Alchemist Association. However, what he can’t figure out is why would the Alchemist Association put so much importance on Nie Li?

Director Yang went silent for a moment, lightly smiled towards Nie Hai and bunch and said, "Patriarch Nie Hai, I heard that you were under the assault of the Dark Guild."

"Indeed that’s the case. Director Yang, these two are from the Dark Guild. Aside from these two, there is one that got away, but was wounded." Nie Hai pointed to the two corpses on the ground and said.

Yang Xin’s gaze fell onto the two corpses. She was silent for a moment. Without a doubt, the target of these people should be Nie Li, therefore, they wouldn’t let this off that easily. She turned her gaze back to Nie Hai and said, "Patriarch Nie Hai, there is a matter that I must discuss with you, is that possible?"

"Please tell!" Nie Hai said, extremely polite. His expression was very humble.

"I’m afraid that the Dark Guild will return to accomplish their objective. I’m worried for the safety of the Heavenly Marks Family, therefore, I intend to dispatch several Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists here to help guard the Heavenly Marks Family. What’s your opinion on that?" Yang Xin said. Although she says it’s for protecting the Heavenly Marks Family, truth is, the one she wants to protect is Nie Li, nothing more.

"You wish to dispatch several Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists?" Nie Hai was surprised beyond words. His doubts in his heart became more and more heavy. Just what method did Nie Li use to get the Alchemist Association to help them out so much? Not only are they willing to pay a higher price to acquire herbs from the Heavenly Marks Family, they are also willing to dispatch Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists to help them out.

"I don’t think this is right!" Grand Elder Nie Wei by the side said. He wrinkled his brows, ’What’s the motive of the Alchemist Association by sending Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists over?’

"What is wrong?" Nie Li looked towards Nie Wei and said, "Perhaps the Grand Elder feels that the Alchemist Association is trying to harm our Heavenly Marks Family? Grand Elder is measuring the belly of a gentlemen with a heart of a nasty person!"

[TLN: It means erm... Using the mind of a despicable character to measure a man of noble conduct.]

"Outrageous! Who are you implying is a nasty person?!" Nie Wei scolded angrily. This Nie Li is too outrageous. He would actually talk back to him in front of everyone.

Nie Ming anxiously pulled Nie Li’s shirt. Offending the Grand Elder like this, the consequences would be serious. With their current position in the family, there is absolutely no way to compete against the Grand Elder Nie Wei. Even if Grand Elder Nie Wei does not do anything to Nie Li today, who knows if he might take revenge later in the future.

Seeing Nie Wei reprimanding Nie Li, Yang Xin understood. It seems that Nie Li did not tell everything to his family, this Nie Wei’s relationship with Nie Li isn’t very good. Yang Xin slightly narrowed her eyes. Nie Li’s importance is without a doubt very high, therefore, of course she will back Nie Li up.

"Patriarch Nie Hai, I realised that there are some people here that have some opinion towards the Alchemist Association. Does that mean that the Alchemist Association no longer has the need to cooperate with the Heavenly Marks Family?" Yang Xin coldly snorted as her face turned cold. After being in power for long time, her facial expression could change whenever she liked. Even the surrounding air could feel the chill.

Nie Wei hurriedly explained, "Director Yang, I do not mean it this way......" He didn’t dare to offend the Alchemist Association. He only feels that the Alchemist Association sending Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists over is a little strange, therefore, he voiced out to remind Nie Hai. However, after being refuted this way by Nie Li, the nature of this issue changed. If the Alchemist Association refused to cooperate with the Heavenly Marks Family because of this issue, he’d become a criminal within the family. Within his heart, he cursed Nie Li over and over for blabbing out in this kind of situation. However, Nie Hai is favouring Nie Li which caused Nie Wei to feel depressed.

After knowing the relationship between Nie Li and the Alchemist Association, how could Nie Hai punish Nie Li?

After coldly sweeping her gaze on Nie Wei, Yang Xin snorted and said, "I’m currently talking with Patriarch Nie Hai, why are you interrupting?"

Hearing Yang Xin’s words, Nie Wei opened his mouth, his face turning red. Although he is not happy with Yang Xin, he did not say anything. After all, a word from Yang Xin could decide the fate of the Heavenly Marks Family. How could he dare to be rash? As a Grand Elder of an Aristocratic family, being berated by a twenty-thirty year old lady, and not being able to talk back, one can imagine how depressing it is.

"I assume that this is the Grand Elder of the Nie Family?" Yang Xin looked at Nie Hai and asked.

Hearing that there is a little cold anger within Yang Xin’s tone, Nie Hai embarrassedly said, "Correct. The Grand Elder’s words didn’t mean to offend Director Yang. I hope that Director Yang can forgive him," Nie Hai threw a wink at Nie Li, wanting to get Nie Li’s help with Yang Xin’s anger. However, Nie Li turned his head away, ignoring the Patriarch.

Not having dignity of a Patriarch in front of Yang Xin is fine, but when facing his own clansmen, he’s still helpless. However, he can only smile bitterly. He obviously saw through it, the reason why Yang Xin cooperated with the Heavenly Marks Family, is all because of Nie Li.

"I suggest that this person leaves. If this kind of person remains as a Grand Elder within the Heavenly Marks Family, then the Alchemist Association will stop our cooperation with the Heavenly Marks Family," Yang Xin lightly said.

Nie Hai inhaled a deep breath. What she means is that she want them to rid Nie Wei of his Grand Elder position. The Alchemist Association now holds the fate of his Heavenly Marks Family, therefore he doesn’t dare to be rash. The Alchemist Association is not a joke, if they stop cooperating with the Heavenly Marks Family, there would be countless families out there that will grab the chance to suppress the Heavenly Marks Family.

"From today onwards, Nie Wei will no longer be the Grand Elder and Enforcement Elder of my Heavenly Marks Family. His position will be taken over by Elder Nie En!" Nie Hai publicly announced.

Nie Wei opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, he looked at the Alchemist Association’s Yang Xin and her bunch. He understood that there was no more room for discussion. He can only swallow what he’s about to say. Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori were as purple as creamy eggplants. The reason for them being so arrogant within the Heavenly Marks Family is because their grandfather is a Grand Elder.

[TLN: It originally meant pale as creamy eggplant, but my editors reminded me that eggplant ain’t pale xD So my editors changed it to purple for it to make more sense.]

To be able to rid a Grand Elder of his position within the Heavenly Marks Family, this is the absolute power of the Alchemist Association.

Nie Hai continued announcing, "In addition, Nie Ming will take the post of Public Hall In-charge, Nie Kai will take the post of Farm Hall In-charge!"

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Nie Ming and Nie Kai were both dumbfounded. They were looking at Nei Hai in disbelief. They weren’t the only ones, the rest of the clansmen were also in shock. The Public Hall In-charge and Farm Hall In-charge were both positions within the Heavenly Marks Family with power. One was in-charge of the finance, and the other was in-charge of herbs and other farming related stuff. Normally, it was the sons of Nie Wei that was in charge of those two positions.

"Thanks Patriarch!" Nie Ming emotionally kneel down and said.

"Thanks Patriarch!" Nie Kai also hurriedly kneel down.

Seeing his father and uncle kneel down, Nie Li couldn’t help wrinkling his brows.

Nie Hai immediately waved his hands upon seeing Nie Li’s expression, "There’s no need for ceremony. From today on, the both of you do not need to kneel in front of me any more."

Nie Ming and Nie Kai both stood up, confused about what’s going on.

Nie Wei, Nie En and bunch seemed to have finally figure it out. Nie En’s eyes were shimmering with light, whereas Nie Wei was full of frustration.

"Since the Alchemist Association is willing to dispatch people to help guard our Heavenly Marks Family, we are grateful for it, of course!" Nie Hai could see that the Alchemist Association sending people over is probably meant to protect Nie Li. His doubts within his heart began to thicken as he wondered, why the Alchemist Association would reviere Nie Li with such importance? He decided to ask Nie Li after Yang Xin leaves.

"It’s late in the night, I’ll no longer bother you," Yang Xin took a glance at Nie Li and said, "Everyone rest well, I’ll pay a visit again tomorrow, during the day."

"It’s hard for Director Yang to come back and forth. Why don’t you stay the night at my Heavenly Marks Family? I’ll have someone arrange for an elegant house to be open for you." Nie Hai hurriedly said, trying to get on her good side.

Yang Xin went silent for a moment, thought awhile and said, "Okay then!"

Since she’ll come again tomorrow to look for Nie Li, why not just stay the night here.

"Nie Li, bring Director Yang to her house to rest," Nie Hai said to Nie Li, "I’ll have someone arrange for a house to be open beside Director Yang for you."

"Yes, sir," Nie Li slightly nodded.

Yang Xin looked at Nie Hai, thinking that Nie Hai actually knows his stuff. He knows that she came to talk to Nie Li.

After bidding goodbyes to Nie Ming and Nie Kai, Nie Li lead Yang Xin to the house that Nie Hai had arranged.

Looking at Nie Li’s back figure, Nie Ming and Nie Kai both understood. Nie Hai removed Nie Wei from his position, raised Nie En to Grand Elder, raised them to be in powerful positions, everything must have something to do with Nie Li. They realised that their understanding of Nie Li was becoming less and less. This time, when Nie Li returned, his changes were like heaven and earth. Regarding Nie Li’s various changes, Nie Ming and Nie Kai were very pleased.