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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 61

Chapter 61 - Tease

Seeing Nie Li leaving with Yang Xin Nie Wei, Nie En, and bunch all had different expressions. They all know that from this moment onwards, Nie Li’s position in the Heavenly Marks Family would no longer be the same.

As for Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori, they looked at each other, dumbfounded. They knew that from today onwards, they’d have to live with their tails between their legs.

Inside the House

[TLN: House is more like a mansion, with their own courtyard etc.. That’s how ancient chinese house are like.]

Yang Xin removed her outer coat revealing a tight fitting silk clothing underneath. Lazily, she stretched her waist, completely showing that beautiful, curvy figure of hers. She does not mind the presence of Nie Li while she is unguarded. After all, Nie Li is only a thirteen year old kid.

What she didn’t know is that underneath that thirteen year old shell of Nie Li, hides a matured heart. Nie Li looked at Yang Xin and had to say, at this particular moment, she was extremely sexy. The thin silk cloth caused her white skin to be roughly seen underneath. The cloth on her chest could not cover her huge plump. A deep ravine could be seen with a huge patch of white in the center.

However, Nie Li only looked with appreciation, he did not focus on any sexual ideas.

"Was the target of those people from the Dark Guild you?" Yang Xin slightly bend down, looking at Nie Li and asked.

The moment Nie Li raised his head, he saw the large piece of white on Yang Xin’s chest. That perfectly round shape could not be held with one hand. A unique womanly aroma drifted towards him, leaving Nie Li a little awkward.

"Yes!" Nie Li said, slightly nodding.

Yang Xin seemed to not have noticed Nie Li’s gaze. She wrinkled her brows and said, "Since you’ve been eyed by the Dark Guild, the Heavenly Marks Family is no longer safe for you. Why don’t you move to the Alchemist Association?"

Yang Xin doesn’t know why Nie Li was eyed by the Dark Guild. Could it be that the news of him giving the Alchemist Association the elixir formulas has been leaked out? However, those who know of this matter is only her and the president, no other person knows of this.

Nie Li shook his head and said, "There is another reason to this matter. Do you really think that, if they knew that the elixir formulas were given to you by me, they would only send three Silver ranks to kill me? They would more inclined to kidnap me."

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin nodded her head. That would indeed be the case. Nie Li’s in-depth knowledge doesn’t make him seem like a thirteen year old kid. Thinking of that extraordinary and terrifying talent, Yang Xin felt relieved. After all, strange things seem to happen around Nie Li.

"Do you have any grudges with them?" Yang Xin stretched her waist again, then sat on the chair and asked. If it’s just ordinary grudges then she wouldn’t need to worry too much. Under normal circumstances, the Dark Guild wouldn’t risk sending Gold rank experts into Glory City. If it’s just Silver rank experts sent to find Nie Li, one or two Gold rank Demon Spiritualists would ensure Nie Li’s safety.

"I don’t have any grudges with the Dark Guild." Nie Li shook his head. During the incident in the Ancient Orchid City, Nie Li did not see Deacon Yun Hua’s face. Deacon Yun Hua probably doesn’t recognize Nie Li. Therefore Deacon Yun Hua has no need to take such a big risk to come over to Heavenly Marks Family to kill Nie Li. There’s only one possibility. This attack was caused by the Sacred Family. Nie Li said, "If there is anyone that I’ve offended, that would be the Sacred Family. The Sacred Family would be the only ones that have the motive to do this!"

Hearing Nie Li’s words, a hint of a cold light flashed across Yang Xin’s beautiful eyes. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean that the Sacred Family has colluded with the Dark Guild? The Dark Guild is the enemy of Glory City, therefore, colluding with the Dark Guild is an absolutely intolerable offense.

"I’ll have someone investigate this. If the Sacred Family is really colluding with the Dark Guild, then the City Lord will definitely not let them off easy!" Yang Xin said with a resolute and decisive look. Her words carried a hint of a chill with them. Betraying the Glory City is absolutely unforgivable.

"This time one of them escaped. The other Dark Guild assassins addressed him as Deacon Yun Hua. I’ll draw a portrait of him for you," Nie Li said, taking a piece of paper from the book shelf. After a few strokes a person’s image appeared. It’s exactly what Deacon Yun Hua looks like.

’Even his portraying skills are so skilled. Just how monstrous is this teenager?’ Yang Xin was secretly shocked in her heart. The skill to make this kind of portrait, without several years of practice, is impossible to achieve!

A drawing can put the mind in peace, thus it has a large benefit towards cultivation. Nie Li spent several decades in his past life on drawing. His skills are already on a pure blue flame level.

[TLN: That’s the direct translation of it, I have no idea what it means tho. Perhaps blue flame is hotter than all other colour flame and it’s trying to say that Nie Li’s skills at drawing are at the peak?]

"Done!" Nie Li passed that completed portrait over to Yang Xin.

"En," Yang Xin took the drawing, and lowered her head and looked at it. She couldn’t not help being surprised at how seasoned Nie Li is in his brush strokes. She is filled with curiosity about any other secrets that are within Nie Li, wondering what else she is unaware of about this teenager.

When Yang Xin lowered her head, through her silk clothing, two semi-ball shaped bulges could be seen. Seeing that, Nie Li couldn’t help blushing red. One has to admit that Yang Xin’s body figure is really seductive(**). If it was any other men looking, they’d be afraid that they wouldn’t be able to maintain their self-control.

[TLN: In raw, it’s written as **, but editors can try and fill in the blank xD]

As someone who has experienced two lives, Nie Li’s determination is very frightening.

When Yang Xin raised her head, she saw Nie Li’s face that seemed to get slightly hot. She suddenly thought of something and can’t help finding it funny in her heart. Nie Li’s intelligence is extraordinary. Could it be that his knowledge towards that part is also earlier than others? Does this overly mature child already have knowledge about adult things?

There has always been a rumour outside saying that Yang Xin is very flirtatious and depended on her beauty to get to her position. However the truth is not so simple. Although she likes to wear sexy clothing, she is still single and no one had the chance to become a guest of her curtains. That is because there was no one that she can look up to. Because her status is very high, the majority of the guys that try to get on her good side all have ulterior motives. Hence, Yang Xin would rather relieve herself late at night, alone, than to let those pigs have her perfect **.

The truth is Yang Xin is an extremely seductive woman. Although Nie Li had seen how enchanting she is, she did not mind. In her view, Nie Li is only a half grown child. He’s a little premature, so what’s the harm? Teasing Nie Li had a kind of excitement to the situation.

"Little brother, do you want to touch?" Yang Xin smiled and teasingly said., looking at Nei Li. Hearing Yang Xin’s words, Nie Li was slightly stunned. He was a little embarrassed and withdrew his gaze. Yang Xin, is a little too daring. She actually said these kinds of words to Nie Li. That seductive look of hers, pairing up with such ambiguous words, a normal man would have a hard time controlling himself.

Although he’s only thirteen years old, within that tender shell of his, hides a old soul. He bitterly smiled and said, "Big sister, don’t play this kind of joke with me."

"Big sister isn’t playing a joke on you. Just touching won’t make me lose any pieces of flesh. If it’s our little genius, big sister wouldn’t mind at all," Yang Xin pulled Nie Li’s hands and place it on her chest. She found it a little funny. Such a small child has such thoughts of her. She smiled and said, "Little brother Nie Li, how does it feel?"

Nie Li’s right hand touched that amazing mound of plump and soft flesh, and that slightly raised point. He was secretly shocked, thinking that this woman had really good development. Seeing Yang Xin’s playful expression, Nie Li realised that Yang Xin was purposely teasing him. This woman really thinks of him as a thirteen year old child.

Seeing Yang Xin’s looks, Nie Li’s brow slightly twitched. Looking down on him was an absolute mistake. In his previous life Ye Ziyun was Nie Li’s most beloved, but within the several hundred years that he lived, Nie Li had some interaction with a few other woman.

It’s obvious that Yang Xin’s actions is meant to tease him! Nie Li pinched Yang Xin’s rich plumpness, feeling that shocking softness, and let the shape change in his hand. He then seriously said, "Big sister Yang Xin, you should try decoting Purple Haze Grass and Tiger Gaze Grass and consume it. That can make them more perky."

Yang Xin was dumbfounded. She never thought that Nie Li would not have a bit of embarrassment or shyness, and would give it a pinch. After hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin’s face blushed a deep red. She never had any contact with guys before. The only reason she let Nie Li touch her chest is because she treated Nie Li like a thirteen year old kid, and completely dropped her guard against him.

In that moment, Yang Xin totally forgot Nie Li’s age, and treated him as a man that was similar to her age.

However, once she saw Nie Li’s serious expression and and his tender words again, Yang Xin suddenly felt that Nie Li was just a kid.

This kind of strange feeling caused her to look absent-minded.

Seeing Yang Xin dazed expression, Nie Li mischievously pinched on the little bump heavily, then withdrew his hand. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Ah!" Yang Xin couldn’t help but to let out a blissful moan. When Nie Li pinched her, her whole body felt as though it had an electric current going through it, causing her to quiver.

Yang Xin suddenly realised that she had a messed up appearance. Her face was flushed red, as though she was drunk. She hurriedly stood up to hide the reaction from that strange feeling in her body. Her voice slightly trembled as she said, "Little brother, you can go back to rest first. We’ll talk tomorrow."

"Okay. Big sister Yang Xin, sleep well," Nie Li said childishly, revealing a child-like innocent smile, and walked out of Yang Xin’s room. This woman actually treated him as a thirteen year old boy and teased him. This resulted in getting herself teased instead. Yet, Nie Li has to admit that the feeling that lingered on his hand was not bad.

As she watched Nie Li leave, Yang Xin was trapped in a daze for a long time. Her mentality was about to go haywire.

"Is that kid really only thirteen years old?" Yang Xin crazily scratched her head. Wondering if Nie Li purposely did that or not.

Her chest had a faint hint of pain. However why is it that in her heart, there is a sense of excitement and stimulation. This kind of feeling made Yang Xin feel as though her heart was being scratched by a cat.

After a long time, Yang Xin let out a long sigh after she was no longer tangling herself with that question.

"Let’s have a bath first!"

The silk white cloth fell down slowly as she walked to the bathtub. Her crystal feet slowly stepped into the wooden tub. Her flawless figure was completely submerged in the hot water. Her hands unconsciously touched her perky chest. At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared within her mind. It was Nie Li.

"What am I thinking?! He’s far too young! I’m more than a decade older than him!" Yang Xin shook her head, trying to expel all the distracting thoughts away. However, Nie Li’s figure would uncontrollably appear. The spots that was touched by Nie Li have a little warmth left by him.

Yang Xin uncontrollably, as usual, moved her right hand slowly down between her legs.

"Oh!" A long moan, in an extremely seductive voice, sounded. Yang Xin laid in the tub for such a long period, the skin on her body became slightly red.